Wednesday, August 02, 2006

are you the current or the past?

every girls have one guy they most love, and every guys have one girl they most love (trying to make the sentence longer :p )
have you ever try that being with the one u love, and they r thinking the one they love? it is suffering and not fair, but...wat to do? they r still the one u love most.
giving everything you have for him/her is just wasting time because they wont appreciate and realize it, maybe some of them do and that is when another story started. but how bout those r still not awake and living in the past life?
who is really the suffering wan? the one being love by the recent but love the past? or the one love the current but he/she love the past? but i just know that...the one who being love which is not in the relationship is the one who r most not suffering.