Monday, June 27, 2011

Sri Lanka Trip Day 1

I just notice that I actually used the same title for two different post...LOL..ok I know is so random..back to my post which some of you might be waiting for so long

Yes! its Sri Lanka~

Actually am not so excited about it cause I have no idea how Sri Lanka looks like, doesn’t really hear from Sri Lanka before. But no more until they showed us how luxury and beautiful our hotel.

First day was quite an exhausted day for us. Our company it’s good enough to even prepare transportation for us tothe airport. So at 2 in the morning, we will have to reach office, then we headed to the airport. Lepak till around around 7 we took the flight to Sri Lanka.

reaching very soon

its raining thou...but there's a 'bus' that fetch us

they are so nice, welcome us with wreath

There’s only 3 hours slower than Malaysia. We were still tired and sleepy after we get off the flight, but not anymore when we reached the hotel!! It’s really damnnn beautiful and nice k!!! and we were hungry, so we just found ourselves a place and makan our breakfast. And of course when group 2 people met the group 1 people, suddenly the hotel became a pasar…I like the expressions on those mat Salleh, hahaha.

please hold your breath cause the next picture will take ur breath away~~

 tadaaa~~~ isn't the hotel look amazing??!!? I am so impressed the designer who design this. I know its nothing big but I really love this idea, I never seen anything like this

another favorite spot of mine


love the yogurt drink

after a quick lunch, we were called to a 'tour'

actually we just sit in the bus and they tour us around...

we went to visit the so called fish market…well well well…its kinda interesting as we don’t really see this in Malaysia, but it’s really very dirty to be frank. Best not to wear any sandals or your favorite sport shoes, but it will be fine if it’s not raining la, if not u really will get wet easily especially your shoes. 

actually is very disgusting lo

mostly women are

we accidentally saw this and we love cute~~

I thought she so nice..hold those fishes and let us take pictures...

but she actually asking for money after we take

this...its like...hiding the mayat -.-

then we get back into the bus again and head back to hotel as we going to attend our company annual dinner

sorry for these pics, cause its raining whole day and we only can tour by sitting in the bus

we went to church too..but at the end we kena halau by a person working there, she said our attire is not suitable to go in..erm...we wearing shorts.. so we respect la and leave the place

wow...another half day to go...lets continue on the next post shall we :D till then my lovlies~~

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bad Service

There's so many posts I wanna share with you all~ like my sri lanka trip, my shootings etc~~

BUT...there's only one thing in my mind now which I really want to SPREAD it! cause tomorrow its the expiry date.

I am writing about nothing else now but all about THE DEALS! The Deals I meant here are those vouchers we bought from the discounts deals website like groupsmore, milkadeal, mydeals etc

I bought few vouchers before from this few companies. So far so good, until I went to this facial and beauty treatment place call ZENSE. Wow, seriously...I think I can know why their business sucks. Let me tell you what happened that day and you can judge it yourself.

There's this fine beautiful hot sunny day, I took a day off to gao dim some insurance thingy in the morning. So I thought of going to ZENSE face and beauty treatment, which I already planned for it, should not waste my half day staying at home. So I drove to plaza emerald, which where they located.

I felt I am lucky enough to get a parking for myself not too far away as people said its very hard to get parking there. After getting down from my car, I called to ask where is the shop as I cant get to find it, they didnt tell me where they located although I told them where I am. After I said, Friendscino then only she said :' oh...ya we are at the same row with Friendscino.' Ok, so I walked along the street and trying to find the shop.

Nope I cant find it at the first place, cause I cant see they have any signboard of the name...and yes after having 2nd thought, I think the one I saw without the signboard its the shop. So I went it, good enough they serve me tea after they got my name. Here comes' the 'drama', no worries its just a small and not so drama punya drama

Me = very patient customer
She = the promoter with broken English

She : Can I have your voucher?
Me : Wait ya (trying to find the page of my voucher from my iphone)
She: er...we need hardcopy
Me : what?
She: ya, if not hardcopy then you cannot do the treatment wan.
Me : Huh? but I have the voucher number with me here.
She : Cannot, we need to have the hardcopy
Me : Maybe can you ask your manager? Cause I've bought few times d and use it at few places, they said I  
        can just let them know my voucher number.
She: cannot, only hardcopy can redeem.
Me : Ok, so do you help people to print out? (I heard many places they actually print out the voucher for
She: No woh, we no printer here.
Me: Ok...(they dont even have a PC and printer, I wonder how their business can be better without allthese)

Silent for few seconds...
She : So you want to arrange another time to come again?
* only think about getting money right but not solving my prob*
Me : Honestly I dont really have time plus your thing is expiring soon. I cant decide for the next appointment.
She : or like that la, there's a cc nearby can print there.

Ok, I tried. I went out and walked under DA HOT SUN for more than 15 minutes. I tried to search but no, she cant even deliver the directions for me. I even try to see whether I can print it from a photo shop. That guy is good enough to let me try. THANK YOU

So I went back, I think she thought this time got money in d...(ohya I saw one of the worker talking to a guy outside the shop...I wonder they usually stand and talk so close with customer, or maybe he's not a customer..I dont know)
She : so where is your voucher
Me: No I cant find it
She: huh??? then?
Me: I cant find any cc nearby...I went and walked around d but no...
She: then maybe now u can book for next time
* again!!! (%*$)%(*$*%) seriously I damn dulan d!*
Me : its ok...I'll see how ( trying to leave)
She: or maybe you can print tat voucher d u bring here, we can extend the expiry date wan.
Me : its ok...never mind

I said thank you and leave. They didnt say sorry or feel sorry...WTF? what kind of service is this?
HELLO! seriously I think I am a very patient customer, I never find argument with the workers cause I know they just work for the boss. BUT DAI LOU! apa ini?!?!?! you asked me go search for the cc I went, then you said so many bull shits...

On that few days, I really thought of printing out that voucher and send to them. But now I dont think so liao...I just can tell myself that.RM60 boh bian I gotta let it go...since my colleagues said she was quite disappointed after went for the treatment.

Yes maybe some of you might felt that I am the one that is not reasonable, walking in the hot sun and kena play by the workers..not I am not reasonable and I am not a good customer. I wonder how a good customer actually behave.

If things are bad I will say is bad, if things are good I will give compliments too, I just telling the truth, below are some of the deals I bought and I am satisfied with.

The Twins beauty - manicure and pedicure, I even buy another voucher from them. Definitely will visit more
                              than twice
Rosemary bites - Went there, they said its fully booked so I have to come next time. I asked whether I
                              need to print the voucher, the waitress said its ok, they just need the number. So by just
                              showing them on iphone its good enough. I like her, she feel so sorry that she cant serve
                              us and she has a very friendly smile and she is very polite and with good manners.

Anyway, next time you wanna buy allthese deals or going for it. Better ask again first.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Shills Girlsss

Shills girl search FINALE!!! Those who attended that day...really thanks for support..of course those who did not attend, thank you as well cause I know you all already support me...mentally XD

Ok, back to the finale thingy...

Last day for us, seriously we all very mm seh tak each other and felt that why so fast its finale already. Although its only half day of rehearsal, we did well on our finale, from catwalk, Q&A etc~ so proud for ourselves :D

The show starts at 4pm, but we have to be there at 10.30am to have our hair and make up done.

So while we all are waiting, this is what we done~

Love the eye make up soooo much!! my eyes looks so big here :D

and thanks to the hair stylist make me look so beautiful~

chatime its everyones' all time favorite~

Yes, most of our time were just taking pictures, pictures and pictures~

then...we started to act cute...

or I should say just me...cause Im the 3rd oldest but Im still doing allthese..hahaha

cant blame me...cause allthese siao mei mei too cute~

At last show started!!! we performed our dance~

then is the catwalk show of our sponsors...

I kinda happy that we all actually dont look nervous here...cant believe we made it too! cause its just exactly the same from what we see from those top model show...changing clothes...its just so gan jiong and rush behind the stage...

*imagine I almost cant fit this pants cause my butt too big!* LOL

ohya...allthese pics were taken by photographer, I just grab whatever I can see from fb...thank u :)

Q&A session : we all damn nervous can! but yet we all made it again! hehehe

after hours~ its time to announce the winner! before that there were 3 awards too, which is best smile, best sunny confident,miss best body and miss popular

Miss popular goes to~~ No.3!

Miss Perfect Body goes to~~~ No.8!

Miss best smile is!! No 5~~

and Miss Sunny Confident goes to~~~ No.6!!

No.6?! No.6!??!? what the..No.6..Im No.6?! sure???

damn excited and happy lor~ I seriously never thought I will get anything wan...

last but not least! the winner~~ the shills girl goes tooooooooooooo~~~~~~~~~~~


Congrats~~ so jealous can go Taiwan lo~ hahaha

happy ending~ group photos~

this are my prizes~~

To be frank, I really am surprise to won this award. I am never a confident person, my old and best and close frens all know that. So this award actually give me so much confident that there are people actually see something in me...*so touching neh~*

thank you all of you again for all the supports  XD XOXO