Monday, December 03, 2012

Cameron Highland 2012

I remember when I was young, me and my family love to travel around (within the country la) and Cameron Highland is one of my dad's favorite, not mine thou as I have motion sickness I sure vomit on the way up. But of course I cannot avoid it forever right, and for the sake for my dad (he request to go for quite some time d) so...why not!

On our way up, we stop by at the Cameron Valley Tea house for some tea...too bad its raining else we will walk down to the garden

After check in for out hotel, we headed to the place where my dad insisted to go...and I totally know the reason for his insistence

damn nice can!!! the price also damn

usually we whole family also very kedekut, but my dad is willing to spend on this once in a while...

and its totally worth it...especially the scone!!! I'm dont really fancy dessert but this is awesome!! must not miss!! omggg I want it nowwwww

While my parents were relaxing, me and my bf and my bro went around for a 'mini' photoshoot, lol

macam catalogue anot? hahaha

omg I just love all the pics...

my fav among all...we look like we had fun

typical pose when u saw a flower at cameron highland..haha

At night we makan steamboat nearby...the food okok time should research nicer place to eat

The next day we went to BOH TEA..and guess what..........We went to the wrong one!!!!

arrgghhhhhh >.<
I wanted to go the one at Sg.Palas but ended up went to this which I dont even know the name..just know is mid way down the hill...hai..sienzzz...

Boh bian, just chill and take we are here d...but still ok la...we climbed lotssss of stairs to get to the peak point...but not even 10minutes it started to rain, and we have to run down -.-

ok la...actually the view from here is very nice~

Hm...I still have Singapore post to go then only I will write about my Tokyo trip...or I should start with my Tokyo posts first? hehe...stay tune ba~~