Thursday, August 28, 2008

my new hair style

ok...get ready..this is my new hair style

I know it somehow looks weird coz the collar covered my neck macam no neck..ishh

some other photos

hahahahha...oopss I did it again...I think some of my frens oso sien with this lie
d...coz its not the 1st time I did it. maybe next time when I really cut short hair then no ppl believe

anyway...I dont like this hairstyle la...stupid wan..cause I told the hairstylist that I just wanna trim abit..then he cut a style for me.Ok la I know the style not bad, but I thought of changing a new style ma, this style tried before d. Plus this hairstyle make my hair look soooooo dry n spoil...last time just did didnt look that bad, but now...ishh..I gotta tahan how long woh...n he cut till so side...cant cover my fat face :(

see...the side there all 'doi doi' out bro said saw from behind..those hairs is like S style...hai...

ohya..I forgot to post my lovely bo's new hairstyle as well...which he cut 2 weeks ago. If cant remember then scroll it lower, then u can see his pics d..haha

my mom said look like an ET...

this is the most recent one, just yesterday

Very random...pic of my room..cause just bought new blanket..hehe..I LOVE IT. I know la...kinda look like a kid's room cause the flower thingy n with those toys..haha...But I dont want care ler, just wanna match my room


omg omg omg...ok..enuff..but seriously...I LOVE WALL-E..there's alot of parts that I love bout this movie

Firstly, is the animation characters for sure d..sooooo cute lohhh...especially when they talk...wall-e n eve...n i m addicted of following the way they said it..hah

Seconly...I'm so impressend by the way they have the story that in..the half front of the movie, there's no dialogues, is only wall-e calling eve or eve calling wall-e, yea..there are...just few loh...but the messages that the movie trying to pass to us is really very obvious, n is very effective. When I saw the first scene, omgg...seriously I dont want the earth become like tat next time loh.

Then what, the whole movie, kinda funny cause the robots (wall-e n eve) more emotions than us, n feelings. It's kinda ironic when we need the robots (which have no life) to remind, or we can say warn us, in this movie. The robots to touch us and pass the message. Ok la, I know its human who made this movie, but why they want to use robots instead of humans leh...we shud think the reasons why loh.

But 1 weakness I think about this movie is that the animation is too cute, mostly only targeted the female. I remember I watch the previous movie, wall-e trailer came out, I said:' cute..I wanna watch this!!' Then I heard other ppl said as well..which is far I didnt heard any males saying that they wanna it only can rely on the females to bring thier bf or whoever get notice of this movie.

Ohyea, if ppl that easily me hor...haha...better prepare..coz I did cried..esp almost the end part..tat part how to tahan oso cant tahan...wwoozz :p
n hor...1st time I think cockroach its kinda cute..but yesterday I was irritated by 1..stupid REAL cockroach!!

But overall, It is a nice movie cause I love the way they pass us the message. So I hope u guys can watch and get the message and do something.

PS. So we must really seriously protect the earth loh, I know I very 'lou tou' But pls...recycle n go green...n dun use plastic bags...go supermarket, its better to use those recycle alot of places also selling, n some even its free when u bought something. If u dun wan, then try to take less plastic go 7-11 rite or buy those small things that u can put in bag or take by hand, dun take the plastic bags :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

white gadget dreams come true

hehehe...since I was young..dunno why I am sooooo into gadgets..I'm not saying I am special la..but I prefer gadgets than gals stuff those e.g dress, accecories etc. especially if u ask me buy branded stuff rite, like few hundred for a t-shirt...I really have none good reason that I should convince myself to buy it...but of course, different people different preference wat, doesnt mean those are not good things or rich people only will buy...I wont deny some branded stuff really have good quality and can see the differences compare with no brand wan...

anyway...I always wanted to have this few main gadgets in white, which is laptop, handphone, mp4 and camera. But because nowadays gadgets are so common already, so having a psp or nintendo ds its quite common as well. So...few months ago, my white gadgets dreams had fulfill, hahaha

ohyea..I know some people will said...allah...u like gadgets, how u gonna follow cause the gadgets change so often and fast. Only if u r rich la...well...yea..too bad I am not rich, which I think is good, so that I wont simply spend. So my gadgets stuff, I did alot of research...I mean like go thru alot places that sell those gadgets, then see the design those...after alot of process...I must decide on the product which I think I can use for long.

My laptop
well...who dont hope to have own laptop (especially people who love gadgets?) I think people doenst love gadgets also hope to have 1 la, so convenience, and nowadays those laptops are so lovely. My recent love one is Sony CR series. I love it soooo much...why ah? cause it is white? la..mmg I love sony this brand on gadgets..but kena tipu by ftec 3+ yrs ago, so bought that, if u see properly, actually no need properly la, cin cai see also can see my laptop tat keyboard rosak d..then alot ppl complain its very hard to type...well...wat I can say, too bad it still can use...hahaha!! damn...then...only use for 3 yrs la...suen la, actually I got the money now to buy it, but kinda waste la...really not tat rich loh, since the laptop still can use, of course use still spoil loh although dunno how only consider spoil...haha...

these are not mine la, dont feel like showing the laptop since so 'chan' d

cant resist!!!

My Ipod video
well...yea I know, my Ipod is the Ipod video not nano. I know alot of people love nano, but I personally don't like things are too thin or too small (except for my body woh..I dont wanna be too thin as well..hahahaha) ok..continue with my ipod video thing, hm...maybe also because I have quite alot of videos based on I studying on film n tv, so naturally will shoot video, no matter is for assignment or home videos. Why apple leh? cause ah...I like the design loh...haha...if now u ask me want Ipod touch or Ipod video, I still prefer Ipod video :p

My Handphone
since my first hp, which is my sis punya...I still remember is Alcatel, Motorola(not sure), Innostream, Panasonic then LG. My favourite is still the panasonic wan, I used for like 3 yrs got d, but because the battery cant function, as matter I charge how long, once I pick up a call or open a sms, then it will automatically off cause no battery d ma, but when it still new, actually also not new 2nd yr, I few tried that the hp beep for whole day cause no battery d, also didnt off automatically n still I can make few phone calls n send some sms. So I really love it. The latest wan ah, I like it cause its white? after a long time only I saw another white phone that I like. I dont like nokia phones except the L'amour series. Anyway, I get this phone is because I need another phone to use in Aussie, so...

Alcatel OT Max db

Motorola Timeport 260

Innostream 99

Panasonic X800

LG ngam..I prefer to eat white chocolate...haha

My Camera
Oh my oh...this is my favourite gadgets among all of it. Cause its new? la, cause really worth it. Sony Cybershot T2. I bought it when it just release...I mean still very new, and alot of people bought that. Maybe because its worth la, the ODM watch which cost I think 299. then the camera is 1399, with 4GB internal memory. U count urself loh see whether it worth anot, now dont have that package d. I saw 1utama that Sony shop near Parkson wan, but only with the blue wan.

I think second thought of buying the green one cause green is my favorite color, but too bad I like gadgets in white :p

My Nintendo DS lite
this is an additional gadget in my list. I wanna get it cause, like I said loh, I prefer using the money on gadgets rather than a branded handbag which cause almost the same price. Also because I'm the indoor type, so I beleive my nintendo ds lite will keep me occupy. Nowadays my mom more addicted than me loh...hahaha

it is in white, but dunno why...just wanna add this sticker thingy..fai si later become dirty..haha

but got 1 thing I think is bad to choose white, that is it will become white-yellowish..haha...but I think if material not same then should be ok. Few times, I hope I LOVE pink, so I can get stuff easily, cause nowadays alot of products have pink.

omg...didnt know this post can be so long...thought it will be a short one tim

Sunday, August 24, 2008

my younger brother's graduation

well well...I only slept for like less than 4 hours...just because to attend this sai lou punya graduation loh (which is on 23rd)...start at 9.30 so early..then we gotta be there before 9...I think last time mine is like...later than this...then sure got place to sit..haha...okok..dun wan compare...

not enuff sleep means not enuff sleep, got make up oso can see..haha

 boring la...haha...cause..maybe I not enuff sleep gua..while stand to wait them walk in(which take around like 15-20 minutes?)...then sing national anthem...when I standing I feel so floating or can faint anytime OMG!!..haha...then when can sit down, the aunty beside me oso said back-ache d...

too boring...hahaha

when they enter

all got giraffe neck d to look for their kids

but how come the kids doesnt look back n look for their parents geh when they sat down

the 'zhu gok' of the day n his friends...

I'm the camera gal for the day...since I'm not the 'zu gok' oso..haha..takpe la

so only took few pics :p

'last pic' of the day (for my camera only) coz i gotta ciao he took alot of pics after that

Monday, August 18, 2008

my explanation on my 'jobs'

well...I owe some of my frens of this in...what's the progress of my way of searching jobs...n bla bla bla

Firstly, I know different people will find their job differently, as in duration and the way of finding for me..I prefer to find a job that I think I really like it, cause I know that I will work at the certain place for a long time eventhou it will be a hard one. preference job is to be a scriptwriter, or editor. I would love to work as a columnist or watever jobs that is related to writing, but so far I dont really have much knowledge on it other than have tons of ideas to write (because I love to learn, think and my imagination are toooooo 'good')coz I study things that are behind the scenes wan ma, like the knowledge of sitcom, film, digital video cam and so in...shooting la.

Then so far, I have jobs in progress..I mean to send resume.

1. I got my bf's aunty's fren working in TV3, so she help me send in my resume d, no
news yet (for almost 1 month d I guess)

2. My brother get to know a director, I called him once and briefly introduce myself. Guess he is too busy (which is a good thing, takkan you want to know a
director which is very free, that mai mean he have nothing to direct loh), so he
asked me to sms him my num (cause I used house phone to called) My bro always compliment bout him, which I can feel it also when I talked with him althought only for a short in..he is not those lc 'dai pai' type wan la...cause my bro always said that he love to teach the freshy, give chance to them etc..which I will be 14 days d, he still havent call me back...but like I said loh, he must be very busy, in our industry wan sure know wat, even a normal director oso bz d loh, then this few weeks my bro also so bz d, they shooting together wan, sure bz la (sounds like excuses eh..hahaha) but seriously loh, he is the director for lots of astro know I know la...hahaha. Ohya, I didnt wanted to call him back so soon cause I scared I will 'farn' him la, people who know me sure understand why I do so. so...yea

3. Cause my bro is working in Mccann Erickson, n cause he is a nice person (hahaha) so his frens also alot n they willing to help him. So my good bro help me to ask around,there is this post-production house also willing to help (of course also wanna see see the resume first la), but wont be a big prob to get the job and they willing to teach u the editing stuff ( after effects those, which I didnt learn wan). So I thought wait see I can get the job of any(hopefully scripwriter la) from the director, if cant at all then send this. But few days ago I asked my bro bout it, he asked me to wait, n better call this director again (which I will), cause he think that he is really a nice person and for sure I can learn alot of things from him. so...this resume is pending on my side.

Anyway, tomorrow la, I will call the director d, so hopefully everything will be ok. Cause got people nag, very 'farn', hahahaha.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Avril Lavinge makeover + fireworks

today me n my frens (yann n pretty) going to join the Avril Lavinge mms contest to win get the concert tickets, so we have to dress or make up like her, which is the requirement of the contest. So...u guys know la...when gals get together rite...especially take pics...hahahaha...we r so crazy bout it...we didnt waste much time on make up coz we only draw the black eye shadow, abit of the foundation powder n lipgloss...which only take like less than 15 minutes per person.

But I think we took pics took hours? hahaha...cause we all still pai seh..esp yann la....hai...anyway..the result end up quite good...although the pic is not as nice as using a pro cam la...but its a fun day

yann's before

yann's after

me before

me after

forgot to take her's before

more picssss

Yann dont like to take alone, so gotta take some 'normal' pose pics 1st..haha

I like this very emo...okok...I mmg one...haha

act sial? lol XD

omggg...I love this pic so much lohhh

we are posing the same pose

ok...acting cute pics d..haha

just finish dinner near kota damansara

we look so chan...coz no make up...haha..esp me enuff sleep for few days d :( last I saw some pics I look like an 22yrs old punya adult..hahah

I really dun wan to take pics with her d loh..make me look so fat only coz she is too skinny..:p

some fireworks pics..okok..I know is not clear n nice..pai seh coz I stand quite far away..but just wanna share with u guys :)