Friday, January 30, 2009

in my little cubicle

Having my lunch now, listening to my ‘bluesy’ (I know la no such word), ‘jazzy’ songs..what a lunch break. I never feel so relaxing in such a place. I can surf net, I can chat so ‘brightly’ now, in my little cubicle.

I love to be alone actually, but only in the situation where no one will notice, realize or can see that u r alone. Well, that’s back to…cause I mind how people look at me or think about me. Yaya, I know I no friends la, hahaha…but seriously its really a nice feeling. It’s like u r out of the reality world. Don’t listen to pop songs man, that will make u into a commercialize world, hahahahaha…just kidding la, as long the songs make u feels relax, happy. Frankly speaking, when I am listening to ‘When I Fall In Love’ by Nat King Cole & Natalie Cole, I will suddenly have a smile on my face, which almost happens everytime I listen to it, just like now. How magical music are…right J

pai seh I cant so 'jiong yong' tat I am taking pic la

but if take myself is easier cause somehow my head is smaller than my cubicle space (readers: DUHHH!!)

Ok la I know its quite messy, but because I da bao, and my colleague said wan loh, see...ppl's table messy, ur table so clean u r not tat bz yet.haahahaha...soon ge la, once I got things to do my table really messy like....cannot see wan..haha

To spoil this post awhile, damn…I’m eating twister fries, when the music suddenly finish which really hard to focus that it’s going to finish while u are so into the song, I felt that I crunching so loud cause the twister fries so crunchy.

Well well, its 2.06pm now. I gotta faster finish up my fries and start working. Bye bye my happy little relaxing moment. Hopefully there’s next time :p

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

gals with moris Part 1

Recently kinda lazy to post la, all went back hometown, I started work today..nothing to do at damn sien lohhh!!!

then another reason I lazy to post, is because...haha..expected d la, less readers liao...even cheesie also not many ppl comment d, so me this blog where will increase readers during cny..haha

but seriously, very sien...really nothing to post, plus now working, no ppl to take pics with wan...then alot of pics is with my fren cause used her camera..there's a 'special' event we went yesterday...haha

ok la...this wont be a long post...this will be part 1 of the u guys..gotta wait for the next post for more pics loh...whether u r waiting for the gals or....the car :p

Ok...I know I look fatter in the pic...I also wonder why. Yala will become 'sui zhong' body fill with water (pai seh la I dont know what u call that in Eng) when PMS coming soon, I thought still got 1-2 weeks..mana tau today PMS d...damn..everytime do photoshoot oso pms wan loh...I fat enuff d still wan me look so fat mehh!!!

anyway...stay tune for part 2 :p

Sunday, January 25, 2009

gather together

guess alot of ppl balik kampung nice can...everytime ppl ask me, eh..u not goin back to ur hometown meh, I just can say, I hope so, but my hometown is where I born, which is here loh. Sometimes also will go back to my dad's (Ipoh) or mom's (Sg) geh, but this time the time not so ngam.

Oh yea, this year I think I have the coolest cny eve ever. Usually chinese family cook at home or eat in nice nice chinese restaurant, but we decided to go red box...hahahahaha..just because my whole family also love to sing.

Let me show some food first, we actually ordered 4 dishes each as they showed in the menu, and add 1 more dish with duck wan. But obviously I didnt pay much attention on those foods, included taking pics and EATING...OMG...can u imagine, I will not paying attention to eat...hahaha..I did eat la but not much, really not much at all.

this is the duck rice

this is the lamb dish

Ok, then I realize its the duck rice again, stupid wan.

Cause another 2 dishes which is fish wiht rice n chicken herb with rice came later, so I didnt take d, although the chicken herb rice was the best among all. Also I didnt take watever food we took from their half buffet dinner (only serve desserts & soups). Nop, not like last time I so focus on those foods on our table while we were in neway to celebrate xmas. (u can read the post from here)

Picture time!!

first, took pic with daddy 1st

then mommy

then my elder bro

lastly of coz younger bro cause he's the youngest..n most spoilt wan wtf

ok, I dunno why he always fo this stupid face

this pic is to prove that I can take pic by located the cam infront BUT NOT ABOVE...cause my bro said so...

WE GOT LOU SANG! but I didnt get to take pics of all of us lou the sang loh rite cause everyone gotta lou it ma

lastly of coz will take 1 pic of myself :P




of coz need a 'chuen ga fook' la, hahaha

then now is the video time...since u guys listen to my videos before, so I'm gonna share my family members punya singing singing for u guys

my younger bro sing not bad geh, he got the voice d...but dunno y just keep on felt tat he is immitating 'xiao jing teng'

I mmg know my bro can hit high notes geh

seeing my parents sing feel so cute..hahahahaha...I mean them la

how u guys celebrate with ur family? had fun...

its chinese new year d...same same...wish u guys chinese happy new year and get many many ang pow ya!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

my new life

yay yay!!! guess all the chinese are having cny mood d rite!! me last I can get to 'hoi jiong' of my new stuff d, wuahaha...also..because I get to be hyper because of cny, I DARE to ask my closer colleague to take take pics...maybe they are abit shock how come I suddenly become not so shy, hahaha

let me introduce first, ohya..actually I guess I am the only one (of them) are more free cause I've done all my job tiffany (merchandise) n Mandy (PR) not free, I dare not kacau. okok, back to the photo session

Poh Chee (traffic), damn funny gal, esp with tiffany...go out with them never ending laffing wan

Justine, heard some not so good thing bout her but yet I dont think she is tat bad la. She is foward I guess in a kasar way...hahaha

This guy is not new in thie blog ler, we used to be uni mate in Melb, then now colleague, haha

the lovelies copywriters..hahahaaha, Hafizan(left), Amyrah, me, Shahreena. Shahreena is the best senior I've ever seen, she taught me sooooooooooooooo much and I'm so glad she is my senior. Although she is so senior cause she work 3 yrs d in the company, but she dont act arrogant or anything at all, really have no weakness to say bout her.

ok, I dont know when I can let u guys see more new ppl from the company. Pai seh just now take pics with them too excited until forgot to take office pics, haha. So I guess I will do that on chor 3 since tat day not many people working also I guess.

happyyyyy chineseeee newwww yearrrr loveliessss!! gong xi fa chai ya n get much much ang pow...then come 1u belanja me makan.hahahahhaha :p


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

yesterday seems so far away

wow, total of 4 days I didnt update my blog d.

Since after I start work d, kinda bz and no time to blog..not like last time every day also will blog.

Since after I start work, everything seems to be changing. Maybe is because new environment, new people, new lifestyle. Nowadays I also sleep around 11-11.30...even me myself also cant believe it. Feel so not me d, chat also seldom chat, seldom meet up with frens,seldom watch tv.

Sometimes will u think like, man, where's my that used to be. But if you work quite some time d this way maybe wont be useful for u la...haha. I guess the only way to make u feel that, you are still you is that...go look for ur frens..frens tat often meet up...hai..I think I cant at this moment, weekend they not free, weekdays I not free, chinese new year I also not free cause chor 3 start work liao..sienzzz...I wanna go bai nian T_T

oh yea..another way to track back ur 'used to be' life, is to see back those photos u have with frens

went to take sticker photos after yann 'change' her hairstyle

in 'wong kok'

dun need to envy me that I still got time to hang out with my frens, cause these pics were taken like...2-3weeks ago, before I start work loh...hai...miss taking pics with old frens...I mmg wont so 'thick face' to take with my colleagues cause not very close yet ma

Sunday, January 18, 2009

说。。。 says...

他说:“如果要我放弃你,是不可能的事。但如果你要放弃我,我会被迫的支持你。因为如果你遇到了 更适合的人,你会开心。如果你开心,我就会开心。”

他说:" 就算你有男朋友,我也愿意等。因为我想你当我永远的女朋友。







He said: It is impossible that I will leave you. But if you want to give up on me, I will have to
support you. Because I know you will be happy if you found someone better. And if you are happy, then I will be happy.
I cried.

He said: Even that you have a boyfriend, I willing to wait. Because I want you to be my girlfriend forever.
I'm speechless

He said: I love you forever. Can't you see? Other than you, I have no one else.
I'm touched (innocently)

He said: I promise you, I wont lie to you. No matter what happen, I will tell you everything.
I actually believed it.

He said: I cant like you more. Because I like you much more than maximum d.
By then I know what are sweet talks.

Can you differenciate which is by sincere and which is fake?
Since young, as a girl which like the other girls, sweet talks are something that we will hear alot. But I never will believe because they sounds so fake. But actually the sincere sweet talks are more scary.
I dont understand, why ladies are so easy to trap by guys' sweet talks. And I think have no way to avoid a God's creation as a lady

Saturday, January 17, 2009

oh so random

sorry guys...u all gotta hear my nag again...haha

but before that let me share something with u guys 1st

today I know more ppl, and get to have few new frens to have lunch together...n they are soooo funny..its like the whole time also laffing only. Hopefully this kind of situation will continue la, but of course I cant depends on others too much geh

here come the worry stuff...I dont know...I am a junior copywriter...but also consider a chinese chinese is not tat good, english oso not tat good..I feel so embarrasing and like cant handle the job. Is not that I dont like it or I dont like to do...I totally willing to learn and not scare of tired or anything at all...yea...maybe me myself already look down on today rite, I need to be there for the chinese commercial ads for the radio station, but then when the talent make sure with me whether those words prounoucation are correct anot, I also not sure...T_T...he sure think this copywriter so char...hai....I really dunno how...any idea wat shud I do? I need to solve this prob, I am trying to force myself not to think negatively or look down on myself, but I cant, and dont know what the way to solve this prob...other than that, today just 2nd day nia, I also stress what will happen, when will kena scold, when I cant handle stuff d...hai..maybe that's me ler...24/7 also worry bout anything

if u finish reading this, haha...thanks for 'listening' to me...just sort of wanna release...maybe need ppl to give me some comments on what shud I do to not to be soooo worry gua....but too harsh I also get hurt...hahaha...although I will wan to accept cause I wanna improve ma

haha..ok...enuff of words d..let me show u guys some pics ya...remember yesterday I said I went to do x-ray...

ta daaa

ellehhh...why is 23 years old? I still got 1 month to go leh...(aunty mind-ing bout the age d)

omg!! there's a book in my stomach! :p

Thursday, January 15, 2009

maybe yes, maybe no

at last!!! I got a job d...hehehe...damn sien u home like around half year nothing much to do...but many stuff to worry (mmg my style la)

first thing....where is my offer letter!! I know some..or most of u saying I am stupid now...damn it wei..I dunno why they need time to do the offer letter thing..tml I gotta send in bank account those anyway...they said send it together..but I dont have the offer letter copy how I gonna send them who knows..dunno ler..I just feel very insecure without the offer letter on my hand

2nd thing...cham loh...I thought I am a junior come I become a chinese copywriter? and then rite...I really in big chinese...half water (translate from cantonese :p ) english also not good..I need to translate!?!!?

3rd thing...I really dont know how can I get fren loh..I know..I kena scold by saying this on my very first day...but I really worry ma cause I scare to be lonely wan :( plus I am not like JadeZ or Cheesie or..or just simply outgoing person that are not shy that can mix with anyone easily...I really trying and improving d wan ler...

I think lately, or in the future...I also not sure whether I will have any pics of my office or with my colleagus to show far...I cant see this kind of person...even got I also dont know cause there are so many of them...also...I said before what, actually I cant cam-whore just anywhere...or in front of people I dont know much...or not close with..although I wanted to..hahaha..but I wont..but if a gal is like tat and she insist me to teman her to 'din' than I will..hahaha

so..what happened ran alot till my stomach part get pain. Morning we gonna walk up and down do gao dim our stuff loh, like take photos for the ID card, then fill in forms for alot of things..I also cant remember d

then I went to my department also around 1 d, then my fren get to talk with me awhile but too bad he's in another department wan, which is quite far away from me T_T kesian he kena tease all thought I'm someone new so he said he know me just because he wanna treat me good..hahahaha...but the truth is we are uni mate and we knew each other and study together in Melbroune wan.

Ok, so we went to eat lunch loh, with another 2 of his frens, Alison and Kyoto (hope I didnt spell it wrong) cham man, I am trying to remember the names today which is like...20 of them? no wonder now I got they are frenly and kinda funny...but still I very hard la..cause I am those shy shy type...but trying to talk as much as I can ler

ohyea...cause of the medical check up thing, I need to do cool man...its my first time..hahaah I damn dulan cause my external hard drive kena lend to A STRANGER because of my fu**ing bro...damn itttttttttttttttt...I really very boh song now...really really very angry and feel like whacking him and slap him and kick him....damn can just give a stranger the external hard is something soooooooooooooooooooooo P&C...I HATE HIM...its not that I have something 'special' inside...but I really really DO HATE people do something without the owner's permission...this is fu**ing pissing me off...damn itttt!!!

so..too bad la...I wanna transfer the files from my camera also cannot d cause the cable thingy also with him...damn itttttttt...until the day he pulang me the HD I sure scold and ngam him piss now

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

captain's birthday

this is the first birthday I went in 2009...yea...kesian cause 1 and half year been spent in Melbourne..missed out so many 21st birthday of frens...

anyway...basket ball team from Yuk Chai (my primary school) 1998...onyl half of the team..or I should say less than half, haha..cause some not in KL d, some not free...some ffk...tats why loh..but for some of my readers, yay...u get to see some other ppl in my blog d...hahahahaha

pictures time!
me, yann and wea hong (the guy in the pic) get to reached first. We said his face seems fatter when we took some pics he trying to pose to make his face look smaller..example

he sit further behind me so the face look smaller


use both hands to cover his face...hahahahah...stupid...but in this pic he get to have a smaller face..wuahaha

yay...birthday 'boy' reached d so we can get this big big teh 1st time drinking this

the birthday boy and his gf...sweetnya

the galsss

birthday written ' Timothy de captain'..cause he used to be the captain of our basket ball team

we will put on 23....yup...23 sticks of candles...wuahaha..but we keep 4 to light up the candles

so many hands to light up the candles

nah...23 candles

must have a group photos geh :p of the guy left d...mou yi hei

see the '8 gong'..ppl making a wish he also wan

sweet sweet couple...wat a perfect match

birthday boy blowing the candles...seriously...the smokes...hahaha...too much of candles d la

sekali 2 sticks....geng!

he really use his mouth to take out 23 sticks of candles loh..haha

cutting the cake..but fail

end up the gf gotta help

take pics with the birthday boy before he left

take with my fren (Janice) before we left

before we leave...he still trying to take a pic to cover his face...hahahaha

birthdays birthdays.....who's next?

me! me! me! still got 1 month and 10 fast gotta celebrate 23rd birthday d T_T
hm...still wondering how should I plan my birthday...