Wednesday, November 14, 2012

one of the special day in work

I just notice something...I hardly post myself at work...dont I? Oh well...Im not gonna reveal

Of course its not something mystery, if you are my loyal reader or been reading my blog for some time you should know where and what I work as...Im just kinda lazy to tell and explain it now and here.

Oh..and anyway this post is not really related to my work thou, although it is in a am I talking now -.-...

It's another year and its time to dress up again yo~ It's the company ramadhan open house (ok I know it's been months) and we...the staff will have to dress up outselves in any culture tradition clothes, therefore...I wore my 'qi bao'...yes is that qi bao again and I only have

all curi tulang take

oh yea..without heavy make up Im just an oridinary low profile girl in da office.. :p
say no to the heavy eyelashes and dryish contact lens, those are for weekends~~LOL~
not being high profile but just wanna doll up and feel happy~~

Hopefully next year this will get to see me in a new 'qi bao' instead of the same one if not I think it will be very embarrassing ...hehehe...till then~