Sunday, January 30, 2011

sexy wall

Since CNY it's coming soon, let me continue to 'heat up the heat' by showing our cheongsam pictures..hehe..YES I still have many which I have not post cause I said I will post by location we took some post will have lots of pics some not...

*before you see the pictures maybe you can play some CNY songs..more got feel..haha

we were still at the same place, just this is another wall...imagine we spent hours to take that 4 walls..haha

and along the 'way'...we saw this wall and we addicted to it...cause it's really a very nice background..see it by yourself :)

you can say Im perasan but I think any of this picture can print for poster d..:p cause the wall too nice ma so cin cai take also very nice :D

 and this is my favorite among this batch...

and the windows part...

hm...maybe the wall too nice d, so macam no feel to talk about the windows part..haha..

Anyhow..will move to next location next post, hopefully I can post up all the pictures before CNY! or maybe during CNY : D

so if you are boring at home during CNY..dont remember to come back and see some 'red hot' pictures : D till then my loveliesss~~

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Everybody looks good in Cheongsam

Well dont you agree with my title : D I really feel that everyone look good in cheongsam, does not matter whether you are tall, short, skinny or fat..but of course la if you look like Maggi Cheung or Zhang Ziyi in 2046 the movie, you should thanks to your parents for giving you that everything...but like what I said, its not the physical but the mental...the thing you need to have when you are wearing cheongsam, it's confidence!

and in this photoshoot, obviously we are wearing cheongsam...but I dont know how should I categorize the pictures, so I might just do it by the location, part by part right :)

and am not gonna write much, cause cheongsam pics its very depends on the body language and face 'read' that ..hehe

oh..we did it at the abdondoned house...can see from the background rite..

I have no sense of direction but my friend said it's along the road to Changkat...I guess its not hard to find la cause it's just beside the road..haha
so as usual...I will also represent you our sexy pretty gal from our photoshoot...Emeryn Wong...

just the place you see from the pictures, we've took pictures there for like more than 2 the same place, then we only used like half to 1 hour to take more pictures further (along the road)
But dont forget...we still have another sexy wong here~~

and me :D but not the sexy one yea...

this triangle love..hahaha

photographer geng, can make my flat face till so 3D

this is my favorite picture in this photoshoot cause I think that's what I trying to meant, the body language and the face expression..also not to forget the moment that been captured.....I did cropped and edited the pictures, if the picture was taken in this then that will be perfect! :p

more pics to come...3-4 more locations to go and I promise 'sexy' pictures will be present to you~~~

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Big Day Of My too...

Please read here first before you continue reading this...

So yup...*PAAAMMM*...

When I open my eyes, I saw people around me, and I saw the minyak angin which I think that woke me up..then only I realize I fainted just now...first time ever in my life I FAINTED...that's really so scary even now I kept thinking and trying to remember the 'feeling'...

then...after like few minutes I vomitted 'wong dam sui' I dont know what you call that in English (yea my eng sux), which is like you have nothing to vomit so u vomit that (pls tell me if you know what it call)...but after I vomit, I feel slightly better..

My friends all was taking care of me, even friends I just knew that day did the same, really appreciated what they did for me that day. I feel so embarrassing lo..

but another thing damn funny happened...while we all resting like quite the corner, suddenly a guy dont know japanese or korean come ask us whether those mat salleh can take pics with us anot..of course we do cause we very friendly wan yea, after took a pic, another group of Indian came to us and wanna take pic too...we were like -.- err...LOL...but I didnt take the 2nd pic cause I bo lat d...

Sigh, I still feel very pai seh about that day...and since after that day I damn scare I will faint again so I force myself to eat and live more healthy, and the weather is so crazy nowadays, you all should take good care of yourself too :)

Ok...let's forget about my embarrassing moment and see some nice and lovely pics (before I fainted)

 my ex wife boh liao T_T

haha...anyway...wish them all the best and 'bak tao dou lou'...

I think soon will be someone's

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Big Day Of My...

Yes, it's a very important day for us, it's a very important day for me as well.

and yes..I am all well prepared for the ROM day

on the 15th of January, at Tian Hou Kong temple...

Definitely a good day for ROM, cause the queue was so long...

so while waiting, we took lots of pictures of course...

till here, are you still thinking that I am the one who's getting marry?

of course not me la!!

there's a reason for standing in the middle, and the reason for holding the bouquet

it's the big day of friend~~~Yek Mei Lee~~

of course it's important for me cause she used to be my ex wife...yea..we are as close as that, so now she's leaving me and marrying another guy...haha

Yes, at least their number was called. Now they are preparing the documents and ready for the registration in another small room.

This is the small room for them, and for us to enter to witness the whole process..

happiness are shown on the face of this lovely newly wed

 exchanging ring


sweet sweet~~

those who wanna register, you can pay more attention on this..cause maybe you use to be same like me, cause I thought they might close quite early cause everyone seems to be there so early.

Now I know they open till so late, I dont think I wanna come that early lo for my ROM lo...

and yesss~ its picture time!!

as you can see from the pictures earlier that our theme for that day was white. Pai seh cause others 'ji mui' dress very casual only.. :p

before getting bored of seeing the pictures, let me tell you some thing 'interesting'...

If you never been to 'tian hou gong', the place behind me in that pic is the place for you to 'bai bai'..

so of course, if you are not belong to any religion, go 'bai bai' if you visits here, so did usual...

Everything is still ok the whole morning, just that my throat is still sore and my voice is not coming back yet.

After I came out and wore my shoes, all of a sudden I feel so tired, and kinda dizzy, things seems to be kinda blur...I thought ok, maybe I'm just too tired cause I just sneezed. When I walked few more steps, I think I need to rest so I sat down nearby.

Few of my friends saw my situation and asked whether I'm ok, I said I'm not sure, should be ok. Maybe I just need to sit down for awhile. While I am resting, I dont know that's blood running up to my head or what, but I can feel the numbness and tiredness on my body,coming up from my body till my shoulder part..I was like WTF...apa ni! but during that time I can see things, as in not blur, no white white things I see ( I dont know what you call that).

Then they asked me to go to another place nearby which is more cooling and can drink the guan yin water as well. I thought I am ok, so I stood up and walked towards my best friend while she is walking near me...

SUDDENLY! the white white thingy I came!! I cant see things cause its covering my eye sight, and I feel so dizzy and weak~ AND....PAAAMM