Sunday, May 31, 2009


gotcha :p

haha...actually my content is about stripes...but because I am the one who love the :p just for the fun of it

Yup, I know checkers are very popular now...but FYI...stripes getting into the trend lately...especially the white blue stripes, the sailor style...which is my favorite!! well...not because of the trend, I realize that years ago I already fall in love with stripes, especially the horizontal wan...vertical stripes although make people look skinnier, but dunno leh, I felt the style is abit old (no offence) :p

Recently more crazy..shud say because now they have this trend again so I its easier to get this kind of style...let's say....Kitschen..hahaha

They memang like this, I mean they categorize their purple 1 side, checkers,strpies, red all categorize nicely wan...tat's 1 one the reason I like to go there and try out their shirt...also shopping la..haha

I guess I have habit...if u've been my loyal readers, maybe u will remember I went to Kitschen last time and I chose all grey stuff, this time also like this...I mean I got all the stuff I wan d then only I realize they have things in this time was stripes...

out of topic..haha...just purely like the top :p

ok...back to topic

I like this cutting but the sleeve there too short T_T

too big and old

I love this!!! the cutting very nice...but its 49.9..which I dont think really that worth la although tempted d...will do research 1st!

After seeing stripes, I only really got alot of tops are stripes wan


my fav top...bought in Forever 21...sweet stripes

normal stripes

thick stripes...I know my face was so round! plus thick stripes make u look fatter T_T

somewhere in DFO

my most comfortable still wearing...bought in Jay Jay's as well

this orange wan ah...AUD6 only...wuahaha..but wore few times only got lubang d although now still can wear :p

another fav of mine

There 2 WAS belong to my sis...not WERE cause she gave me one d..haha

fav of the fav :p

go stripersssss!!!!! I mean stripes!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm a standout in life

I'm a standout in life, because I am not standout in life.

Guess some of you are a stupid sentence. But seriously other than this sentence I dont think there is any other words that can best suites about my life with this post.

Starting with my post, maybe alot of people will think that no matter what kind of gal she is la, as long she post her own pics on her blog then this gal are confidence with her physical, attention seekers and bla bla bla...what if I said I am none of them...will you believe? of course u wont, but my frens did.

So, if I am not stand out enough why can I consider I stand out in life. Well, its because people notice me because I am not standout in T_T

Actually this is the thing I notice, maybe I have fate to be close fren with pretty gals or gals which are very unique, most importantly...maybe its because I really have no confidence at all due to something happened during my childhood in I guess to have a confidence on myself no matter on what is something very hard for me. (P.S Guess I can write a post of this for Part 2 by saying my not standing out life with my stand out frens :p )

Sometimes its kinda sien when meeting new people and they come you are so quiet this and that...that sometimes kinda annoys me..thats why I dont like to meet new people, and everytime for sure there are people that are funny or very good in social in a group right..for sure not me loh..but so ngam those kind of people that happened to be so...they really one of a kind one..I mean not normal that kind of crazy or funny or whatever you can think...but really 'special'..and everyone love them..included offence at all...they are damn good..sometimes I kinda envy them..I love their courage, I love their quierkyness, I love how crazy and how funny they can be..but at the end of the day...I prefer to be back not standing out in life

Actually writing this post, not so much of trying to win the prize...TIPU la! hahaha...if dun wanna win also wont write d rite :p no la..seriously..this title do make me feel interest to write bout myself because I felt that it is a good way for a blogger to know themselves more, also for the readers to know the bloggers more

so...what you standout in life? but no matter what you standout..sure standout than me wan so no worries :) I really would love to read your post about your standout in if you reading this post, maybe you can leave me your blog so that I can read yours (if u dun mind la)

or u are thinking what prize u can win by writing an interesting post of your standout in life, or you wanna gain access to this party? click here for more details then :)

so let us standout our life in our own standout way!!

To Be Continue....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

美丽的丑小鸭 The Ugly Swan








That day my mom told me : you no longer the ugly duckling. We are so glad about that. When you was young, tiny little you was afraid of everything, have no self confidence at all. Now you are not the same anymore, and you have friends!

I replied :erm, what do you worry about? I think everything are still the same

My mom said, 4 of you guys, you are the only one who have no confidence at all. You don’t make friends, always stay at home. We felt symphaty and worried.

Have I really change? the undergo metamorphosis of the physical cannot be the reason of covering myself? Yet, the protections make me feels lot more secure. But, will that be too much?

It seems that everyone did not notice the real attitude. Is that really easy to change? I always throw this question to myself.  

Of course this cannot blame others, because to be a swan. I will have to act and behave like a swan (think of the ballet dance – The Swan)to make people feel that I am the swan.

But, is that really important? I mean, why can’t I be the ugly ducking forever? And if I have become the swan? Does that mean I really became a swan? Or till the end of the day, I’m still the small ugly duckling?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Krabi day 4 - the holiday is over!! :(

Oooo…its time to get our ass back to work..sienzzz

After 4 days of fun, 9 something in the morning, we prepared ourselves to have breakfast for the last time in Krabi.

So sien la, nothing to write actually…have breakfast d then ciao to airport we all just take pics while waiting…guess all oso very tired all oso like stay in their small group, rest…sleep…went into the plane…sleep again..then we reach KL LCCT, went into the bus, sleep again…around 5pm we reached our office…somehow I felt glad…to see something familiar..hahaahah

Since day 3 a lot of pics rite…so now its time to slow down and digest abit 1st with this short post :p

take a pic with my roommate - Shi Yin aka 'yin can' before we leave..haha

the airport

lovely June June

this is father n daughter punya match..hahaha

then this is posers match :p

sayang matches

coffee lovers...but I dont have money to buy T_T

heading off to the plane

bye bye Krabi...

Sunday, May 24, 2009


FREE!! ITS FREE!! I mean...who doesnt love free stuff..especially its manicure!!

ok..obviously this post is not ngam for males..but hey...guys out there...dont be make urself looks neat and clean..this is one of the important point that can attract gals u know...gals will notice whether ur toes, legs and hands are nice anot then evaluate u (in her mind) hahaha

ok la..dun wan force...but for all the gals out there...its free! using OPI polish nails somemore..what are you waiting for? and if you wan to do french manicure, u just add additional RM10 and u can get it! for pedicure, its only RM35!

me with yen before doin manicure

very excited!!

Yen choosing her color

my turn to choose...I HATE decision making

luckily got yen there so she give comments oso..hehe

actually I really love my hands..the part that I most love coz they look skinny...wuahahaha T_T

happy happy XD

so...what are u waiting for!?!?!? left 2 days only...

till then :p

once you try you will like

No worries, this will be a short post...suddenly got feel wanna post up this post to share these foods...

Recently I've been eating the same stuff at the same place over and over again...maybe its because no money d la...need to me (someone very kiam siap) wont really spend money on trying new food

thanks to my parents, they lazy to cook so they come look for me after I finish work and we went for dinner...

At first we have no idea at all where shall we eat, what I suggested are those same old places that I have tried their food...then my dad suggested that we walked around the cold storage there n have a look

and then we saw this place...and ok..sorry as I mentioned many times before I always wont and dont remember the name of the shop and the foods wan, cause I seldom blog about food this place is actually a restaurant for Taiwanese food, its just around Mr.Teppanyaki..ohya...did I said it is in 1utama New Wing? haha

We ordered the 'hong shao niu rou fan'..and sorry to said again...I cannot remember those names mandarin and english...pai seh...tat's y I cannot be a blogger that blog about foods :p hahaha...but 1 thing is...I will wan to go back this place, then tat time I will take all the pics of the food we are going to order and remember their name in both languages, so that its easier for you guys if you guys are interested to have a meal there...which I highly recommend because their foods really not bad at all

sour plum ice blended..damn nice...even my dad loves it

we called this 'ma la huo guo'..totally taste the spicy feel

hong shao niu rou fan (beef rice), very nice combination of the beef and the rice with some their sauce

chinese style punya beef balls, hahahahaha

I try to go back this place asap and get everything more details for u guys ya, or who wanna go with me?hahaha

till then... :p

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Krabi Day 3

As I said in the previous post, Day 3 in Krabi pics will definitely bring u some…excitement? Not sure whether can use that word…but why? Later u see mai know loh..haha

For me, definitely will not be a day that I will love, cause the whole day its about outdoor, snorkeling…which I am very afraid about it…just because I have motion sickness…also la..I’m not the adventure type. Due to I have a dark skin which I will get tan very easily compare to a lot of asian (I have a colleague same prob with me so I GOT A FREN!)

nice view to have breakfast

also a nice view to take pic while having breakfast...haha

So…we all gathered at around 9 something in the morning, and headed to an island. I no mood la, already feeling not well d in the boat so I can’t pay attention when the tour guide introducing the place.

while waiting, the best thing to do to past time is take pisc :p

this is the transport we the beaches...

 la..just for posing

we all went to the beach with this bit tuk tuk..I dont know whether I can call it tuk tuk anot...its something like that but ist bigger..

This is the 1st beach...for us to passby :p

Actually nothing much la. When we reached the beach, we separate to 2 category, hangout at the beach or go caving. Well, I am not a big fan of beach, so I went for the caving. Mana tau the walk to that place is so damn long lohhhh….

But is really worth of walking that much la. We were separated into 2 groups to go into the cave because one light is not enough for…10-15 of us there. So the tour guide brought the 1st group in 1st…we went in after they came out. Damn scary wei!! I mean, I memang afraid of dark wan…PLUS they have BATS inside! But don’t know why, when I gotta protect someone then I will be brave…wuahahaa..cause Mandy (the sweetest gal ever) also afraid of dark..I guess worst than me what we walk on are like those small bridge with only papan(s)…she’s on barefoot…more not I holded her hand and guide her all along the way…I was not afraid which I didn’t expect..just get scared when heard those bats making sounds…but when we all saw the diamond cave..omg…its very the…syok..haha..although I am not a big fan of diamond, but the diamond mountain is bling-ing infront of u…can u imagine tat..haha

Ya, we walked for like..half hour..we only walked in the cave for 5-10 minits…but nvm I said its quite worth of walking there.

This pic is taken...when we were waiting outside the toilet T_T

These are the pics taken by Alex (the photographer) while we are on the way to the cave

and this is the cave...I mean...the place :p

then this is the cave

n then this is the diamond...wuaahahah

After ‘rest’ in the boat, we went to this island called ‘Chicken Island’, just because the island look like a chicken :p this trip kinda stupid, I mean this island…cause we all walked…this wan really called walk on the beach, not on the sand but the sea water..beach…don’t thought is easy because u will be very often step on those stones which make u scream like hell cause it is soooo pain..alot of us kena d…the stupid thing is tat..we walked that thing for like…15 minutes? Then we thought wanna get sun tanned, mana tau we only sat there for not even 5 minutes, the tour guide said we gotta ciao d… T_T so we all walked back again…the whole thing took us 35 minutes…total of 30 minutes’ walk back and forth, 5 minutes sun tan.

Fine, nvm…so we went to another island again. This time they let us makan 1st..but gonna wait they we all lepak again for like half hour? After that we gotta queue to take food…never mind that…

waiting for them to get a big big place for us to have lunch

Alex, the photographer taking pics again...haha

too sien we decided to take some this

they are preparing

AT LAST, after makan, those who wanna go sun tan, went sun tan and others went into the sea. I know some of you might start saying..just now say don’t wan get tan how come now I went for sun tanned. Its because, I realize my swim suite cause me the unbalance tanned, so I rather get darker abit, at least its balance. For my tan skin now, I only lye there for…5 minutes per side…I really cant imagine if I lye there for 15 minutes per side, how tan I will be now.

After this, we all went snorkeling. I mean they all, those who didn’t went down stayed on the boat and feed the fishes. After that we went back.

It’s a very happening noon, but not during the night. At night we just lepak again…also massage! Since it’s the last night we can spend there, and we were all tired..massage it’s the best thing to do to pass time.

Obviously we were all very tired, cause most of us fall asleep during the massage. Really worth paying..hahaha. So we all just took some pics, and went back to our rooms. Some of them went for drinks…and some of us just stayed in the room for chit chat. What a relaxing night…and kinda mm seh tak la cause next day gonna leave Krabi d.

This post might not be very fluent and smooth on words la, but hopefully the pictures get to tell you what I am trying to share :p

me with the 'Thai Thai massage restaurant' if not mistaken :p

the beautiful street itself

n me with street...

last but not least...beautiful streets with pretty gals...CHEH...haha :p