Friday, December 31, 2010

2010. 2011...

The last day is to start a new day...and today is the last day of 2010..same like others..we are starting to do our resolution for 2011 and I actually...totally have no idea I wrote a resolution for 2010...hahaha

2010 Resolution 
1. try not to cut my hair short
2. search for my dream
3. to be more confidence

So what's for this year...

Let me recap my year of looking at the pictures, I realize there's many first time of mine happened this year...

I touched a tiger in the tiger year in January~ seems good huh...

When it came to February..I would said it's a drastic changing month for me..

from happy~

celebrations with colleagues are always so happening and happy~ it just sparks up any celebration whenever they are here...

and of bunch of frens~~love hanging out with them ~~

was happy too..and feel like being love at that moment..celebrated valentine's day a week earlier as 14th Feb was the 1st day of CNY too in the year of 2010

in the same month...I decided to really let go..cleaned my room, packed the stuff after a year plus and keep it as my memory...AT LAST..

So, it's sort of like a new beginning, a new me...

Another new thing happened on me in the month of March..

I wore contact lens! 1st time ever in my life

and on the April..FIRST TIME ever to visit HK DISNEYLAND~~~~ am still so excited when I talk about it : D

FIRST TIME ever again..I went for an audition in MAY

just because it's every girls' dream to get the makeover from the famous gurus from TAIWAN~

and guess what..

I'm IN~~ for the show - My Dream Girl

it's been a hectic month for me in the month of June

totally a whole new experience for me and I feel so blessed to have the chance to get involve in this

damn happy get to know a new bunch of frens again and they are so nice and lovely~~

July..another hectic many birthday celebrations..the most birthday celebration month lo

Daddy's 60th birthday

Yen's birthday  

and sexy wong's birthday 

August started to slow down d...but not without trying new things again : D first hat ever I bought..which I really wear it :p

September it's a big month for my best friend, my best ji mui cause she is getting marry!! her bf proposed to sweeetttt~

us ji mui accompanied her to try out her wedding gown...

and at the same month, one of my best ex college mate got married! went to HK to attend her wedding

and of course..Mei Chin's birthday~~HOT~

and another first time again...wore my mom's baju kebaya for my company's event..good ending for the month :p 


Starting from October..I started to get skinnier...n skinnier..not sure whether a good thing for me anot as I would love to be skinnier, but the reason why is because I've been sicked quite often

November..even skinnier..guess loads of work to do and not enough rest..

I guess it's the skinniest time in the year of 2010, I find it scary thou..

Last but not least, December..quite a happening one...

one of photoshoot I love so far...another whole new level for me :)

and...Eiffel Tower~~~

and I'm glad to put on a full stop for the year of 2010 with these...

Thinking back, I think i'm half way for the 1st resolution of 2010, which my hair is getting longer now~ and I get to controlled myself not to cut it short (which I almost...again..hehe)

the other 2...yes..still confuse in I think for the resolution for will be the same resolution, cause I dont think I have made it...

Let's learn from the past and grow together~ hope the brand new year, there's brand new beginning and it must be a great gd year~~  till then..let's welcome the year of 2011~~~~

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Eve should eat apple

I know, it's New Year Eve d but I am writing Christmas eve punya stuff..haha..tat's why my loveliessss...I need to finish this 2010 post in the year of 2010!

Actually it's just another normal celebration..just the price is higher -.-

We went to this place call Castell Restaurant and Bar which located at SS16

Whole experience? I think I will rate 3/5

I am not happy that they only have xmas set tat day...which I am not happy about la cause I tot wanna order ala carte wan...set is 88+,98+ and 108+ leh -.- its kinda expensive lo..macam kena tipu like tat..

mushroom soup...I still ok with it although it taste like those from the can except they added more mushrooms...

Environment...quite cozy..I like

Sirloin and rib eye set caused 108+ but it doesn't taste as nice as it worth..but not tat bad la

Mix grilled

and our pics :)

I almost wore exactly the same outfit as Mei Lee that day. I mean not exactly the same shirt, but it's black, same style, same length, same jeans mini skirt...we always have this 'kik' (same wave link) :p

Ok...herecomes the climax of the day. In the set, there's 2 choices for us as desert which is fruit cake and the Apple Almond Crumble (Apple Almond Crumble its their signature desert and its a MUST try).

So yea...of course all four of us ordered the Apple Almond Crumble without 2nd thought, although they didnt know that's the signature desert to order except me.

And you know what...when we finished our main course, this is what they gave us...


All of the sudden, the waiter brought us these, and said :' So sorry but Apple Almond Crumble are finished. NO MORE". Bf actually not happy about it because they didnt inform us earlier about it, and didnt even tell us anything before they give us this watever cake la...

So, fine la..we didnt say anything and just makan. Yes, we didnt even really have the 2nd bite cause it's really not nice lo! and you know what, after like 10-15 minutes, we saw they served APPLE ALMOND CRUMBLE !! wth???just now told us no more, then now ?!!? so that make my bf more pissed. Pissed not because we didnt get to eat that, just that they are really not professional on this. So, he actually requested to see the person in charge.

Yes, after waiting for a while, bf get to talked to the person in charge. After telling her about the incident..
She said :" oh, the reason why he said so is because that they were informed that the apple almond crumble it's actually finished ( I think her finish mean they need to bake the new batch again), so there's no more to serve. It's ok, if you guys dont mind waiting, I will serve 4 apple almond crumble for you?

YES OF COURSE! hello...I'm actually not the complain kind of person but they are really not professional on this. What do you mean no more? You can just tell us the truth and ask whether we mind waiting or not. Not by just sending us things that we wont wanna eat and we still have to pay for that!! xmas eve..PEACE :D

and u know what, APPLE ALMOND CRUMBLE IT'S AWESOME~~~ just like in heaven...worth waiting seriously...

happy happy~~

So I guess this might be the 'last post' for this year, or maybe I will write another post as a 'conclusion' for 2010...we'll see~~ till then my loveliessss

Monday, December 27, 2010

All I Want for you

Yea I know, a very boring title cause I cant think of any...and actually xmas (or whatsoever celebration ) can actually make people feel more lonely wan matter you are single or attached...

I remember when I was young (around 15-18) those time...that few years I just hide in the room, listening to those xmas songs played from the radio...I feel so lonely yet...warm. Guess that's the power of xmas songs..

Ok...before I go out of the I said, everything tend to came in earlier this christmas..which included my xmas gift : D

well...not sure whether I'm the only one to behave this way, or I shouldnt behave like this

Since I was young till now, all the while I hope to have my bf to give me surprises during celebrations. As in any gift will do as long you know that suits me or that is what I want ( I am romantic I know) But everytime end up my bf will bring me to buy what I want cause they dont want to waste time and money to see my black face cause of getting things that I didnt expect them to buy me. Things like this happened again...weeks ago...while we are in mid valley...

He :  so wat u wan for xmas
Me : u mai guess la
He : aiyo..dun wan so ma farn la..later buy things u dont like
Me :  then mean u no heart la..takkan dunno wat I like
He : dai lou...u not dunno ur style..u tot easy buy things for u ah.later bought jor u dun like, u not happy I dulan..waste money waste time..for wat oh
Me : -.- fine...(cause I know I am)

He : so what u wan for xmas
Me : I feel like having some u choose ok
He : I said d...I bring u go n choose
Me : why cant you just choose for me lehhhh (very de dulan)
He : the choices are so wide ok..example
       necklace? bracelet? ring? earings? etc
       pearl? silver? gold? crystal? etc
Me : *speechless* ( FYI...I hardly speechless)
        FINE! you win (saying that in the heart)
He : so later saw what you like then straight buy d..dont wait liao


I saw Thomas Sabo...which I actually wants for my christmas...I was this fated or wat? Cause I  never knew there's an outlet in The Gardens. So I saw only I straight walk towards it and I saw my very very lovely Eiffel Tower! no 2nd thought, we went in...

and here goes my xmas gift...
 Which I actually very very happy and satisfied *in love with the Eiffel Tower*

 At last I got my Eiffel Tower (whatever it is as long I can wear it with me)...

oopsyy..supposingly I should post about my xmas eve dinner..didnt know this post suddenly became so long...wait for my next post then : D very soon...till then my loveliesss

Friday, December 24, 2010


Yay ~ its christmas(eve) again...and do my lovelies already have some plans with their friends and family? or maybe their lover?

Things seems to be happening very fast this christmas for me. The mood, the environment, the pressie, the people etc... or maybe its just me?

Indeed, I am :p and I celebrated christmas with my group of besties a week earlier at this Arabic style Restaurant named Laziz which located at Mont Kiara

Off Jalan Duta Kiara, Mont Kiara,

No.18 18-1, Jalan Solaris 5,
Mont Kiara, Off Jalan Duta Kiara,
50480, Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-6203 6607

took a picture of myself in the car with my hair band on cause it's my very first hair band I would wear to public ( or would I not? ). I will say this is my first ever 'proper' hair band to wear it out because I just not use to wearing extra things on my head as I dont look suitable with those kind of looks, just dont know why my face need to come clean n simple, when extra things was added, everything seems to

Anyway...this consider my first time trying out the middle east cuisine

pics stole from Yann's blog

Let me introduce this special room for u, and I called it washroom...hahaha..doesnt look like one rite! I know...

Ok now it does...

so like I said, while waiting for the food to come, the best thing to do is take picures :D

 hair band it's an on and off thing for me..hahaha..cause I just feel..I really feel weird la..

YES! I caught the moment perfectly...I just wonder whether his frens saw allthese expression before..

and yes again! I got this look cause I wanna show how much does he look alike...with the CIMB octopus..


ok..enough of ugly pics of him..let me show u sexy Mei Chin again...every guys' punya dream santarina  :p

n lonely CS tat nite..kesian him cause he's alone that nite..its not tat he dont have gf

 at last!!the food is here~~*drooolliinngg*

Laziz Mazza

Im not a veggie person..not at all seriously but I actually love this : D..I can feel the freshness and its delicious!

Laziz Mix Grill
all the best thing in a plate :D with Shish Tawook, Shish Kebab, lamb cubes & lamb chop.

Nasi Briyani~

I didnt really give a 'deep' try on it..just tried the rice which taste not bad at all..Yann loves it and she's so gonna go back just for the Nasi Briyani..haha

Last but not least..a group picture of us!

and now I am going to get ready for my xmas dinner tonite : D

till then my lovelies~ and merry christmas to all of u ~~