Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Penang double trouble 2012

Im gonna talk about food this time! If you are hungry you better stop here, don’t say I didn’t warn ya :p
Ok Im gonna stop the crap and lets start this now. When we Malaysian talked about food, which is the place people most reckon? I guess 9 out of 10 will definitely say PENANG! And I will definitely be one of them that will say Penang too! Im not a penang lang but when you talk about FOOD! You just cant not mention PENANG!

But first I gonna try something new here. I've been to Penang twice already in this year. So I was thinking, why not I just merge this 2 trips together in one post?! what a genius me...LOL..ya totally genius cause I've took SOOOOO much time to edit the pictures -.-

Alrite, now I gonna stop the crap for the 2nd time and lets head straight to my penang trip post shall we!
The purpose of this trip is to EAT and TAKE PICTURE. Yea, other than nice foods, Penang now have a new spot for tourism (Malaysian ourselves), which the painting wall.
We reached Penang on our first night, to thanks his relative for providing a place for us to stay, we spent them makan at this place called ‘Stone Age’. Actually is just things that grilled on the 'stone'...price is quite resonable and the food quite nice~

the duck meat is the best!!

Does allthese food look YUMMY!!!! it is!! I almost wanna finish all of it by myself but cant cause we have to save our stomach to try more foods!!!

My favorite here will be 猪脚饭,muachi,laksa then 猪肠粉

ohya...we were at 小云定茶室 at greenlane

after that we went to makan tau fu fa which located at the same row

then we went to this snake temple...Im not sure about you but its a must go place in Penang when I was young..hehe

to be frank I have no idea at all that I actually been here before, except interior of the temple...I didnt know they have this garden

Yeap...a place you must not miss is the painting walls!!

we were so lucky because there's not much crowd until you have to queue for more than 15 minutes to take the pictues..some painting do thou

I'm in the painting too~

featured Mister International 1st runner up...LOLLOLOLOLOL

Like this pic...haha..I look so stone here

this is my favorite of the bunch! sometimes I just love our chemistry...who wanna take couple photo please look for us k...:p

Oh....there's a cafe named Amelie! guess they watch tat movie too...lol

but there's one thing very bad about the cafe...they dont allow us to take pictures -.- siennnnnzzzz

its tea time! and we went to makan the very famous char kuay teow at Heng Huat Kafe.

medium plate also need RM7.50!! damn expensive can!! but is dammnnn deliciousssss esp the prawnssss


Like I said I gonna merge to trips into one post rite. So this was the earlier trip. We went to St.Jo's Gurney Paragon. We were not allowed to take pictures, but we were been told after we took pictures for like...an hour? lol

Then we went to Straights Quay~~

such a beautiful place

love the exterior~

then went into the complex and took a photo of the wall..forgot what shop was this :p

they got Snoopy restaurant here yay!!!

I guess people will just get excited when can take pictures with snoopy and friends right :D

some funny pictures of us :p

so gay...lol

Then we went to this Bulgarian restaurant around Batu feringgi - The Vintage Bulgaria...too hungry so we just took one pic with the food...lol

Below are some photos of the occasion I went for the first trip :D

with the bride

Sorry if this post is very here and there...sucks in arranging stuff by sequence...>.<

More postsssss to commeeee!! You would not want to miss cause got lotsa awesome pictures~ stay tune my lovelies~~