Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009

well..its the end of the year ALREADY...31st December 2009. For me this kind of person who take dates seriously, confirm will write a post at the end of the year, also the beginning of the year...

next year resolution? hm...I'm not good in this, for me I am more to in I have new year wish, birthday wish, chinese new year wish, christmas wish etc...ohya...I didnt make any wish for this year's christmas!! what to do, after starting to blog, diary no longer a part of my life although I still writes something else

so what's my resolution...I mean wishes...seriously I dont know...cause for me, I dont really follow..its just a list that we plan to do but end up didnt happen..well maybe for some they made it..

hm..let me think something it's easier to archieve...or maybe another way round, that's why they are the resolution :p

1.try not to cut my hair shorter and shorter anymore
Yup..seriously I guess this is one of the hardest thing to do. Being a person that with not much of patient, I guess when the hair reach the shoulder and that will be the end of the patient..hahaha..Kinda did the research d, gals with short hair why cant have long hair, its
because once u cut it short, its very hard to keep it long d because ITS HARD. But I kinda miss
me long hair now, and short hair makes me look my resolution for next year its - I wanna have the shoulder length hairstyle - which I never try before *wink* (I know its kinda vain)

boring long black hair

then short hair since Nov 2008

then shorter again with style and color

stayed with the style...till getting longer..almost shoulder length

but sien cut till the shortest ever..for me la

long back

short back

and this is the latest far..haha

this is the ideal hairstyle I wan...something like this least this length

2. look for my dream
since the first one its so vain rite, 2nd wan sounds so serious. I think this is the hardest thing for me...I wanna search for my dream

Usually people its working hard for their dream , but I dont even know mine...T_T
I mean I dont have lots of passion towards anything, compare to others. Ya I love writing, but...then? For now I just keep on writing, maybe some will join some contest, send to newspaper or watsoever...but so far I havent do anything like that...other than some contest for nuffnang la..haha..but do I really focus on career?

I still remember since young, or maybe until dream is to have a happy family. have lovely kids and a good husband...I know sounds very stupid but that's something didnt change since young...although my perception towards love had been a drastic change compare to last time, but this remain the same. some people might thought this doesnt sound big at all, but dont u think the process of getting a happy family its hard? to maintain also hard k :p

3. to be more confidence
yet another thing that sounds easy but hard for me, as in both ways. I know that confidence its really a huge part in our life but too bad I really lack of that...alot! but I believe I can improve on that cause last time I negative confidence wan, now maybe negative but not tat much compare to last time. Since my first job, I really felt that confidence its really a big part. The working world will give you a chance only if you have confidence, and they only give u a chance when u give urself a chance. Even u r not the confident want, u need to be one, u need to act like one.

At the very end of this post, very end of 2009, I just hope that year 2010 will be a good year. 2009 it's a year that is not so good for me. Too many things happened and they came too fast...especially I enter the real world - working.

It's only the beginning of the journey of my life...but at least I made something...I said I will at least blog once a week and I did it!! and now blogging been a part of my life already...and this will continue for years * hopefully* hahaha

So...what's your resolutions? I wanna know so please share with me ya :D

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Happy New Year~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Manila Trip Day 1 Part 3 - last part for Day 1

At last! I'm going to post the last post for my Manila DAY 1 post.haha

yes, after we rest at Eric's house, we dressed up ourselves and headed to Embassy first, as in the pub...hehe

u know what...the sushi were damnnnnn niceeee!!! dont know izit because that's our dinner, and it was around 9 or 10 something d so we were damn hungry...but seriously its damnnnn yummy!!

then we headed to Makati's world trade centre for Armin Van Buuren, voted world's top DJ...but I'm not a big fan of club or went there for fun with them :D

it's kinda 'touching' thou when everyone is holding up their camera or cellphones to capture the moment

whole nite long, of coz some take some pics :p

sot d...forgot to zoom out after took some pics of Armin, so this is the zoom in pic of me and SY..haha

ok..the normal wan

we went home around last we can sleep!!! yay!! after a long long day...of day 1 in Manilla trip...

stay tune for more interesting post!! :D

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Manila Trip Day 1 Part 2

when I type the topic, I was like..what? still day 1 ? cause I added the watermark yesterday in those pics for day 1, but the amount I edited make me feel like I've already edited for the bunch of pics that taken in that 4 days...but NO! its only 1 day T_T

Hopefully I can upload all the pics up today for DAY 1..since pics are more than words rite :p

So I continue with introducing some food from Philippine for you guys...we had lunch at this place which located in Green Belt

the first dish named Tinapa Roll...its filled with smoked fish...and some other taste like popiah

then the SISIG, which is a must try dish when you are in know what's that?

it's pork face!!

this also pork face

and my favorite dish!! squid!!!!! taste so nice

then the curry rice

this is tofu salad, well...I didn't try it, cause I only wanna eat the prawn :p

this is lecheon, which is pork skin...neh..its like we will get to eat especially during chinese wedding dinner

then also pork leg

after a very nice and full lunch...we wanna walk around to digest abit

then we went to buy cigg cause they said its damn cheap...yea...I think its only like RM2-5 per packet...

then we thought to the tour, but at last we wasted few hours in the car because it's too jam, which also caused us missed the tour thingy

luckily got pillow inside the car so I can sleep !!

some scenes taken while in the jam :p

now u know why cause these ppl sell stuff outside? as in ON THE ROAD...cause of jam wat

yea, their decorations are not only like christmas trees or wat...most of their decorations are more to the birth of Jesus Christ

At last we went back to the shopping centre - Green Belt cause Kidd wanted to have some desserts...

me and kidd kinda love the furnitures..hehe

and these are out desertsssss...yummyyy...although I'm not a big fan of cakes

but I would prefer this wan, which is what I ordered la..chocolate with the caramel

and so early...I gotta kena some alcohol drink d T_T thanks to ERIC!

other than desserts, Eric ordered some food for us to try

and these thing, what do u think they look like?

we all kinda agreed with SY that it kinda look like s***..haha

then we cam whore again...trying to act the angel and bitch...which u prefer?

this is the bitch

this is the angel

but I like this :D so natural

then this is the bitch..with the 'bastard' beside..haha

this is the angel...

er...cannot la...she both oso look so angel :p hahahha


angel...with the innocent eyes :p

but dunno why..I felt that this pic got the 51% angel and 49% bitch..cause...there's evil behind the smile...wuaaaahahahhaa

ok...enuff of the after the desserts moment we went back to Eric's house to rest for awhile, cause tonite will be a long long nite

model mmg model..pose how oso nice

then Kidd mmg KID...look so innocent

and me....suen la

then we also take some pics outside...another dining area

all over his house :p

and the outdoor session..hahahaha

prefer the sky?

or the grass?

see...I told ya it will be a long post, it takes me like few days to finish up for this...which is only PART 2!!

no worries...hopefully I will get to come up with Part 3, and its only the first day we have so many pics la...starting from the 2nd day we only take pics should be take..hehe...till then

merry christmas and happy new year :D