Sunday, June 29, 2008

trip to Taman Pertanina Malaysia

wat a tiring day today...too bad la..mission fail...thought of shooting our thing today at Taman Pertanian Malaysia. But first 2 hours like that still ok. We ride the bus first loh to see around first, then after that we go rent bycicle.
After eat lunch, took 1 pic at this place..find this view very nice

First stop we went to mini zoo, then season house. The season house is sooo nice for us, cause we ride the bycicle d sooo hot n tired, the season house is sooo cooling although it is early summer. Really nice, cause the smell very nice and the aircond..feel like staying there only dont want go out d..hahaha

see the nice it

then around 3 something start raining d, so we went to a tower thing that can let us avoid getting wet. But too long la, we waited for like almost 2 hours loh. Around 5 like that we cannot tahan d so we just go cham, I still sick wan almost lost my voice somemore...thought the rain getting smaller, is ok d. mana tau suddenly so heavy again, we all totally get wet d, n COLD!!

Cannot tahan d cause the rain only gets heavier, so we stop at a placce again, a stall to get some hot drinks. The milo we order is nailo cause milk too much (nai=milk in chinese), haha. But dont care d la, really cold ler.

so cold...trying to get warm from
the little tiny fire of the lighter..haha

group photo
'kelefe' behind..haha

Hai...too bad loh, nothing much can show also, plus we all still soooooo awkward and not natural infront the camera. Hopefully our cameron trip we will be better :)

Friday, June 27, 2008

what a happening & 'jet so' day

See...I said before wert, very hard to post it on the same day one if get to hang out with friends, plus today was so happening, eat our dinner at 10pm somemore..haha...well...this is how's the day went

me n yen went first cause we wanna buy some cosmetics. So we reach there around 6 like that, we went to Sasa, Watson, Guardian...end up didnt buy anything..hahaha. So we went to the Sunsilk events thing. I really pui fuk those promoters there, they persuade n promote till...really like got comision loh, but actually they dont have. At first I was thinking want to buy the treatment thing anot cause I scared I lazy to do. So if Yen buy I buy also loh..end up she bought some I bought tat wan. N if buy more than RM39.90, can have free make over (make up and hair do), free 1 photo n diary book. Cause Yen bought more stuff wat, so of course let her be the one who do the make over. Then later Y.C get to join in...based on someone there give us 'jet so', later I also got some jet so...from the same person..really thanks to him alot..hahaha

then the nicest n funniest part is that, we (me, yen, y.c n mei lee) get to take pics together cause we ask the photographer whether can anot, they dont mind also. End up we all so fren with them, hahaha..those make up artists also. When I was waiting for yen to do her make up, one of the make up artist said : " your dress like nurse uniform leh" then I said: "owe the hat", she said: "huh, u really a nurse ah?", then I said: "of coz no la, haha" cute la them
so we stayed there from like 6pm till alost 10pm loh, haha..cause we wait them to help other customers take photo, they only can get those photos to the yen's hard drive. So after we finish, we go take sticker photos. Then only we go MC.D have our dinner, n talk bout our cycling trip this sunday.

oh yea...please support us woh..I mean this sunday will start our production, start our first shooting, but is trial wan la. But I will have to edit then only can watch, so maybe sunday will post some pics first, few days later only post the video. Zing Qing Qi Dai.

the rainbow is actually our logo for our production..hehe

act like fishes, but end up cannot see the fishes behind but a cute loh the shit

pics that taken by the photographer..thanks to him that allow us to give us abit extra time that we can take extra pics :p
ok...I showing peace as well ok, but my hair covered the 2nd finger d, so is like showing middle finger..hahaha

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

my room

hm..this few days didnt really go out...BUT..I cleaned n tidy up my room this 2 days...n I loving it. I know la, alot people will find it weird cause of the colors of the wall. I wanted to have 70's feel la cause I like 70's or retro style ma. Plus I like green, white and orange colors also. I find these 3 colors match my room became how it is now. It's almost done, just hang few more things in the room then is 100% done d...hehe
ohyea...since so many people thought my first favourite color is white, this is quite a nice way to show that actually my favourite color is green...hehe

overall of my room...can see wert the other side from the mirror..hehe

k la, this is another side of the room. new wardrobe after using the old wardrobe for like years. share with my elder sis for like dunno how many years d then use for my own for another few think got 7 years..haha

One of my fav part, too sien nothing to do so paint paint the exhaust fan..makeit look like a flower

another fav part, instead of putting 0-5...I put music notes. I know is ugly la, cause I memang not talented in drawing stuff

I think I should say all the pics I put here are all my favourites parts of the room, eh..then mai my whole room loh...hahaha..

okok..another part. I stick something on the room, firstly is because to do some decoration la, but the main reason is that when the lights is off outside, I can know that the door is close or open by noticing the thing on the door, so mai wont bang on the door loo..hehe

at first when I clean my room, I just hang this thing on the door knob cause near to the me while cleaning, then think got too much recycle paper on those places they should be also, so I just hang here, if anyone want to leave me message also easier, especially now sleep till quite late...wuahaha

Saturday, June 21, 2008


hehe...after back to Msia, kinda lazy to blog d...maybe got alot of other stuff can do gua, like watch tv, play piano, go shopping mall until 10pm only back home, then anytime can play with my 'bou bui' (precious) doggy

this whole week went out quite often...hehe...firstly was went to the BBQ plaza with my frens loh (which already talked about).
wore this outfit on that not me..haha..but I kinda like it la, diff style loh...

make up got slightly diff with the one above, which wan suites me more leh? But above that make up makes my eyes look bigger n longer loh, wat to do, my eyes small ma..haha

PS If you're a guy, forget it about the slightly diff of
make up :p

love it love it love it. I mean my dress. A lot of people wear like this la in OZ but not here, so got people look at me like I'm from mars like that. Come on, faster become a fashion here, so when there is alot of people wear something like this, I no need kena look at 1 kind d...haha. Maybe they thought I didnt wear anything inside which I DO. People here wear with tights, but I sensitive ma, so wear with shorts loh.

So just now went to Old Asia restaurant (1utama). I used to love that place soooo much, will always be the top in my list for having meals, but I think not anymore. Last time I can be there like twice a week, just to eat their japanese fried rice and the fried udon with soya sauce (last time they named it japanese fried udon) twice d I back from OZ, I also will want to go there, the last time (October 07) I back here, I went to eat, and yes it is still nice, but not for this time.

Lets talk about the rice first. Why it is nice, is because firstly, the portion is quite big...hahahaha...ngam me this kind of big eater XD. Ok, then is the rice, I dont know whether they use leftover rice or what la cause if use leftover rice to fried, then the rice is like not 'yat gao yat gao' wan (not stick together like u just cook the rice but it is not totally cooked yet that kind), is the right way to fried rice la, I mean use leftover rice, so I dont mind about that. Then the 3rd thing is, other than the taste they use (which is what I dont know la, if I know I no need go there n eat d), they also have 'wok hei' (the taste of the wok). I dont know how to explain la if you guys dont know what is 'wok hei' means. Is like the taste that is from the tools you use to cook your food (I think only 'wok' will have that effects). Just like you cook something till hangus, if is not too hangus then will be just nice, but if u over cook then the hangus you cannot eat d.

Japanese Fried Rice

Ok, so that 3 main points I said is the reason I always go there and eat. But now, they fail these 3 points. HOW CAN?!?!? I mean, the first thing came out from my mouth after I ate that, I said :" They change chef d" I know la, I'm not whatever pro food critic, but I quite picky on food wan, and I can eat the difference wan loh. Cause I always go eat wat. But I think if someone eat before that often like me, also can taste the diff wan loh. BUT the fried udon with soya sauce still not bad like last time la, so if want to eat eat that wan, hahaha.
Fried Udon with soya sauce

Oh yea, to durian lovers...there is this small stall, just opposite Old Asia (in 1Utama lower ground near food court) they have this ice cream is RM4 per scoop, I know la its quite expensive, but HELLO, baskin robins also expensive wat. Anyway, this ice cream, they mix the vanilla with durian. If you dont want eat, just see how that person mix also quite nice. They use those style like you see the chef cook the meats in Teppanyaki, ok..I think they call it teppanyaki style. I not sure the durian is durian ice cream or is durian itself. From what I heard, I think is the durian itself, they mix with vanilla ice cream. SOOOOOO NICE LOHHH...its a must try. But dont expect a strong durian taste la, this is the nice part of it. Usually we eat durian, it can cover all other taste, but this one, the taste not too strong nor too light. Other than tasting the durian, you still can taste the vanilla. I describing only I also wanna drool d...I wanna eat again :(

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

home sweet home

at last back to Msia d...hehehe...didnt post this few days cause wanna give my frens surprise ma...althought now still got some dunno...but is ok gua

anyway...coz I already told one of my fren d, ok la..surprise also ma since at first she really believe that I will postpone the date to back to Msia, she said she dulan d when I said I wanna yesterday we yam cha then plan today how to kena another few of my gang wan

so the plan happened as just we planned..haha...she asked them out saying that I back today so we all come out have dinner, mana tau I ffk...actually I still in Melb and I just wanna fool her (cause she is easy to fool with..hehehe :p ) so they all really believe of my fren straight masam muka d when she thought my fren really kena by me. Luckily I really there, if not she really dulan and scold my fren, hahaha. But not so nice loh, cause I dont know where they sit, so at the entrance there so long d, they also saw me d la..sienzzz -.- we thought wanna go take sticker pics, but closed no pics loh...hopefully tomorrow will be going out again loh to take sticker pics and bring the donuts for them cause I forgot to bring it today

so now I just post some pics that taken this few days

my precious bo!!! n it still remember my n stick to me more...hahaha XD

new family member - Brandon (my nephew)

see the happy..haha

always wanted to take a pic like this ~Brandon n my hand

omg..look so old in this pic

old until that Brandon can be my son...hahaha

dinner at Kim Gary, my fav food - cheese baked rice!! forgot to take the 'yin yong' (drink), suddenly take out the camera to take that pic again will look awkward loh so wait next time first..haha

Thursday, June 12, 2008

gals day/nite out

I hate to do this but I have without putting the pics..I mean I cant find my cable to transfer my pics out from the camera :( went out with Di...sort of like the 'last time' la before I leave, haha. Went to boxhill cause go cancel all those account things ma...then shopping again..haha...n then...bought the same thing again..hahaha...aiyo...I loveeee tat kind of style ma, plus in KL also dunno got anot...will post up the pics la maybe tomorrow or the day (days)after...hehe...

so after that..went to K-mart. then we playing with those deodrant..hahahahah..coz wanna know which wan to buy ma...but the effect so geng...coz after we get out from K-mart, I can smell those smells on me..hahahah..althought I just sprayed the vanilla wan one my sweater, but I smells others. Now I still can smell loh..hahaha...niceeee

Then we went to eat hungry jacks...n I was really hungry at tat ordered the spicy chicken set...but...not spicy at like...sure anot got put any spices recommended for those people thought to order that if they like spicy food

took some pics while waiting the bus

Wednesday, June 11, 2008!!

this 2 days so tired coz went to city...n kinda lazy to blog the internet getting slow again this few days..but very suddenly back to faster speed d

anyway..yea..this 2 days went to city with syahid.1st day we went to those souvenir shops to get some stuff loh..then at nite we kena persuade by a woman to have dinner at that restaurant at Lygon Street. But is ok la coz the food very nice..ohyea..its Itallian food...niceeee...hehe

after a while..we took pic in the tram again..hehe


outside ACMI

Inside ACMI. This is the place where they call it Memory Grid, u can sit there and there are alot of short movies for u to choose...too bad we didnt get to watch

wat kind of face is tat?

weEeeEE~~ drinking hot chocolate n eaten my doughnuts, then got tons of Krispy Kreme doughnuts as my background..wuahaha

Garlic bread is my all time fav..but not the bread many tomatoes!! I think is my first time eaten so many raw tomatoes (actually I think just 5 small wan la..haha)

Ohya, the small cup thing bside there..yea I know look like got candle inside, I also tot so. But then I accidentally saw wat's inside, its fake wan loh, is light only.

At Little Lygon...their special dish.. Chicken n Mushroom pasta...if u like the taste of creamy but u dun like too much gravy..this is a good choice..coz usually creamy taste kinda thing make u feel very 'lau', but this kinda fresh

the Marinara pizza is superb!! A seafood lover like me should eat this, the prawn n watever is on there, the taste is just soooo nice.

then today we went to DFO..not the spencer street wan, the one in Essendon..OMG..its really quite far la..but is bigger lohh...but if u ask me to by public transport again I dont think I will wan to go la..haha...but its quite worth it..I mean for those people who staying Melb for permanent wan, there got alot of factory those stuff kinda cheap

see...the sky so nice rite
so san fu only get here...of coz must take pic for memory la..maybe once in a life time only..haha

RANDOM: I notice the mouse/notepad I bought, the design is same like my blog wan woh, hahah

Monday, June 09, 2008

differences between guys n gals in&after love

I think I understand that why people said couples have opposite different personalities only can match each others, because like that they only can help to 'replace' each others' personalities. But I think no need loh, cause based on the character of a guy n a gal is opposite d wat. I have to accept the fact that no matter on behavior, thoughts, guys n gals also opposite wan (in general)

Based on the graph I drew. well..I not simply draw wan ok. It is based on the experience of myself, my frens or far distance frens..even strangers. Of course loh, not every one also have this kind of experience based on your pesonality, or you consider lucky loh. But I think this is based on general la. Or even can be like the guy is in the gal's situation (in the graph)

Still I will explain the graph. When guys cant forget the gal, well...the 1st impression. Usually if you notice this person its kinda hard to not think bout her in ur mind, but at this time gals r usually still being the cool one (gals wat, traditionally gotta be abit矜持), n see see whether this is my type of guy anot. [2] When guys starting to woo, gals will allow the guys to know more bout her (or each other). So if she rejects u d, then I think dont waste time d loh (but some situation diff la, who knows that gal wan u to try few more times)

So, now the guy think he got chance d, of course 'fan san' (put whole attention) to woo her la. But gals still need abit of times. Yea, some gals like guys r aggresive, but u guys should know which kind of aggresive to have loh based on that gal. Will let the guy get closer, maybe like hang out more with him n stuff...but still..not everytime cause still have to keep abit of distance.

Then the gal thinks,hm...this guy not bad. Ok la, now only show the guy that the gal also likes him (but not fully yet). Then the guy will think, now I got such a big chance, of course I wont give up at this time la. I also havent get it, how can give up oh!! Well...I guess the flirting is the only part that both will think the same, in chinese we have a beautiful term for it, which is 暧昧。暧昧is the most beautiful moment to have but also the most dangerous cause is the stage cant describe. You will agree with my if u been thru that before. Ok la, so since it is so nice to have loh, mai let it be loh..can tahan how long then be how long. Of course some will want to become couple because like that only got the identity ma.

Ok, so the gal accept d loh, the guy success d. Then the gal will think, ok la, since I accept u d, I can not to worry to like you more. But too bad, because the guy are 'walking too fast', he already shown his love when he start woo until flirting, he already gave alot. So when the gal thinks that whether should 'love' this guy anot. for sure she will, cause at this time the guy still will do everything she wants, to get what he wants (well, whatever la, how I know what every guys want)

So, that la. The guy got what he wants d wat when the gal really love him d. Habis loh, cause the guy already got what he wants, of course ciao loh. But the gal already love him sooo much, so she wants to be more close n stick to him. But at this time the guy want to keep a distance, so he starting to treat her cool, or avoid her. See who cannot tahan to say break up loh. After break up, of course relax loh, spend so much energy n time for u d rite, now gotta rest abit 1st. Unfortunately, how far the gal trying to avoid, she also cant let go and forget.

Friday, June 06, 2008

city tripss with the gal nothing much happen (other than the prob of exporting our work to tape) I gonna post some pics with that went out with Di when we still stayed together
one of my favorite spot - Spencer Street

another fav spot of mine..but I dunno call wat station..haha


the only way that two people can take pics together while only two of us hang out
hang out wiht the 3rd person.
pic taken by cecil (will intro later in the blog)
eating gelatti at er...forgot the name also..haha ferris wheel!
totals strawberries of mine n di...n its only 6 bucks for all what u can see in the pic...but...when u throw away those cannot eat wan (cause rosak d)..I think left total of 8-10 boxes only