Monday, May 30, 2011

Shills Girl Search - 3rd day

It's the 3rd day event of our Shills Girl Search! Finale is coming very soon liao~

So we were arranged to have our hairdo, for stylist to style our hair which to be present on the finale. The sponsor salon is A-cut Salon

Its always very nice that we have people to style and do the makeover for us : D

They did something to my hair too~~although at first I really very not use to it cause usually I dont style my hair..but u know what, they are professional!! other crews said I looked good in that hair : D

group photo~ from left to right, no.7 Yomiko, No.6 me :p, No4 Agnes, No5 Wei Wei

same routine for day 3, 2nd activity will be makan session :D this time we went to mei zi shabu shabu~

this time our papa said we can eat as much as we can, cause things here are very healthy and not oily~~

happy happy~~

 then its our outfit session time at one of our sponsor - remember fashion

this is what I chose :D so ngam same with the doll from the shop..haha

behind the scene

 After, mindy and Chervonne went lepak~ hehehe..

Chatime! My very first time trying it...and I always go for the sour ones

and when gals get together..its always shopping and camwhoring...WUAHAHA..I love it

miss those days neh~~~

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shills Girl Search - 2nd day

Second day of our shooting~ I would say its the best among the whole thing~ let me tell you why

Early in the morning, we were told to gathered at cheras leisure mall, then we headed to putrajaya for the photoshoot.

The main theme for shills girl search is SUNNY, CONFIDENCE & SWEET~ so we actually applied these during the whole session~ that's why we all become more close to each other and enjoyed the whole photo shooting session although it's so freaking SUNNY~

camwhore while waiting 

then we changed to our sponsor's outfit - Von cute leh~ I like the skirt wan

Agnes waiting to get her make up done

and we are waiting others to get done...we dont mind waiting coz we can camwhore~ hehe...

yes, this is the 'behind the scene' of my first picture...

He was video shooting us...all the time~ sometimes even without our notice

so I SHOOT them back! hahaha

these are just some of the photos that I go from the website...but I already LOVE it so much! really got the sunny look...

then we were arranged to be at the middle of the round about...this is when we all 豁出去.

Cause they said it will look nicer is we splash the water, so we did and seriously we all had fun! so do our shoes~

all wet~

Just around 1-2 hours, our shooting is done at this location! good one they said~ so we quickly hydrated ourselves and get on to the next nearby location

They restyle my hair~~ they said I looks better with my hair behind cause only this way can see my face..but I feel so insecure by showing my chubby face eh *shy*

we were drove to the putrajaya bridge~ lots of memories here and this is another special one~


Then we went to one of the sponsor - Boston for our lunch~

our 'daddy' giving us the instruction and briefing for the next few days punya activities

focus neh~

then we have to wait for all the food come baru boleh makan~

so we camwhore again while waiting~

at last all the food and drinks are here and its so yummy~~~

this is my favorite...seafood mushroom soup, I love the garlic bread

this is 四川辣子海鲜饭。 I remember the name cause me and the lovely chervonne tan were suppose to introduce this dish..haha

nasi lemak

char kuey tiow

yummy steak too~~

yuuummmm seeennnggg~~~

definitely will go back to makan!!

stay tune for day 3 yo~