Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fahrenheit concert VS earth hour 2009

Firstly, I have a confession cause I feel so bad...that I didnt involve in the earth hour 2009 T.T...consider got also la but...

Well, why I didnt involve in earth hour because I went to Fahrenheit's concert...cause I got free ticket...although I'm not a big fan of them la..but just thought of kap kap loh

it been a while...I didnt go for concert

long time didnt use flash to take pic...I guess I still prefer without flash..this pic is so photoshoped

outside the stadium

Actually I expect more people was ok la...but very boring for me and me fellows...cause we dont know their we cant sing along...


this part also quite nice la when they showing off their talent

those mui mui chai so hang fuk...especially the one with 'Wu Zhun' cause he hold her hand from the start till the end

then is calvin beat box...really not bad at all

Aaron really can sing lohh!! also he can act, n maybe dance :p...but definately...he can play piano for sure!

the best part its the part where they sang those famous songs...and with Jade Liu Li Yang...she sang damn well loh..flu also can sang so well..geng!

this is our fav part

Around 11 I went back d ler, they sang 2 songs after the encore part...well...its ok la..better not wait till all the ppl leave cause..kinda crowd, although its not full but not that less also...

Overall, what I am touched on that day was that...due to their fans mostly are 13-18? so alot of parents either went to the concert with them, or wait outside the stadium...OMG...really pui fuk them..*applause*

maybe I will have that one day too... what did u guys did during the earth hour 2009?

Friday, March 27, 2009

looking good and bad

wow...its been awhile I write a proper commercialize blogpost...hahahaha

recently more interested to write those previous posts kinda thing...more like now maybe wanna change change abit again just in case some ppl here get sien d..hahahaha

me and my colleagues went to play badminton on the sunday...I didnt join them cause I still having backache at tat time...then after that 2 boring hours...we went nearby to makan our lunch...YONG TAU FOO! they said tat place very famous wan woh, its in Puchong wan..guess alot of u know where gua...

too bad, cause we all quite leh feh...I mean..duhh...what do u wear to play badminton, sports wear course we wore very casual+sporty to makan as well...but guess what...we wore that way BOX karaoke! hahahahahaha

Actually we all felt kinda awkward also cause they said they are smelly after playing badminton wat..haha...but we all didnt care...I think there's 7 of us, masuk like this loh...but...ok la...we mmg freestyle wan..haha...and we had fun!

I love the room at first before they asked us to change to another big and got 3 screens somemore

1..on the right

2...on the left

then the 3rd...infront of us :p

Mr. Connie so 'zi luen' :p


Justine so cute also..hahaaha

We've seen the leh feh part, lets have some pretty 'clean' pics...hehe...remember I mention the restaurant, GARDEN? which alot of ppl said it somehow look similiar with FULL HOUSE which is in NZX? or didnt I? anyway...yea..

that day I shopping with Kiyoko, but end up didnt buy anything :p good or bad ah? hm...but damn funny...when we reached Garden, I saw Yann was there as well with her bf, so we decided to makan together ler...

at last we get to take the pic having the piano as background

this sorbet is soooo nice! n cute..hehe

white of my dream nice..dont know when will have the chance to play white piano with the white flowers :p

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

人, 在哪里? Where am I?




















They came, and left,

How many I’ve seen?

I tried, and still trying to look for someone alike,

But…should I continue waiting?

Or this is the ending?

The path they walking on,

So straight, simple and clean,

No beautiful plants, or huge buildings,

No distractions, but only the shinny sun upon them,

Happy, not thinking too much to begin their journey

Their destination seems so easy.

Mine? Kinda complicated I guess

There’s a lot of beautiful plants beside,

Although most of it are withered but they attract me

The buildings covers the sun that is too sunny,

like in the perfect night with the moonlight,

I feel so comfortable…

Destination, seems so far, sometimes I feel tired and lonely to walk alone,

That is why in the middle of the road, I have the urge to follow the road where I know it will not be suitable for me,

Following the majority, its more safety…I guess…

Friday, March 20, 2009

我小小的世界 my small little world

悠悠闲闲的一个早上,吃着curry puff,加上一包包装的冷咖啡,靠在懒椅上,突然觉得很温暖。

I have this morning leisurely, eating curry puff, with the iced coffee. Lying on my chair, suddenly I feel so cozy.

听着苏打绿的小情歌,跟着它的旋律在小小世界里摆动,脸上有了小小的微笑,再吃着四毛钱的curry puff,好好吃!再喝那好好喝的冷咖啡,原来。。。这就是幸福。我。。。微笑了。J

Listening to Soda Green’s ‘xiao qing ge’ , swinging with the rhythm in my little small world, I slightly smile. Eating a delicious 40 cent’s curry puff, with the iced coffee, This is, happiness. I…smile :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

吊泪 tear stops


Is it hard to even have a drop of tear, when the hurt reaches the limit,


I really feels like crying, because I believe that will makes me feels better,


But, why cat I?


I feels so complicated, till I have no words to describe.


Blues and jazz doenst bring away my blues;


Sincere smile doesn’t appear again, on my face;


Smoking doesn’t bring away my sadness;


I have no path to choose anymore in my life;


Have no clues what to potray;


Is there any more meaning to live? I wonder,


I think, this is the very first time,


There’s nothing I can think, or there’s too much to think,


Sequences no longer link with sentences,


Pictures goes round and round and round and round,


Points, endings, focuses…none.

想表达什么,想写什么? 我不懂,

What do I want to express? What do I want to write? I don’t know


Maybe I just want to write, non-stop,


Just like taking over my tears, drop.