Thursday, January 04, 2007

ladies are hard to understand?

are ladies really tat hard to understand? might be yes, might be not
actually not only ladies are hard to understand but same to guys, and i think the best thing to solve this is to communicate. But how to communicate in a good way is another level. Maybe there are alot of couples improved their relationship, but there might also couples break up after communicate. But, we are still the one who get something, which might be good for us after communicate.

alot of guys always said bout thier partner:" i dun understand why you......" actually shall we think that, that is the thing that we gals wanted guys 2 understand?

frankly speaking, if the gal sincerely love u, she really will give u everything she can(of coz not every gal is the same) gals doenst' really want things which is physically but mentally. ya, maybe guys will felt tat, gf wan me to show other ppl tat i love her, i treat her good, and guys will think tat as long both of us know he treat the gf good...tat's enuff...but some gals might felt tat, y cant u show to others? izit because the guy think is embarassing? tat's y some times, gals want thier bf to do something that they think their bf feel embarassing to do tat think, the more embarassing the guy think and he did for the gf, the more the gf think the bf loves her.

example like a guy taking a bunch of flowers and walking on the street alone, or hang some cute or childish keychain on the cellphone. naturally, gals will quite envy those bf's gf, but at this time, some guys will felt tat,wat for...maybe tat is another part tat guys never understand?

of coz i have to say something good for guys. i have few guy frens, they look not bad, and treat their gf really 1000% good, but at last oso dumped by their gf. i will say to them...forget it, if she really loves u, she will not let a super duper nice gal out of her hand and appreciate u.

hm...maybe some human are "fan zin" (prefer to suffer themselves). If the bf treat the gf good always, maybe tat gf will think is boring, the guy doenst seems like a guy(at least have some ego). and if the guy use to treat the gf good, i think the gf wont appreaciate at all, and maybe felt tat the bf suppose to do so. tat's y sometimes bf should do something not tat good(which u think is not over) to gf, then only she know tat when u treat her good.

actually guys is the same. the more they cant get it, the more they wan it. easiest way, the more u dun care bout him, the more nervous he is.(if he really loves u, and of coz oso depends on the person lah). example like call him every day and nite, suddenly one day dun call him at all...i think tat will be quite effective..haha

one more thing, gals...if u think ur bf treat u good enuff, maybe is until the "spoilt" level, pls remember at least give some thing back, like show tat u really appreaciate tat, not becoz he spoilt u then u take advantage on him. becoz no matter how long the relationship is, one day the guy might not tahan anymore and explode. spoilt, actually is a word tat is more than sayang d, so for gals, spoilt is enuff, but not more than that, if not tat might affect a bad attitude too.

PS: article above is just a personal point of view, so no offence to anyone or no harsh. thanks for finish reading it :)