Thursday, June 24, 2010

Can you guess my theme

Remember I mentioned that I was so happened to be one of the lucky gal among 13 of us?!?! to get a makeover by the idols of lotsssss of ladies?!? read it here if you cant remember, or u'r reading my blog for the 1st time :)

so this shooting its actually the preparation for the actual shoot, also they make it 'behind-the scene' for their show in Jiayu 304 called 'Mary Go Round'.

It's the first day of our shooting, and the 1st day we get to see...half of the contestants, cause there's one group which have 5 of them already did the shoot at Nichii, and ours its at Kitschen! one of my favorite place to shop.

The stylist actually chose few sets of wardrobe for us...and I got something really...really a big change for me...just imagine...I'm always in these...(they asked us to choose the style we usually will wear)

my own

from Kitschen...

and lastly I chose this...coz I can wear to shop, also to work...hehe

this is wat they chose

which seriously I will never wear in my life loh !! haha

this wan still can accept geh...for dinner :p

n this is the one I will be wearing for shooting!! can u guess wat's the theme for my makeover??? take a guess till the post~~

its not as simple as u see in this pic yo!

ohyea...also we met up with the sifu of the sifu in the hair industry - Tony lao shi!

oopss...this is me and one of the contestant's punya pic...haha

here come Tony lao shi and the contestants!

Tony lao shi are so frenly :D so are the contestants

with the sponsors of the show too...

stay tune yo...if u wanna see wat's the theme for my makeover~~ till then~~~ XD

Friday, June 18, 2010

我呢? I Lost Myself

星期五的早晨,听着Christina Aguilera的 You Lost Me, 又情绪化了吗?又好像不是。难道每一件事一定要有一定的答案吗?

It's Friday morning, and I am listening to Christina's You Lost Me. Am I being emo again. I guess not. Must there be a must in everything?

Things are not the same anymore compare to last time. I guess everyone it's the same, don't we? As it always happened to me, sometimes, a single word, a sentence, a case, a tiny little things will change my mind, in a seconds, in a minutes, which I actually been holding it for years.

而我现在最喜欢的一句话就是 ‘别把话说在前头’。
Never says never, this is the sentence I love it so much at the moment.

以前的我,一直都希望越开结婚,有个家最好。但因为一句 ‘别因为结婚而结婚',我改变了,变得好像对婚姻有恐惧症。但我却没放弃过爱情。
I used to be someone that wanted to have a family asap. But 'dont get marry because you wanted to get marry', I've change. Now I seems to have phobia towards commitment. But still I never give up on love.

I used to use 1 ringgit like 100 ringgit. But no more stingy like last time, although I am not earning much right now, and of course I dont spend like hell. But, who knows when is our last day in the world? who knows whether there is 2012? Now I spend 100 ringgit like 100 ringgit, I wanted to treat myself better, no regrets no more. It's not that I believe the myth of 2012, but I just felt that the earth it's angry on us and so I agree that the earth wanted to punish the human. Also, I know that one person's hardwork can never defeats teamwork, although I have not give up yet.

I used to dream, alot. But now I became more practical, and face the reality better. There's many times, many things, I would prefer to avoid it, cause I don't wanna accept the ugly truth of the world. But this is life.

I know everyone should be happy on a Friday, but well...I wrote this doesn't mean that I am not happy, just have some thoughts suddenly, and the song caused me.

I've made it, if you think that I am so ambivalent after you finish this article.

There's no certainties in this world.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I love Sari

omg...光天化日 what are they doin in the office...

they actually doin henna la..haha

 just because we are having a bollywood theme! we all dressed up in the indian costumes, most of us wore's all because of the 1000 RINGGIT! haha

and u know what, we mmg 1 malaysia, even my chinese colleague can draw such a nice henna. Although we have the picture to trace but I can tell u its really not easy at all..and its her 1st time drawing henna! can u imagine tat?!!

damn nice can! we all so excited about it..haha

then the next day...its Sari time!

well...we all have no idea how should we wear it...except Cici, one of our colleague

still we cant wear it last we got help from our colleague's indian frens..hahaha...its really hard 2 wear the Sari ler...we need professionalsssss

n.......taaaa daaaa~~~~~~~

it's my 1st time ever! wearing Sari and I love it soooo much!!!

yes, all of us dress up like got teamwork...hehe

showing off our henna...hehe

u know, few days ago 3 of us went to bought the I mentioned earlier we wanted to win the RM1000. and we've already spent 300something on our costumes...mana tau...all really dressed up so nice...and the worst thing its...we need to perform for 5 minutes which we have no idea at all!! so we all just gotta come up with something...and we really never expect  that...we actually get to win the RM1000!!!!!!!!!!! weeee~~~~~~~~~~~~ happynya

lucky we didnt rugi the 300something..hahaha

 another I love about Sari its because I look skinnier in Sari..hahaha

and everyone look so pretty

Love the theme and wish there's more to commmmmeeeee!!

Friday, June 04, 2010

1 of the 13 My Dream Girl

Happy!! just because I've been chosen for one of the TV show! weee~~ but that's not my main point of being happy (of course this is one of the reason to be happy la) but there's another main point that I am soooo happy it's because I will have the chance to have makeover by TONY and XIAO KAI 

Tony - who is in charge for the hair

xiao kai - in charge of our look (make up)

Other than the Miss RO thingy which I dont really take it as a real competition or audition, I think this is the first time I go thru all the audition and interviews, make me so nervous...guess maybe I really wanted to be chosen. and at last I did! from 600 to 100, then 30something then at last to 13 of us.

this is the audition

first you will have to wait in this room, then u will take turn to get interview by the reporter

half of the room are actually contestants' punya bf...haha

only get to take few pics while waiting

Faye - One of the host for Mary Go Round - so pretty n slim...envynyaaa~~

u tot this is the only part for the audition ah...I also hope so loh. This is actually the last part of the audition, which Faye interview us during the shooting

As I mentioned just now, reporters interviewed us was the first part, so...the 2nd part of interview its actually the scariest.

Just imagine, you are one of the "American Idol" contestant, u went in, the judges are all infront of u and they ask u questions. OMG! its really so scary till I talk oso hard...haha...I know I might sounds abit too much but that was really how I felt.

But actually the judges are very nice wan, just I was too nervous. Damn funny, cause they ask me to introduce myself, so I said I m bla bla bla, a copywriter...bla bla bla

then they ask, do u have any hobbies, what do u like 2 do when u r free. So I just answered I like to writes, read, watch, dance...they suddenly look so surprise when I said they asked what kind of dance u learning, I said belly dance. I can see how big thier eyes and reactions was, hahaahhahahaha. so they asked me to dance n show them...I was like WAN MEH! damn pai seh can! but wat to do, HAVE TO loh. They actually cant really bliv how big the contrast was, just imagine a copywriter do belly dance -.- well I dont mean all copywriters are boring, but well actually I am a boring person, but just happen to be I like to belly dance that's all...I think belly dance save me! if not I dont think they will choose me oso loh

or maybe I have my favorite lucky number...weee~~~

and free gifts~~~ I love free gifts~~ weeeeee~~~~~~~~~~ *kiam siap gal laffing out loud*

I actually went for some shooting d, but I dont think its a good idea to expose the style I going to have, and pics taken to show it in my blog (first) before the show go on STAY TUNE!