Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Phtotoshoot in Morib (Part 1)

sad to say that...photoshoot for this time actually didnt come out as nice as we thought, there are few weaknesses

1. me n yann trying to have the more pro feeling which we call the exposure n ISO thing la (easier way to understand, the background blur n the subject clear) tat kind of feeling...learnt before but forgot d on that we wasted some time on it..n quite clear that we didnt really get to have those effects on our pic

2. it is sooooooooooooooooooo damn hot...if u realize...the 1st pic we all still quite fair wan, but when almost the end of our pics, quite obvious that we quite tan d. How hot izit? well u dont feel hot, u feel the heat...inside out..the wind oso hot wan...n until we all oso headache d cause of the heat

3. hm...I think the background is not as nice as paddy field...cause only light brown...n...dirty brown? its like the colors are so dull..our dress more colorful..hahaha goes the pics...but only part 1...cause...of my bf..he straight cut the photos into a CD then burn it for me. SO HE DID NOT BACK UP. end up, the CD I opened, takde he gotta use those whatever programs to restore back those photos...that's why we get to see the pics..yay....but then now stil got 80 something pieces of pics still have to retrieve...tats why now is only part 1

bear with the ugly photos :)

see..still fair rite..n the light still nice...coz is straight to us

start from this one then not nice d

but still I kinda like this pic...hehe..actually I think Yann is testing only

 kid only

nah...see...getting to look darker d

cute punya sweet

lovely punya sweet...ok la..I know its the same pose as the Sekinchan one..haha

romantic punya sweet

I like the roots leh

pose like a pro woo

from left to right:
hand straight, hand come out abit, hand all come out..hahahaha

one of my favorite pic


Ok...this session we call 'siu ju', bakar babi...human bbq...cause the sun is burning us..just right on top of us then we pose like this somemore..FACING UP!

Yann take wan sure can see the sky


Thursday, September 04, 2008

Padini Warehouse Sales

today went to Padini Concept Store punya factory to 'sou foh'
when I reach there..OMGGGG...seriously I was so many ppl lohh!!! Cause I never been to any warehouse maybe oso like tat la..but my fren said she oso didnt see so many ppl before..really so only thursday also like tat...I really wonder tomorrow and saturday will be how loh

this is how it looks like when u r inside

and know why...we saw in the flyer stated that the stuff are as low as RM6, that is tempting enuff d, but when we reach everything RM6!! I so hard only can see guys working pants is RM9 ONLY.hahaha. But ya la...those stocks very old d...maybe 1 or 2 yrs ago wan..but who cares..I mean I dont care la, as long can wear..I quite satisfied with what I bought. 3 pairs of sandals (those nice nice wan la, not those 'yan zi toh hai') then 1 pair of shoe n 1 pair of boots...all RM6 per pair..hahaha. Then shirt ah, 4 pieces, hehe.. Really love it, since I dont really follow the trend wan, so doesnt really matter for me.

clothes put to wash d so only take the pic of the shoes

Then around 12 something we finish shopping d. When we ciao...OMGGG..there were more...even longer queue (based on they limit the people to go in) really kesian them cause it started to rain d...then we were come so many malays geh...especially during lunch time. Then I said :"Oh!! they puasa ma, so nth to do oso...better come here shop rite" but I think they shudn't like this loh, cause...really very hot inside..will sweat like a pig...they where got the strenght to compete n squeeze with others woh.

this pic was taken when we heading off, but we reach is something like this..more squeezy la

imagine the line is like this..triple up

why everyone is like posing? hahaha

Then we go NZX (niu zhe xui) to have lunch. We went to this restaurant named '好味导' (dunno the last chinese word correct anot coz cant find another one that is similiar to the original name)
anyway...yea...I ordered the lala( a kind of seafood) spaghetti...I tot will be nice loh cause its recommended in the menu. Ok, the taste is not bad, but the lala..omg...its not tat many...then its small until like...I cant even feel tat whether I am biting something anot for sure I wont order the same thing next time n I wont reckon that as the recommendation for others. Then yann order rice with the dunno what pork thing. I didnt really taste it so I dont know how to describe the taste...haha..but I didnt hear any bad comments from her, so I think shud be ok geh

the lala spaghetti

unknown name dish :p

But anyway...if next time got such thing again (warehouse sales)...I will think twice wanna go anot, so early gotta wake up..hahaha

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Photoshoot in Sekinchang

we, 3 couples (same with the one tat went to Cameron) went to Sekinchang to have photoshoot then went to Kuala Selangor to have dinner

omg..I think I really fated cannot to be pretty wan, cause nowadays alot of gals look so pretty la,with the fake eye lashes ah, then with the lense thing to make the eyes bigger. But really no fate loh. I tried to put the lense thing, for...I dunno how long...half to 1 hour? wat to do...eyes too small d, cham..eyes so small then cannot have big eyes with those props. Luckly fake eyelashes still ok, maybe its because being put by my fren wan tats why easier...haha

ok..I dont want to talk bout sad stuff d. So its pics times loh, cause nothing much to talk also. But FYI, the paddy field we went tat day they harvest d :(. Seriously, I think no kampung gal anymore, is city gal, coz now only I know they not use wat buffalo or human to plant the paddy d, they use like a tracker thing to plant wan time :)

look like holiday-ing overseas..hahaha

so 70' favorite

Jumping time

Yay...I won...voted by the juries...hahahah

we hope the person whom may concern will forgive us cause we terjatuh the balloon..sorry

hard time carry up the gals

mine also hard loh...just tat no such nice n clear pic to put tat he actually having a hard time as well :p

except her loh..coz skinny ma...hahaha

still wan to say tat her arms is fat...omg!!!!!!! I really wanna kill her loh...then my fren wanna whack her...crazy skinny said fat..then we can go die d only

P.S omg...hahahhahah...after I saw this pic again n again..doesnt the feel look like the bf just rescue his gf from the sea or something...then he is like so lc, then the gf like so in love...hahahaha XD

Some other nice pics

gals time

my favorite pic

I love this pic as well. taken by Yann..she mmg good in allthese

nearby the restaurant we had dinner

makan makan!!


I forgot this dish call wat name d..hehe

'si ham' n 'ham dan' crab

fish fish

tat's why...I ate alot again..ah...more than 1 n a half bowl of that wont fat only weird ler..sienzzz