Sunday, August 29, 2010









Thursday, August 26, 2010

In Love With Justin

Thanks to Hui Wen! I get to be in love with Justin...hehehe...I mean the concert la..

Well Im not really an outdoor person. Yes, I considered concert as outdoor cause as long the event involved with peopleS...Im just so lazy -.-

But yea, I guess everyone know that Justin's live is superb! That's the main reason I would not want to miss out this hui wen, the lovely dovey 'newly weds' - Yen n Simon, and me headed to Genting and get prepare to fall in love with Justin!

we went for dinner first, where actually it's my first time eating there (half bukit place)

fried sotong!! my fav

fried rice! not bad oso

Yes, Hui Wen cam whore herself after just taking a pic of each dishes..we were like -.- wtf...hahahahaha

tofu, I never eat tofu but I love tou fu fa...I know I am weird...hahaha..but the tofu at 'cravings' restaurant was damn nice...

after dinner, we straight headed to Genting of coz..once I got out of the car...ahh~~love the cool air

love her outfit :D her sweater it's only RM10!! fromt cotton on... I missed it!! :(

my turn...well my shorts is from cotton on, which bought few yrs ago bk in Melb..haha...damn nice to wear..

seriously it's my first time to watch concert at Arena I didnt even notice that the entrance it's actually here..hahaha

sweet dou

we were teasing on Hui Wen's heights again..haha

Hui Wen said my small waist its nice to hug -.-

 she can't take her hands out of my waist~~~hahaha

a typical pic to take before entering the hall

wow~~quite full actually


watch concert oso boleh makan..hahaha *like*

the lucky fan

guess she wont wanna wash her hands or bath d after getting huggiesss from Justin..haha

Justine gets emo...I find him so cute for being so emotional

But I find it hard for him too...I mean...the previous song, he sang till cry...but

the next song...he have to sing n dance

can you actually guess that this is one of the step from sorry sorry by Super Junior? damn cute la him

encore for twice, which was told by Hui Wen as I really have no idea loh..haha 

so happy that the last song he sang was the last song I hope he will ends it with...

Justin,not my idol...but emotional cute guy like him really so attractive his voice, love his live~ superb!one of the concert that I will remember  : D

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dream girls gathering

it's been monthsss!! we..the 'dream girls' met up again :D 

this time Maggie - our mummy organized a gathering for us, also to get our prizes..weee~~

so happy to see them again~~~ at delicious...the lighting and us...feel so dreamy again..hehe

of coz we non stop taking pics with each other...although its just a short term competition..but we all get along so well :D

asked nicole to take pics...she really wat oso take..haha

damn hyper nicole

short hair group..they still look so pretty with their new hairstyle

our prizes!! watch from J.Bouvier 

and some vouchers

n here's my dinner

 we all had a great nite, and u know what...we even planned for our next gathering which will be 1 month later!! looking foward to it ~~~

bk home took some pics again

so excited to try out the watch and cam whore..hehe

I think i'm quite a gd poser for watch yea..hahahahahaha...1st pic already not bad wat

ahahaha..okok...I shall stop being vain on the sunday nite...I feel so hyper now and I cant sleep~~

la la la la la la la