Monday, September 26, 2011

Coming Soon!

Gosh...I got so many posts to blog but so little time!! Been quite busy recently and I just had a fruitful weekend!!

Here's a teaser..I guess its quite obvious from the picture that the event which I am going to post, or maybe you already know if you are my facebook friend.

Here's a teaser..I guess its quite obvious from the picture that the event which I am going to post, or maybe you already know if you are my facebook friend. Will update very very soon!!! now working no pictures with me :( STAY TUNE!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Simple Me

I think this is sort of like the first blue shirt that I actually love it and wear it...before I really start to go for something other than black and white, or grey..I think blue is another good choice but I never thought I can match with it. So, always try everything on, dont think..TRY.

So since after this shirt, I actually started to bought alot of clothings in blue. This is one of my casual but not too casual outfit : D I usually will wear this when I'm so lazy to wear heels but yet I dont wanna look to 'leh feh' with just a t-shirt and a short pants which look like I'm just out for a meal at mamak : D

Top (from Sg.Wang) RM25
Anyone can wear this!! long you are not someone that love to wear tight clothing, this is definitely nice to wear and easy to match, and it covers all our flaws, flabby arms, big stomach, small boobies~ haha...

Shorts (Cotton On) AUD?? forgot how much and they are not selling anymore :(
This is my favorite shorts all time! The design its simple, or should I say there's no design but the cutting its damn nice for me this kind of big butt gal as it is not as soft which will follow your body shape.

Belt (Brands Outlet) RM19
This is one slim belt I decided to buy as most of the wide belt actually are very tight, sometimes its very tiring to wrap yourself for the whole day. Try something loose, wearing a slim belt like this can still show your curve :)

That's all for now..hope you enjoy :) tata~

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Post Me

Yoo hoo~~ It's end of Tuesday, which is soon to be Wednesday...and that mean its mid of the week and weekend is coming soon~ LOL...

Okai...I shall start with my mixie matchy style for today..shall we : D

This is one of the outfit I wear to far I never take picture with this I notice..its quite short tim..macam not appropriate to wear to work although I wear short pants inside...maybe next time I should wear stocking inside of short pants...(itchy legs nightmare begins T_T )'s the tips~
Red cardigan from Melbourune - (AUD 17)
    - match with anything you want. Best with white, black, else..something not so dull maybe
      orange? purple?...but this cardigan's design its best not to button up. Most of the cardigans (especially
      tight ones) look better without button up, ESPECIALLY if you have big butt but small body like
      me...better dont do this cause your butt will look unbelievably big!

Dress full of stamp chops from Taman Megah Pasar Malam (RM20)
- If you have flabby big arms like mine, you can definitely match with anything with sleeves or like me..with a
  cardigan, just to cover up the arms. The length of the skirt are just nice to show off ur pretty legs abit as it
  already cover our inner tights, which mostly are the fattest parts of our legs. Anyway, any of you will look
  just nice with this dress, it brings out the curve of you :)

Shoes from Vincci (RM79.90) I used cash voucher so I think I only paid RM28 for that shoes, yippie~
- awww...isnt the shoes look so lovely? The design actually makes your legs looks longer because more
  'skin' are shown, so..visually its longer. No wonder people will said did I actually lose weight when I wear
  this outfit...hehe :p

That's all for today...I think I should share my mixie matchy tips on my casual outfits  instead of working outfits. Oh...maybe mixie matchy on dinner dress since I went to one last week and going to another one this week...we'll see

Till then my lovelies~~

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Living in the fairytale

weee~~I love to be model for if no need wake up early in the morning..haha..not because I think that I can be one but I just love trying different thing. Just like this time...

Thanks to one make up artist teach, I was asked to be make up model for one of her student for the exam. This exam's theme is "Bridal Carnival Make Up"

a photo before the transformation

this is totally made by her.Jacquelyn...I'm actually very impressed with her talent

She is so freestyle, she forgot to bring accessories, so she just made one..on the spot..I sure have no such creativity 

wanna match her dress so change to purple lens

after transformation~~ I feel like Tinkerbell or fairy

Her style definitely stands out...

other than talents, she is good looking too! so naaiiccee~

the students and their masterpiece~

also some local artists were invited~

Lets see the make up from a closer look...

She actually got lots of compliments from the Datin-datin and teachers too...congrats too her~~

I've enjoyed so much that day! Hopefully there's more to come!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Casual VS Super Casual

It's mixie matchy style again and today we have a guest !

Well its not someone new to this blog actually and if you've been someone that follow my blog for some time, you definitely know who is it...Well lets see you can guess it or not (DONT SCROLL DOWN)

Today I'm wearing stockings!!

Ok..I know I sounds...over. But dont you notice I hardly wear things to cover my legs? Yea, view back my previous posts, all are in skirts. Just because I have sensitive skin, so they tend to be so itchy whenver I wear tights or stocking or even jeans! how sad is that !! Jeans its everyone's best friend, its the easiest thing to match on earth! so you sad is tat!!! Luckily my office's aircond its cold enough that I still cant feel the itchiness as long I'm in the cold condition. Still, I get the itchiness when I back home T_T

Top - website (RM16) I love huge top like this, especially when I can wear it as 1 piece.
Longchamp - its the bag that I use everyday now..its just so easy to match!
Belt - Vincci (RM19.9) On such a huge top like this...I decided to wear a belt. Just because you wont look
          TOTALLY flat. With a belt you can just simply create the curve on your body :D
Short Pants - better wear one to be safe. Only if you wear tights then its ok la. But I will still suggest you to
                     wear something inside when the top its at the length of you hip line. Its better to wear
                     something to cover that up, so your butt wont look bigger
Stocking/tights - For me I will definitely cover up my whole legs. Please dont wear any tights that is the only
                         until the ankle length...cause that will totally makes you look shorter!

Anyway..let me reveal our guest first! we went makan in 1u...since she is doing some fashion posts as well...I just asked permissions for posting her pictures (ddly)

IF you scroll down straight away when you see 'scroll down' fail!! hehe..just joking...
well yeah~~ its Emeryn! She's wearing casual today...
you know...when you have nice body...wear what also nice -.- envynya!

Handbag - Coach. Love this bag of hers. This just goes with everything. No matter casual, or smart casual.
                  Even formal
Top - Tops that I usually showed are not suitable for big boobs right. This kind of top definitely suites girls
          with bigger boobs, just like her..hehe. It's a good thing ok Im not teasing her. She knows what looks
          good  on her, just like wearing this top, if you are flat like me better dont wear it, cause we cant 'fill in
          the blank' LOL :p
Shorts - The skinniest you are, the shortest you wear. She have a pair of nice legs! even shorter she still
              looks good on this! Ohya, try to get a size bigger of what you usually wear. Short jeans like this
              looks better and ur legs skinnier when the jeans is looser. Remember! dont balut your tights ok...

That's all for now!! more to come soon~~ till then *hugzzzz*

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Shills Girls Gathering

After the FINALE of Shills Girl competition, this gathering consider the first gathering for us!!! officially..haha

Too bad only 4 of us can make it, which are those elders...while the youngers has exams and some other things to attend.

Our gathering was held in Amp Square karaoke which located at Sunway Pyramid.

with blur queen soh poh :p

another soh poh..this is always happy de soh poh

then this is our shills gal + superstar+ soh poh..hahaha

 and of course I'm a soh poh too so we all only can get along XD

I totally enjoyed this gathering!!! they did too!

we all pictures..singing competition and giving out prizes too~~

yes...damn nice rite..first time giving out is the prize for the best post of our testimonial...Mindy soh poh got the 1st prize :D congrazz *claps*

then for singing competition...I won myself a eye cream!! so happy nehhhh...cause everyone sang so well!!! so surprise and happy they like I sang too :p

Then..its our 'graduation'

After  me and blur queen soh poh (her name is mindy la  :p ) lepak in Sunway..and of course chatime too :p

we took this photo in toilet :p she said the light very nice woh

Then we were queueing at the Maybank ATM...she wanna take pic..walao..I damn pai seh la so many I dont want face camera

but she die die want to take -.- so I give her this face


Arghh...miss them so much la!! Next gathering is coming very soon! hopefully all of them can make it this time!!!!!!! * miss miss*

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

I Heart Paris

Ok, maybe not just Paris?Or maybe just Eiffel Tower? I'm a Eiffel Tower freak seriously, I cant resist anything which have the Eiffel Tower on it. But I really love the culture of Paris and Italy...or make it short...Europe. Really really love it~~

Today's mixie matchy style its of course, not very paris style, but I would say simple and nice with black and white :p oh..and grey...

Eiffel Tower top - Romp (RM45.00)
                            I know its quite expensive for a top (for me la) but like I said I cant
                            resist anything with Eiffel Tower. They even have the braces attached to it, which you can
                            adjust and make different design.
Tips                   - Doesnt really reckon for big boobs girls, cause its horizontal strips, which make your
                            body looks wider. If you really want to wear this, try to wear something tight at the
                            bottom but DONT tuck in your shirt. Make it look very loose at the top part and tight for
                            the bottom part. Also, dont wear anything that is high waist only if you want your big
                            boobs looks bigger

Black skirt - Cotton On
                    I think I already intro this skirt in my previous posts, sure wear it at least once a week cause it
                   just match with EVERYTHING.

Shoes - from website (RM45)

Agnes b handbag - from website (RM30something)

Just bought a handbag with Eiffel Tower on it! (some of you might have an idea what handbag is that). I am so gonna write a post about my Eiffel Tower collection :p

Till then my loveliesss~~

Friday, September 02, 2011

He decided to leave

He decided to leave. A guy I love so much.

He is talented, good looking, main point is...he can sing so well...he's born with it. He's a very religious person too, even a kiss that was force to happened, make him felt that he's cheated to his girlfriend

Until now, I can not forget about him, thou was just yesterday.

I hope, there's one day I will see him again...I believe he'll shine!

Let me show you how talented he is!

Did some of you actually thought that I was saying about my ex lover or something? LOL...I HOPE SO lo! but too bad I am not that lucky..he is one of the guy that joined the GLEE Project. He's Cameron Mitchell.

He decided to leave the competition ahhh :( sadnyaaa..even Ryan Murphy the producer and casting director of the show love him... seriously I hope to see him on tv SOON!!

Last song he performed in Glee Project

Ok...enough of being a crazy fan liao..good night and sweet dream~ *going to sleep with his songs playing*