Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Amelie in the Vanilla Land

GOSH!! I feel so bad by leaving my blog alone for so long!! >.<

I feel so hopeless for the last few is not about my relationship but my LAPTOP! My VIAO laptop been treating me good for the past few years, and yes it meant alot to me, but everything has an ending and my relationship with my lappy also the same *CRYING*

What is the problem? well let me took few hours for me to on my laptop so I can use, or I cant load any picture and yes not even my blog...and that is one of the reason why I didnt update my blog.

So here I am !! with my lovely dovey blog and readers...but at the same time I am sad too cause I dont have photoshop and many other softwarein my new lappie (yes its Sony VAIO again just in case you are curious!!)

In that case, hereby let me upload some pictures that was taken by CY leong, a photoshoot I went recently....LOVE the pictures he took!! but now ......

here's the teaser~~~

If you think this picture is really nice! (not referring to the model) you better stay tune for more pictures where you wont regret seeing it! I promise once I got all the pictures and I will gonna upload here asap!

Till then...see ya very very soon ~ ~