Wednesday, September 21, 2005

izzit her?

i already forgot wat date i had tat dream ler..if ppl who did read my blog often..should know that my grandma had passed away last month...i think is this month lah..within 2 or 3 weeks...i dreamt of my grandma...and that dream quite real.
the dream start with i saw her flowing out from her room, i terkejut lah of coz...coz i scared ghost wan we got talk like tat loh...i forgot whehter she got open her mouth anot when she talk..coz my mom said if those dead ppl come back to tell u somehting in ur dream..supposingly they won't open their mouth wan...anyway...after i saw her..i told my paretns that grandma had came back (told them in the dream lah)..but they cant see her...i am the only one who can saw her and talked to her...she told me her place she living now got good and bad lah...good is got a good chef there cook very well...those food are so delicious she said..and then i forgot shy she said not good already ler...i forgot i dreamt until where..then i woke at 6something in the i went back to sleep loh..then the same dream appear again woh...but this time my younger brother also can saw her and talked to her liao.
so i told my dream to my parents...the scariest part...not scariest also lah..maybe i should we call in cantonese 'che' because i also dreamt that she ate tou fu...ya..i know eat tou fu are no scary lah..but then when i told my mom mom said ya..she lovev to eat tou fu...but the point is...i never know that she like to eat tou fu mah...
so...izzit mean that she really come into my dream and trying to tell me that she is ok now ?

I've learnt a lesson today

hai...i also dunno today consider good or not a good day.
me and my frens went to XXX complexe to take photo of batik to do our assignment geh..before tat we have 2 meet the manager to approve us to take pics. 1st is my fren went in first because he had the approval letter from college. then later tat manager ask him to ask us go in coz we dun have mah...supposingly each person must have one wan.
so i tot she know our things already...when we get in..i see no ppl start to talk with her first...then i mai start 2 tell her the reason we come orwatever things loh...mana tau...kena we are the one who kena interview before enter to work for her like tat...said wat expect her to aprrove us to take the photos by not asking permission before we come in (but she is the one who ask us to come in mah) and then at first didn't introduce ourself and wat college and watsoever...aiya..alot lah...BUT...i did learn from tat lah...i know tat might be our wrong because we didn't introduce ourselve or watever coz i tot some ppl dun like waste so much time mah...somemore we are not wanted to interview..we jut wan to get approval.
but at last luckly i said something correct lah when she ask what benefit can the shop get, and she think the benefit is good also loh...takkan we just take pics then no give ppl benefit geh...
hai...i wan write this down 2 reason...1 is i really did learnt a lesson from tat manager lah...ppl can be a manager sure very geng d wan ler...another reason tell u ppl which is reading my blog...if next time u r facing the prob like me met this kind of situation...very important is MUST introduce urself case..haha

Saturday, September 17, 2005

My sister's wedding

if saw the title maybe will though i will have alot of things to write in this article lah..but...hehe..nothing much to write..coz is not my wedding also..hahaha
16.9.2005 is the day that my sis have to 'seperate' one day with her husband loh, she have to stay overnite at her 'ex-house' mean my parents house lah which she used to live last time. Got party loh..for those who are not invited to the wedding day nth much to write
then...17.9.2005 is the day she can 'meet up' with her husband liao lah..if chinese will know wat i trying to say becoz this is the traditional way of the steps must do... we call that in chinese is 'zie xing niang' mean the guy have to come my sis's house from his house...then have to go through some 'games' or questions that the 'ji mui' of my sis asked...ohya...i am the bridemate of my sis..haha..but i didn't do much things lah...i only did alot things is the time when she have to 'zam cha' for relatives of bride's and bridegroom's sides. my relatives not very fast gao dim d...but at her husband house ah..stand almost more than 1 hour loh...even the tea also add water for 5 times already..mean his relatives memang alot lah...i have to stand because have to help my sis to write down the name on the ang pau..then also help her to hold her things or jewelries in a hungry somemore...
then at dinner last i know the difference between sitting on the host table and the normal table liao...normal wan have to wait other ppl take the food first as a manners. but VIP wan no need...coz the waitress will devide it to all the plates then give it to each of us...tat is the good side lah..the bad side is we have to wait till the waitress finish putting all the food in every plate and give to us only we can eat.
anyway...nth much special ler..just another tiring day...

Friday, September 02, 2005

not the rite time to chat-part 2

start with 1st day of the funeral thingy, we have to stay at tat place for 2 days, from 12pm till 12am. nth to do...just sit there, when got ppl come, when they give money, give them sweet, then 'zong hiong' tat kind of thing have to do. the 'hiong' or candle finish have to change..i think tat's all lah...
so..1st day when reach there...'zong hiong' 1st, then see my grandma in the coffin, very cry again...but just tears come out like tat and my elder bro and sis oso not in mood like tat especially my bro. noon tat time actually i dun wan eat lunch..not dun appetite, but then gastric, so must eat liao.then at nite when 'da zai', cry again...when think back those memories with grandma.
2nd day...we reach there at 10 something quite sleepy, and 2nd day all of us...seems tat our mood become ok abit, mean not tat sad and no mood lah.
3rd day...worst. coz 3rd day is the last day i can see my grandma. in tat 2 day, i keep on thinking. altot tat everyone have to face this kind of thing..but...i really really dun hope to face this kind of thing anymore...mean i dun hope anyone tat is close with me will die. for sure tat is impossible...but i really can't stand it. and i asked myself a stupid question, can they dun burn my grandma and let her stay with us?( i know tat sounds 'bin tai' lah)...hai..i dunno lah.but i think my grandma came back to our house on 2nd nite, coz at 4am tat time, my dog bark..not bark lah..dunno how we say tat words liao, when dog saw those things will wat i think my grandma came back to see us the last time also loh :(
so..3rd day 7.30 have to wake up liao..then 8.30 those monk 'da zai' the last time. then we have to follow the car to the place to burn the 'mayat' and the coffin. when the monk 'da zai' some of us already start to cry coz is really the last time to see my grandma liao..and on the way to tat place (just beside) we oso crying(me and my bro the worst). i tot my bro will be the worst, but i am the worst..when i went to bathroom to change oso shock coz i saw my eyes turn red liao..all the way back home...still my elder bro said:'dun cry..if not grandma hardly to leave us.' after my bro said tat..i control myself to stop crying. but when i reached home..sat on the sofa, saw the pic tat my family took with grandma tears cant stop dropping again.
until now...i still not used to it, i still miss my grandma so much. altot i love to look at the sky no matter day or nite to see how nice is the sky, but now when i look at the sky, is another meaning for me.

not the rite time to chat?

oppsy..long time didn't post again...
not the rite time to chat, my msn oso put this nick...and tat can be one of the reason tat i no mood to blog..which is my grandma passed away last week.
on 23th august 2005, my grandma passed away, me and my family had turn to sad mood, all of us cant stop crying when saw my grandma suffering, but we all did to help her to fulfill her wish. the next day my parents think is really the time to sent her to hospital although she had came back from hospital few weeks ago. when she was sent back to hospital, the doctor wan to sue my dad somemore, said how come the 'luka' become so big and so serious already, and said we all didn't take care an old person good, if we really didn't take good care of her, she won't cant live until 93 years old loh..somemore the previous doctor didn't ask us to bring her back also.
after my grandma stayed in hospital, every day me and my family or some of our relatives had visit her, but she didn't really seems not serious.
tuesday, actually me and my frens planning to go 'cheung k', but we canceled coz not enuff ppl, and i felt tat is so lucky tat i had cancelled becoz my grandma died on tat day.
my family except my elder sis and bro didn't come, my paretns, me, my bro and few of my relatives went to hospital. when we reached not until few minits, my grandma heart stop beating altot the watever machine is have heart beat. everytime i watch tv and saw the machine oso got feeling liao when saw tat line become 1 straight line( mean tat person had die). this time i saw it infront of me and the person is my grandma. my tears cant stop falling.
then my mom called my elder bro 1st to ask him to come to hospital now but not to tell him yet tat my grandma has passed away coz she scared my bro will speed, but i think who heard this kind of thing oso know wat happen ler..and when my bro reached he cry until more sad and sad and sad becoz he cant see my grandma for the last time be4 she stop breathing.
and tat day, is really a very terrible and sad day for us. after we reached home, i still can't stop crying, i really very not used to it becoz my grandma live with us.and actually few of us already have the feeling dunno why, tat day in college, dunno why i felt very frustrated, very no mood and very 'fan'. then my mom felt tat got something happen like tat so she go cut her hair (ppl said family memeber pass aaway cannot cut hair woh).my maid more geng, the day be4 she dreamt tat my grandma dress very nice and come back to our house...
-continue on next blog-