Sunday, February 28, 2010

back to school

At last, we came to an end of the 'sexy' photo shooting, and this time I will post about the pics of before and after for the event we went 'back to school'

this is the before, good student

ok, finish acting cute come the after....

yes, the after pics not as many as the before pics because, Yann just get excited when I act cute for her to take those photos and she said really like innocent gal..hahahahahahha...ok la..maybe she sien d take my sexy photos (pics in the previous posts)...

and here...the full stop for this photoshoot..yay! dunno why somehow feel not so stress d but oso feel abit mm seh tak cause wondering when will be another photo shoot..hehe..till then XD

Monday, February 22, 2010

Take It or Leave It

I've seen so many pics lately of others, bikinis, sexy lingerie, bikinis,lingeries,.hahaha...I think it's time for me to come out from my shell. Well, what I mean its...I should post up my pics here if not what's the point of taking it? But FYI, sexy or slutty its not what I wanna portray in these photos, just wanna try something new as being cute and sunshine girl photo shoot are enough for me at the moment.
so here are the pics...please do leave ur comments and which is ur favorite and least favorite, better with the reason why u like it or dont like it, so that I can improve on my next photo shoot...thanks lotsss :D

*1 - I always love how Yann took my pics without I notice she's doing it

*2 love this the softness expression on my face


*4 - Yann they all love this face

*5 - 3rd favorite among the bunch..hehe



*8 - love this too cause its quite hard for me to take a nice pic when I'm lying down..haha


*10 - my favorite pic among the bunch, just love the composition and overall dont know why :p

yay...all pics I photoshoped myself wan, hehe...thanks to Yann that give me tips :p

Stay tune for the 'school girl' theme for the next post  : D

Friday, February 19, 2010

back to school during CNY at The Library

Last few days was quiet boring for me, damn sien leh cause parents went to Ipoh, then onyl left 2 cars which both of my brothers using...even meals I also gotta depends on them to buy from outside, then I gotta stay at home to take care of everything.

So this is the night where I gotta spread my sienness and bring back all the fun~~~at the Library with our 'school uniform' on...weee~~

When we reached the car park, they were already heating up themselves by taking some pics there

then we headed to The Library. But before we went there, we went to Mc.D to makan first. Kinda awkward thou to walk around the shopping center by wearing like that..ishhh
At last we reached there! well its ok to be stare by others that we wore what we wore, cause most of us who came that day really wore their uniform! good

Then all of us have to pass through this test to drink

she must be a smart student cause she seems so confident with the smile on her face!

can u read what's she's thinking?

this wan sure always ponteng class wan la

But I dont care, cause I dont drink... :p

haha, no la...actually they just wanted us to fill in the survey for them.

cam whore time again



fake sexy....ahahaha..damn hao la u HUI WEN but I LIKE

innocent...thats why I dont drink..wuahaha

siu di di wanna act cool...but I like the composition of this pic..hehe

then here comes couples pics...


both of us wanna pose fake sexy again...weee~~

then we bored taking pics with each we take with each otherssss

ok.. here come another student...she's fashionably late...

on the phone somemore..haha..nvm loh...coz she has it all - its emeryn!

but she macam 'sexytary' than a student la.haha

see...he cannot tahan d wat :p hahaha

I wonder why siu di di like to act cool

almost the ending session for the event, some of them already get 'red'

just see her hand and her face

but my face will not be red la cause I dont drink..see the differences between us..haha

showing off theirs' dimples

more picss

the happiest moments for me on that night were meeting up with my old friends that I didnt meet for sooooooooooo long

they all are soooooooo model like and pretty! I told my friend in blue ( primary school mate) that I was so envy of this girl with a nice height and body! jealousnyaaa...I feel so pai seh when standing beside her

its group photos time~~ cause we're heading to The Sanctuary!!!

Sanctuary here we come!!!

when we reached its tik tok! we were all heated up sanctuary musics! its awesome

act sexy again...cute la...haha

no 'mak kai' la...two act sexy two did not do that

went to banana leaf yam cha after that

she 'peh' d although she didnt drink much...haha..shoooww cute

anyway...thanks all for making it a great night!! weee~~~~~~~~~~~~