Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wait For Me!!!!!!

arghhh!!! I feel so guilty for not updating my blog for such a long time...

Tons of pictures here, from Langkawi to Sri Lanka. Yes, its SRI LANKA!!! Need to edit and write a nice nice informative posts for my lovelies~~ I promise I will do it this week! so stay tune yo~~

Monday, April 11, 2011

25 years

Sorry, I've been neglected my blog for almost...2 weekssss~ just lazy and nothing much for me to post  :p

But I am going to post something 'special' for me in this post, am not gonna tell you until the end of this post :p

Well this is the post where my besties celebrated my birthday for me...( ok that was like 1 1/2 month ago)

So we went to this place called Cubic Platforms, which is the HTC training cubes which located at Sunway Giza.

they even decorated the place for me~ so sweet of them <3

The place its very...I will say cute? haha...its really nice and quite unique as I dont really see this kind of settings somewhere else


seafood spaghetti

my favorite all time-nachos

pumpkin soup

the drinks~~

obviously Im loving it~

pictures time

Overall, I would say the service is very good. the beverages are very good too...but the food, still got room for improvement la...its not that bad but will not be my first choice to visit if I want to makan...still who know right...just give yourself a try~

After all the makan minum...we went to sky bar~ since Im not going to club for my birthday celebration (which they do for their birthdays)

the view will never.ever satisfy me cause I just wont get bored watching it for ever!

and when there's a group of girls, means camwhore sessions going on~~~

I dont drink, as most of my friends know...and that's why they ordered me the graveyard~ -.-

Well since its my birthday, why not!! and of course there's some thing bothering me during that time, which give me the mood to drink!!!!!!!!!!!

I really got drink ok..almost finish the whole drink somemore

something bothering me and make me become 'anti-social' for that moment...

everyone is taking pics with it...

dont blame...cause they really taken d...

especially him!!

 sticky nachos!!! everyone love him!!! *I decided him as a him cause he's in green : D*

something surprise and 'happy' happened...maybe this pic will give you some clue~

This post will be a very long post if I write about what happened but Im not going to tell...just stay tune on my blog lo...LOL...who knows one day I got the feel to post it :p