Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tiger Show in office

I've always wanted to touch a tiger..dont u?! I mean I am damn scared of those long things there's no face...but snakes, tiger I'm ok...hehe

At first I thought of writing this for the tiger beer contest..coz fake tiger (me) and real tiger - desiree...haha...but...suen la

so there's this day when I just finish recording and back to office, I felt so weird cause there's so many ppl was standing near my cubicle..then I saw a cage...I thought I saw a chicken inside..I was like how come suddenly got chicken...mana tau...ITS TIGERR!! cute u know!

of course without much words, some of us treated her just like a dog. Of course the trainer did warn us when she its getting fierce or something...but seriously who will have the chance to touch a tiger!

dont u think Desiree looks sooooooo cute...but true lots of ppl said, they still young..its only 8 months young..still innocent

omg cute la!!

damn relax d coz lots of ppl sayang :p

after she lye down not even I think 10 minuets then fall asleep d

her paws are so big (duh)

how I wish I can lye there like her..haha..then I can hug the tigerrr!!

Desiree, we surely miss u :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Why I Like it Longer

There’s this one day, I had a conversation with my bf about length, so I said I like it longer. Not sure why my bf doesnt really agree with what I like, he said as long its good to use. So we kinda get into an argument

Me : dont you think longer is better?

BF : I don think that matter...size matter

Me : (talks very confidently) are you sure?

BF : of course I’m sure.

Me : Then why most of the guys like gals with longer hair but not shorter hair?

BF : *silent*

Me : why guys prefer ipod nano which looks longer than ipod shuffle..alot?

BF : *silent*

Me : why guys like gals with longer legs?

BF : *silent*

Me : so you cannot blame that I like it longer also what

BF : win.

Me : that’s why I like it longer! Not only me...everybody like it longer!That’s why I LIKE LG’s new Chocolate phone

Of course, the conversation was created. But the content it’s what I really thought so.

Who don’t like it longer? Especially with LG’s new Chocolate Phone! With amazing 4-inch widescreen with crystal clear HD resolution, 21:9 ratio HD panoramic display, and the design…longer and thin, which just looks like supermodel. Not only ladies look good with LG’s new Chocolate Phone but also guys looks COOL with LG’s new Chocolate Phone.

If you like it longer too,then you must join this contest as well to win yourself a LG Chocolate Phone. Just write a blog entry with the title of 'Why I like it longer', and you might be one of the lucky winner to win yourself home a LG Chocolate Phone which worth RM2,199. After you complete your blog entry, just permalink to by 14th February 2010. For more information about the contest, please click here

Who don’t like it longer?! You don’t? Well, I do!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Manila Trip Day 3

its the day 3 post! and we are heading to Tagaytay Highland..which is something like Genting Highland. But this place seems to be more 'healthy' la...its not all about gamble and stuff

Firstly I wore my black tights cause they said its cold...luckily I took it out cause its not that cold because its a sunny day!

take some pics first before we went out

the whole trip there, the only words we keep on saying its 'hou leng ah'! means very nice...Eric might thought we are crazy cause keep on mentioning that but he knows what does that mean la..who knows maybe he find it cute when his gf saying tat..haha

Yup...since its very beautiful, of course we took tons of pics...

too sien in the car :p

at last we arrived!!

some sceneries

does this view looks like the wall of China?

then allthese was like taken in Japan

doesnt look similiar to those u saw from Japanese drama meh? haha


but I damn like this pic

then they makan lunch at this dunno wats the name la

such a cute couple


while waiting for food...

look so delicious can!!

guess which is mine?

after makan...we went outside for a walk and take some picss

starting to take stupid pics :p

titanic wannbes...haha

the parrots are actually making out...

hardly can see deer in the zoo

omg...this is what pigs portray...tats y ppl said lazy pig...that make sense ah? haha

we suddenly saw this pic in the in its just beside here run there somemore

we also went for horse riding! so long didnt ride horse d

Then we went to the peak to makan shabu shabu...but actually doesnt taste that nice will not reckon there..heard Eric's dad said there are some western foods or Japanese foods there are nicer

while waiting the food to be cook

pose with the glass only..didnt really drink it coz got alcohol

SY looks so cute here

then Kidd pretty as always

then we went to the balcony...its so damn cold and the wind its soooooo geng! can fly away d..haha

see the hair :p

after the dinner we headed back to 'town', and there was the nightmare started. can u bliv tat we actually stuck in the jam for like 4 hours? so near yet so far...this sentence its very suitable to use in Makati..haha

yes...u got it rite...its a purple pullet

Same like what we did for the first 2 days. We went home and get ready to go another location. But before we go to this location, we went to makan weird weird as in...its disgusting for us but its their favorite!!

this wan normal la

sisig...which I introduced before..its pork face..still can accept

this is balut..which is fertilized DUCK!!! omggggggggggg

n Eric force us to try..

although its just the egg part...but I can tell u really u will show this face...LOL

okok...lets forget bout tat
after supper we went to stripped club..hehehe...too bad (of coz) we cant take pics there..but its a damn fun experience cause we get to go on stage and tease by the strippers..but no need too jealous ya guys..coz they did not stripped totally..they still have their bras and panties on...

Well just see what's on next post ya...stay tune :)