Tuesday, June 30, 2009


No free meals but free DURIANS!!! where to find such a good company by giving you free durians?!?! also mangosteen and rambutans

Our company get to gathered and eat durians...one of my favorite fruit. After yesterday, guess all my colleagues know that 'I love durians' its a fact, and manybe in the future once they saw DURIAN they will think of me...hahaha

This is what happened...we all gathered at 4.30, straight makan...non-stop makaning especially me n Jane. for durian lovers, u all should know when u see a durian, no matter its very yellowish or more to milky, as long it seems very nice to eat, u will wan to try it!! dont u agree? that happened to us, so I guess we end up ate like...maybe around 50 biji of durians? we should have join the eat durians competition that they held T_T

at last we decided to sit on the floor...cause its easier to open those durians

like this...mmg tak care image dah

call us the DURIAN QUEEN...wuahaha

need to have a good shit this few days for allthese durians...feel so fat now T_T

Sunday, June 28, 2009

gals nite in Pick N' Brew

woo...its like I get to have free meal every week :p

last time was Yishensu..remember? and this time was at Pick N' Brew

I was once told that this restaurant's food not that nice and expensive..but cause Kiyoko very close with the boss in there, so she wanted to bring us (me and Kidd) makan there, but she no discount wan la.

Oh, Kiyoko wanna thank us for helping her on her website thingy so this is belanja by her wan..thanks KIYOKO!!!

So...as usual, I dont remember those food names T_T cause its too long. OK! I promise if next time I really go makan and wanna take pics of those food...I will first write down the name of the food 1st, so that u guys can taste those wonderful delicious fooddsss...(ok I know I am not a good blogger :( )

so these are the pics

Kidd and Kiyoko

Kiyoko n Me

me and Kidd

Kiyoko's dish - Spaghetti

Kidd's dish - Lamb chop

my dish - Lagsane...really damn nice!! I finished the whole thing :p

ok...serious wan, next time I surely will write down the name of those dish (if I remember) wuahahaah :p

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tribute to Michael Jackson

I'm watching Michael Jackson now...I mean TV...and my nephew who are 1 year old plus is watching Barney...I got the feeling, are they gonna know who is MJ in the future? Of course they know, but do they really know him as how we know MJ?

MJ is just like our childhood...we grow up with him...his songs, his moves, his everything anyway...
who dont talk about MJ now? I dont think so... not to say follow the trend or watsoever, as usual when someone passaway people will like give a tribute of their death so they will listen to their songs but I bet alot of ppl dont feel the same this time..how we describe Michael Jackson? The legend? King of Pop? watever that we can describe him like the God.

Well which of his songs are not popular? all are classic...all are so remembrance by us...we all remember every single words, even better than our childhood songs...he is just borned to be a star...the superstar..the legend

nothing much to say...just wanna write something about him - Michael Jackson, which will never ever be forgotten by us

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

another piece of me...

As a copywriter, the place that I always have to be in…is the studio. Always have no chance to take pics, I mean others help me take…haha…so this time I will share the pics by having yen and her bf –wei feng here to help me be the VO.

Seriously, my office lack of males laaa…I should say males that can read Chinese…so if any of you can read Chinese and don’t mind to do free VO, come look for me..hahahaha

Back to that day, I asked wf to vo for a character of father. That day I abit surprise but guess he is too shy to do it cause usually when he talk only its like acting d. but 1 thing I am sure is that its because of his shyness that caused him ‘sat sui zun’

Lets see see the pics first…

While waiting outside....


then we went in the studio, while waiting the sound engineer fixing his thing, we camwhore awhile

posing for fun

I also posing for fun, but I did before yo :p

Now u see me...

now u dont :p

haha...no la...cause he shy

the actual recording..I mean pre recording while the client is not here yet..ohyea..that gal is poh chee - my favorite and only talent to use :p

Wonder how long more I can work XD

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nuffnang - Tigerbeer STANDOUT party

Eh, Now only I realize I haven’t write the post of nuffnang standout party…haha..yea I know I’m kinda late for this, but as I said I don’t really have much pics like others as I did not involve too much in it and I left around 9something I guess.

To start with, let’s talk about our costume. The most special wan of course belong to Mei Chin. She is the croc’s hunter, so she wore like a croc’s hunter (DUH!!), and with the mommy (or daddy) crocs and the baby croc, but at last she just put on the big one. Yen, er…refers to her blog she just wear whatever she had which she never wear before but the main point is her mask thou. She said that since her white hair it’s the trademark or hers, her face doesn’t really matter…haha. Me…if u did follow my post u should know that why I standout in life its because I am not standout at all. So I wore black, the color which least can attract people, and with nothing on…not even a belt which would blend nicely with the dress.

Croc's Hunter (Mei Chin)

the gal of the opera :p - Yen

the gal does not exist - voon

Ok, after everything were done, me and my friends – Yen, Mei Chin, Shuyi and Brilly (Mei Chin’s colleague) reached around 7 something and we thought we were late, which we were not really.

The first thing we reached there were…FOOD! Well its normal right, its 7 something during the night and we, as a humankind usually need food…especially me and Shuyi the big eater..guess Yen they all are sien with us cause we keep on mumbling for food.

take some pics 1st while waiting for food...

After not too long, we can makan dinner!!

waiittttt ~~~~

ini siapa punya?!?! just like this for dinner?? wtf??

not hers...

not Shuyi

not yen's either...

and u know definitely will not be mine....the most food somemore..what a big contrast...

its theirs...2 guys share so little somemore...wtf T_T

some pics taken during the night...

after makan, actually I really didn’t did much for that day, not even taking much pics as I AM NOT STANDOUT…haha…I made my point wert…that’s why I said I am not suitable to go costume party cause costume party usually kinda need to be standout no matter what is the theme of the party.So…till then…*thinking what am I good in*

but I still enjoy with the galsssss and would not hesitate to hang out with gals in the club :p

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Peaceful Father's Day



一个顾家的好男人,疼老婆有疼孩子,自己省吃省永,把全部都留给我们(除了电视机的遥控器): p
















Its father’s day again, but father’s day never seems to take over mother’s day.

I’m not sure for others, but father for me may even be more important than mother.

A man that take care of his family, love his wife and children.

He gives the best to us but not for himself (except TV remote control) :p

Doesn’t smoke,doesn’t drink,doesn’t visits prostitute

Not only can cook well but help out on houseworks.

That’s why I always tell myself that I wanted a future husband like my dad.

Hehe, oki…enough of promoting my dad since I’m not getting a new wife for him also.

My dad memang anti social wan, so yesterday he want us to celebrate father’s day with him while there will not be so many family celebrating yet. The cute thing about him is we already kinda celebrate for him last week. But its ok la, this time all family member attened, even have extra someone (bro’s gf)

Is it a good thing? We become more far to each other? Or we all have grown up

I remember everytime we out for lunch or dinner for sure will have a fight. Although it’s a serious fight, but we hardly keep it until the next day, maybe just beh song each other during the meal

But am I thinking too much, or I still have the anger?

Yesterday I felt so weird, it’s a peaceful dinner rather than a father’s day celebration.

Hm, how should I start? Cause we all fight over the piano through sms. Although it’s a small fight but it’s a serious fight, that’s why I feel something la.

But none of us mention about this, maybe that two mengaku salah in their heart d la. So forget it loh

Kor and jie are better than usual, and she pretend that she didn’t argue with me through sms, talk to me just like usual, and I just cin cai la.

I talk quite a lot in my family, but that night I did not.

But I feel peaceful and happy, the weird weird happiness.

celebrated at Esquire Kitchen

fav of the meal, I dont know what it call (as usual), just know its 'suan la tang'

with mummy

with daddy, the 'zu gok'

with family :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

oh yea it is pointless

I really hate to blog while I HAVE TO blog

well...if u've been a loyal reader or u'r my fren...or even net frens...U will know that I'm quite an emo person...and I very depends on feel...but I know if I dont write blog tat often...I will become very lazy to write...and I promise myself that I need to write blog often, to give myself this discipline on this..at least ONE

Actually I got few posts want to post ler...like nuffnang standout post, then my life in the studio post etc...but I havent get pics from my frens yet T_T

I also not dare to ask u guys to stay tune d..haha...guess I should do a post of me from being an aunty to a 18 yrs old gal (pok pok cui) ngek ngek ngek *evil smile*

ok..this post is wasting ur time I know...so I shall stop here and not continue wasting your time d....STOP!

till then :p

Friday, June 12, 2009

I'm a meat eater - Yishensu

omgg!! I just kena guessed of the age of 25 T_T by an new intern...1st time ever in my life people guess I am older than my actual age (sau very big da gik) wanna die d...noooooooo

hm..,must be because I dont like to eat vegetables, I'm a meat eater...I heard people said eat vege somehow can improve our skin, no wonder I look old liao...hai...so from what I can tell here...we should eat more vege in our life. I know this doesnt sound convincing at all being said by a meat eater..yea, I can convince myself also, only after I tried Yishensu.

This is not an advertorial post of course, obviously as a smart reader like u shud know that my blog is not tat geng yet. I get to eat Yishensu this time is because they are one of our client, so to thank us with helping him out for the whole production of his commercial, he belanja us...souuuuuu~~ nice! and I am glad so...because

I will gotta named the dish myself 1st cause we didnt even get to see the menu since its free :p

I think they named this 'lang pun' - cold plate (straight translation)

Do you know how~~ nice izit??? they have fried shrimp, 'pai guat' (pork), chicken, some vege and mayonese...the amazing part its all are made by using vege...even the mayonese...I really wonder how cause they just taste as nice as those real wan..especialy the fried shrimp

we were so hungry, some even want to eat the pineapple :p

while waiting for the 2nd dish (which took soooo long), we decided to cam-whore with someone's spec...so can you guess who's spec is that?

1. bo zi - look like jiu choi mao :p

2. Michael - bin tai sat sau (mental killer)

3. the teacher (very fierce wan) :p

4. the ...tikus?

5. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....Khalil Fong!!

6. stupid ass doin stupid ass's pose

6. the most normal wan...wuaahahaha

then Justine asked me to act cute...omg..so long time didnt act cute d...

I can said take pics to past time its really a good choice...cause here come the 2nd dish :0

can guess what izit? my fren said take so near may look like shit...hahaahhaha

its sharke-fin ! fake punya la..haha..but still it look like those real wan!

yummy yummy

3rd dish...I dunno how to name this thou, cause I can say its the least I like


this is the BEST EVER vege I have eaten so far...everyones' favorite of the night!

they have man tao, char siew and gu lou yok (pork) , all are made by vege...I know I am repeating the same thing but its really unbelievable these will be soooouuuuu~~ delicious

4th dish - Sotong with so called satay sauce!!

taste like sotong, feel like sotong..omg!! I'm in heaven

Last but not least, we have pineapple rice!! yay...I love rice...but I prefer white rice :p

ohya..so did you guess it right that the spec is belong to who?


its herrr!! wuahaha

I did try to find out the dishes names and ingredients from their website but they didnt provide tat T_T so if any of you guys really wanna try out there and wanna get the name, maybe you can ask the info from me, I try to ask for you :p but I guess u can notice that from their menu la :p

have fun makan!! its weekend ~~~ woo hoooooo~~~

*no more voice d cause lack of sleep T_T *