Thursday, December 29, 2011

Korea Day 8 - Goodbye~

Instead of writing those resolution for a new year, I think I should just finish my KOREA POST first!

Yes, this is the last post of my Korea trip, so mm seh tak~ just like I mm seh tak 2011...its been a good year overall

Ok, back to Korea post first...

Since its the last day in Korea, we wanna go places that we wanna go

like this! Coffine Gurunaru! just because coffine that word, I wanna try !

Seriously its so hard to order stuff in Korea due to language barrier. They are good enough that they have people who can speak..mostly Japanese? haha...yes Japanese! then English and Chinese.

Why do I said so? these period in Korea, I've been treated like a Japanese..wherever I went, they spoke Japanese to me.. guess they see by our make up, my make up is kua jiong - er than koreans, hahaha..or maybe hair? I dont know..coz my fren she dont wear much make up they also thought she's

Anyway...ya the waitress talk to me in Korean first, I said sorry I dont understand and just shake head..then another waitress talked to me in Japanese -.- boh bian I guess they meant they will send the food over as they didnt serve us any food at the counter when we pay...

while waiting...

this is our breakfast! bacon salad...damn nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and my

This is apple flavour..I dont know what they called it d..but I think this cafe its quite famous of their toast

When we almost finish eating, we only realize that..they have seats at the rooftop! damn nice can! so we die die also stayed for a while..haha

Since its our last day in Korea, Poh Chee's Korean friend - Miru invited us to his house and cooked us lunch!

damn nice gals~ maybe we can consider about Korean guys...haha

After the lunch..3 of us lepak at the park around...

we all so mm seh tak each other  >.< choooooooo~~~~~~~~

Its around 8something at night after we said goodbye and we go to airport after pack our stuff...

Overall, I really love this trip so much especially with my lovely colleague cutie poh chee~ we had so much fun the whole trip, lots of laughter and joy! and save alot of money too~ hehehe..

ohya...for the whole Korea trip, I only spent 2k - 2.5k. budget trip!! right? hahaha..if you wanna know any information just leave me a comment..I would love to help u

At the very end of this post...just wanna wish all my lovely readers~ a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! have fun and enjoy your countdown! *hugzzzzzz*

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Korea Day 7 - Dreamland

GOSH~~ so sad :( this is sort of like the last post of my Korea trip, although its the 2nd last post but its the last post you can see such beautiful places and pictures d~

Does this picture look like those professional photographer took punya pics? can do wallpaper kan ??

I took wan *very proud* LOL..seriously thanks to the view and some photoshoped...I really love the end result of the picture!

This is Hanuel park...before you can see such nice padi...u need to climb the stairs

and this is the stairs...................

Im not joking! and we did! serious almost out of breath -.-

I wonder why they love stairs so much! its everywhere omg -.- no wonder I heard people said that Korea ladies can wear heels to hiking, I wont feel surprise anymore

But its really worth it...

this is the Olympic park

and the lovely couple...LOL..Im just joking..

lonely me *sob sob*

OK..lets enjoy some beautiful pictures~

padlock again...Koreans are so romantic~

happy happy~~

damn..washroom in the park also can be so nice...can out public toilet be this nice ah?

Oh, guess what...we need to walk a BIG BIG circle, to walk back to the carpark -.-

and walk down this stairs -.-

wah..lots of walking for today..after the park..we went to Cheonggyecheon because they having Lantern Festival!!

damn beautiful can!

My fren said this is actually the longkang river lo...but why they can make it so nice wan >.<

Since its the last night staying in Korea...its time to drink,drank,drunk~~

since its the last night there...I must drink as well (although I dont really drink alcohol)

I think all of us are quite 'drunk' d..haha

Next post will be bye bye post d ~~~ if you've been following my Korea posts...must not miss it yo !!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Korea Day 6 - no destination

After so many parks and parks and parks...its time to SHOPPING!! well we will do that at night..haha

We've already been to those MUST GO for the last few days in Korea, we just walk around...but guess what

even we just cin cai walk..we also get to visit such some nice places like this..they are having some dont know what festival its for 'bai bai' wan, and it happened to have so many flowers..

Then Poh Chee bring me to 'gwanghua mun'...before that we had our 'breakfast'

Then we went to Hong walk and shop~ but before that...LUNCH its a must!!

I love the rice, although its only sesame, seaweed and rice...( hungry now)

Then we accidentally saw the very famous punya Hello Kitty Cafe...
of course must go in lo

actually Im not a hello kitty fans la..none of us actually like Hello Kitty, and pink is not our favorite color too..LOL

But since we are here d, die die also order one coffee lo...then something disgusting happened lo...
Cause its very warm inside the shop, so we decided to sit outside..then this bunch of  aunties around 30 ba, damn disgusting la..they asked us whether they can take picture of our coffee anot -.-

Ok la..we are nice enough..let one take..then one of her friend come out, she go tell her friend said eh they got the coffee..then she said, can take anot oh...she said..can..u ask them la they let u take wan..WTF -.-
she seriously come ask..takkan we dont let geh!!! we all really damn dulan seriously...its only like RM10 something for a cup of coffee, we though we very thick face d buy one coffee and 3 of us share, mana tau they more thick face -.-

other than that..we also saw alot of 'crazy' fans non stop taking pictures..crazy as in really crazy..till they act like they are hello kitty..and I am not joking..

unhappy things are not finish yet...I wanted to look for the drama named four season they had a small house located nearby...although I didnt watch that drama before but I thought since its just nearby so mai just go and look see look see lo..mana tau they dont let us take picture inside unless you buy their products from the shop -.- I was thought you winter sonata I also dont wanna waste time d..just take pic outside lo...

At night we just shop around in myeongdong..seriously its a shopping paradise!!! they even give free samples as long you enter their shop! if you have lots of time and dont mind being that thick face, you actually should just enter for the sake of getting the samples...hahaha

After shopping of course its dinner time lo..really damn tired and hungry..but we had fun!

yummy yummy~~

2 more posts to go~~ good night lovelies~~ no lies next post you will gonna see beautiful pictures again..LOL..stay tune~~