Monday, October 31, 2011


Yes I am greeting to my lovely reader from Korea!!

Sorry for not updating my blog because was quite pack this few days in Korea.

Please stay tune cause I have sooooo many beautiful pictures to share wit u all!

A teaser pic for now :p

See u all soon :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

SHILLS Meet Beauty Bloggers Event + Tea Time at Sakae Sushi

I’ve been waited and looking forward to this event for so long!! Finally it’s here!!

Yup :D nothing other than SHILLS event. Guess for some readers, SHILLS it’s not something new here. From girl search, gatherings and events…I’m always looking forwards to meet up the girls although we still keep contact, but everyone its always busy with own stuff and it is so hard to get the right time for us to meet up.

So ya...its "SHILLS MEET BEAUTY BLOGGER EVENT". Really so excited to be there but its really a busy and bad day for me :(. I am so so late to the event with Mindy (another Shills girl). As some of you might know, I've attended one of my BFF's wedding early that day, lunch with her and friends then I gotta rush to the event, guess what...we were stucked in the traffic jam for more than 2 HOURS! First time in my life, I sat in the car, seeing the traffic light turned green for freaking 6 times!! Bu I am still at the same spot!!! times square building its just so near to us~~~

When Mindy and I reached there, we've already missed out the introduction and ice breaking games :( BUT something very happy for us is we finally meet up with WEI WEI. She's one of the hardest girl that can gather with us cause she join so many competitions, its just so hard for her to give us some time :p LOL

Taking pictures together especially outside the Shills shop at Times Square brings back lotsa memories of our fun time during the competition :D

took alot of pictures cause the lighting in the shop its damn naaiiiccee!!

So pai seh to take pictures with siu mui mui...wish to turn back time!!! oh...Shills products helps!!

Anyway...although I missed out the introduction and ice breaking games, but luckily I manage to join the product demonstration. GOSH…these few products are amazing can!!! Let me introduce to you few of my favorite and I bet this will be everyones’ favorite too :D

Ta daaaa~~~
Shills 3M Bubble Body Scrub

I’ve been waiting this kind of product for so long already! Cause its so easy to use especially for a lazy person like me, you just spray on knees, elbows or other rough or black body skin, cause this can gently dissolve the dead skin, even armpit :D After that your skin will look brighter and as soft as baby skin :D

Another prouct I love is this
SHILLS -5'C Ice Whitening Skin Renewal Spray 

It helps hydrate the dry skin and improve moisture balance with the content which are full of minerals. Of course you can use it whenever you feel hot, and GUESS WHAT?! You can even spray this before you make up so the makeup can stay perfect for whole day

How good if I can speak so well in public like how I write in my blog L I know its different thing la, but there’s just got people that can speak fluently and look confidence too in public! Why did I said so? Because Joycelyn (Shills’s staff) arranged me to share my experience on some certain products. Of course I don’t mind cause I love to share whatever I know and I can to everyone, but to share as Shills’ Miss Sunny Confident its abit weird for me la..hahaha…cause I don’t look confident at all but kena call out as Miss Sunny Confident..damn pai seh -.-

Ohya, the sharing was in Sakae Sushi...yea~~ Shills blogger event and Sakae Sushi are so nice, willing to sponsor us to tea time at Sakae Sushi..and freebies worth more than RM500!!

I've started using some of the products d, definitely will blog about the products in details one by one in the future :D so stay tune yea~

Yup..we are at Sakae Sushi some of you know there's only few outlet of Sakae Sushi its using IPad..

I guess most of you already know how to use IPad right? even if you dont know, no worries...its almost the same thing, the different its just using the mouse and using your fingers :p hehe

damn cute can!! this animation appeared when you confirmed your ordered! it caught all the girls attention~

Food served that day

tea time also got rice to eat so nice!

group picture with some other bloggers :) they are so nice and friendly..not forget to mention the Marketing Manager of Sakae Sushi damn nice also ok...we 'mm sik yea' ask her to take photo for us, she does not hesitate at all and helped us take few pictures with different cameras somemore *thumbs up*

oh...He is very friendly too :D

one of the very nice n kind staff that help us take many pictures

Jasmine~ the girl next door~

and of course, a group picture : D

Jasmine took this picture while I was on the phone~lol..and its the last picture for that day too ~

mean its time to say Goodbye~~

Awwww~~ really miss those time! Ijust love to attend beauty, fashion or makan event like this!! Hope there's more to come!! till then ~~

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The secret of being younger

Do you remember how do you look 3 years ago?

Do you look younger now? Or older? Or still the same?

Lol, ok I think I’m working too hard on my work so I still cant stop writing sounds like commercial. This definitely not a commercial thou, its just a very random post.

But seriously, do you remember how you look like 3 years ago? 3 years…hm…well..doesnt’s sounds like too long ago, but doesn’t sounds like too near to date too…

Exact the same date, 3 years ago…I still have my long hair…LONG LONG hair…for the last time in this 3 years…

and I start wondering, it’s just me or what? Definitely not trying to praise myself or something, but…I seems to look younger!!

Trying to get the same angle and pose to match the picture above.

Finally! I think I know my answer of looking younger

Few possibilities
1.       Make up – I guess this definitely one of the most possible’s possibility. LOL…I did make up in that 1st picture,And the style of my make up it’s still the same some more. Guess the lens and the lashes help a lot. (* you can read some of my make up tips here )  

2.       Act cute – I know its kinda disgusting to act cute at this age, but sometimes things just come naturally…(don’t whack me XD) Actually what I trying to mean is, think young, behave like a youngster (if you are quite old d la) REMEMBER, its young not childish ok…its totally different thing.

3.       Just brain wash yourself as you are still young! Dress like one.
Of course not too much different like you are 30, and you dress like 20. I guess few years different should be ok. Like the style I used to have few years ago, its still very similar to what I am wearing now. Another good thing is I am just a short girl, tiny girl always look younger kan? :D

4.       Be friend with them, but don’t force yourself.
When you’re getting older, you tend to be more mature. Try to hang around with younger people, catch up wit the trend or maybe at least have a FB acc…just to get the updates from your friends since everyone is using it now. Fortunately I have the chance to mix around with young people which is only 19-23!! Seriously I feel so much younger while I’m with them, but please don’t act ya, and don’t force yourself. Maybe you can mix with elder people so you look younger..LOL

I might not convince you by the way I look, and you may not think it make sense from what I had said just now. Well, like I always said I’m just sharing

You don’t need to take it seriously of all I said. Hahaha…I mean I’m just sharing la, not trying to force people to follow what I said, at the end of the day, you are the one who choose the way to walk your life.

So, let’s just wish everyone look young forever : D

Monday, October 17, 2011

Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra

One of my dreams has come true!! Which is to watch an orchestra!

Classical music definitely part of my life and of course orchestra conerts its definitely thing for us as people who learn piano to visit, at least once!

But for so many years, I didnt have the chance to go, cause its quite hard to get someone to accompany me

At last!!! I've got the chance and it was from my sista :D I mean not bestie tat kind of sis, as in real sis..LOL...since she is 7 yrs older than me, its quite hard to find the commom interest for us, and since we learned piano from the same teachers, music is the only thing that bond us.

Here's the tickets, its the first show and its from one of the pianist - Foo Mei Yi!!! how good is sis rocks!!

I feel like mosaic the date cause it was like one month ago..pai seh -.-

so excited being here for the first time

everyone with their formal respect the pianists..and music :)

and here's my sis~

I know I know, we dont look alike at all rite...hahaha

outfit of the day~ maybe some of you remember when I wore this dress :p

Too bad we cant take pictures inside the hall, if not you might can feel how I felt when I was in there.

I was very impressed with Foo Mei Yi's performace. She played it with full of emotion, seriously at that moment, I have goose bumps, I can imagine, I can feel the comma, the pause and full stop, I feel touched.
Tengku Ahmad Irfan was damn geng also, he performed quite a fast tempo piece and he can played it damn well, guess it will be a very bright future for him.
Bobby Chen not bad of course, but compare with Foo Mei Yi, I think he somehow lack of emotion, which my sis felt the same way too. BUT, of course we are no one to judge them, just sharing :)

Till then~stay tune on my next post yo~ *thinking what should I post next*

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Another Big Day

Like I said~ another wedding is coming...

which is....................



Im just joking la...hehehe..but I am serious about why people said I look 'han ga' (desperate to get married) in this pic..can anyone tell me why cause I am not lo..hahaha

Anyway...its ROM of another of my bestie!!

Let me recall, how long I’ve known this bestie…from 9 years old…16 years OMG! And at last she’s settling down..LOL~

Sounds macam very big right, but this is just ROM la..hehe…cant wait to attend her wedding dinner, but guess it won’t be anytime soon yet…let’s wait for it!

group photo~

pray pray

listening to the blessings

and we are focusing too..until too focus Emeryn got her noob face and the topic its still hot in fb..hahaha

gao dim! everything macam so easy only...

behind the scene~

this is the photographer that help me took the nice nice pic~

then we went to One Utama's Dave's for lunch

at first starting with 2 cam-whorers~

then yen teng join us

trying to act cute~

and even act facing the mirror -.-

then at last Yen beh tahan..she also wanna join us~

LOL! Love this pic so much~

then I continue playing with her ipad~ teehee

After lunch I straight got another event need to attend!! damnnn paccck!!!! stay tune for it cause more leng luis coming~