Sunday, November 30, 2008

last part of cameron trip

sadnya...last part of the video d...dunno when can shoot again...hehe...

k la...lets watch n hope u guys enjoy :)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Karaoke day

well...actually we call it sing k...we hardly say..hey lets go karaoke...those r for those english educated...coz sing k is more like a style of more straight foward translation from chinese ed ppl (like me) lets go 'K'araoke, lets sing 'K' K rite...haha

anyway...sing k is my favorite past time..shud say my fav hobby..esp with my college kakisss...omg...I miss them so much during those days when we have few hours between classes, or we just wan to hang out, we will head to pyramid n sing k!! although everytime we went also same almost the same song...we just wont get bored of it..haha. n what is similiar among me n my college kakiss last time was tat..we only sing sad songs..ya..very sad songs..I know mostly ppl like to sing happier songs or fast songs that can cheer up the room...but we were not..n we still r not...haha..anyway

too bad at those days we didnt take much pics..n other kakis were not in...u know..during those days digi cam is not as convenience as nowadays n not every1 will have 1 camera in their handbag...hahaa

okok...bk to the sing k session
So I got this voucher because Red Box in the gardens has just branch...they have 30% for the I went with my sang for 6 hours...omg..I mean..yea some ppl will think...6 hours?!?! how can I sing for so long, voice oso no more d...but for me..maybe I biasa d...few times I tried..2 ppl sing for 6 hours, so tat day got 6..ok la..haha..N I found out something is that 6 hours is actually good for me...cause I think after 2-3 hours I only get warm up n ready to hit the high notes babyyy!

ok...this is my process when I go sing k...enter...NEVER will be the first one who start to sing the first song...1st song that I will Sun's 'ti oh oh' (tian hei hei) cause thats the easiest song to sing...but recently I sing 'xia yi ge tian liang' by claire, Janice's 'sam luen yu ma'.these songs r more to those songs that open up my voice..which we call it 'kai shen'=warm up la...then...depends...almost the end...sing songs that hit high songs from a-mei or Alin..which recently I have been singing..but I only dare to sing those hard hard songs infront of ppl I know well...pai seh mah..but if u ask me sing d then record for u..I ok woh..anyway

pics n videos to share :p

I dunno bout other branches but usually neway got this service, red box dont have yet..but they have this duet thingy here in the gardens. If u often go sing k u will know what is this..this thing can let u duet with the singer of the duet song u wan to if sometimes u wan to sing duet song but ur fren dunno how 2 sing..u can do this..but they have limited songs only

oh so random: wat a coincidence...I was wearing orange top..haha

yann n her bf

me n yann

me n pretty

stupid bf take pics of me when I was this kind of stupid face is when I sing till so focus...haha..actually when I sing..I closes my eyes the whole time

my video..I pixelate it..coz really beh tahan to watch wan...its dark anyway..haha..n pai seh u gotta bear with the singing :p

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Asimo in 1utama

damn...ok, I know its not a good word to start a post, but...damn I left my hard disk in my bf's car because I brought it out (the hard disk is in my hand bag) so I decided to leave it in the car, takkan I bring down n go lepak geh. I cant upload the last part of my Cameron trip, pai seh ///-.-

well...I'm gonna post about Asimo. Well if u dunno what is Asimo, u will know later, if u know Asimo, u also gotta read, hahaha

anyway...I didnt know there is this Asimo events there, so...wat a coincidence...n the funny thing is...there was another fashion show....just few steps away from the Asimo events...which was very attractive as on that really...really bz

But because the fashion show doesnt allow ppl to take pics, so I only took some videos n pics of the Asimo, thank God that fashion show doesnt allow to take pics, if not I will feel sorry for myself of not charging my camera n cause me to miss the photograph session of the fashion show r the pics n the videos...seriously..I knew what is Asimo long time ago when it 1st came out, but this is the 1st time I SAW ASIMO. its really really very impressive of what it can do, or I think in the future we cant call it 'it'. Impressive yet, scary...cause I really not dare to imagine, what will happen in the future if these robots r going to serve us or take over our human life...example movies like I-robots, Wall-E..omg...

okok..seriously is the pics n videos time

ppl r waiting for it

stupid wan..I wanted to upload another video of Asimo running, damn funny wan. But tried few times d also cant upload..will try to upload few days later...pai seh

Monday, November 24, 2008

cameron part 3 - boh tea farm

sorry for the previous posts of those video, there are few mistake n probs I didnt consider I hope to use this post to explain bout it..cause I mind..haha

1. my fren commented that there is some pause n lagging in between the video n the editing is not tat good coz is here n explanation is becoz there is no story line here, so just trying to show some shots of we plucking the streawberries because we were seperated n didnt discuss to shoot the same 'theme' so I terpaksa put them all together n try 2 link ler...

2.the lagging thing is becoz the second frames of the camera..coz we were using diff cameras. usually for editing shud be 25frames per second but there are camera we used is like 15frames per second or 30frames per when put in the video they cant convert to u see it lag :) AND bout the pause thing..I have no idea at all cause while I view back after I finish editing, everything is I guess is the converting cause the pauses.

3. subtitles...I hate myself for not thinking it.I forgot that some of my frens can not understand cantonese so I didnt put in the subtitles. also maybe we were to rush to produce this fast fast wanna finish n produce I will try to put in the subtitles for the upcomin video (maybe the one in penang that we may shoot for chinese new year) :)

thanks all for watching it n reading it...n thanks for the support :)

n here is the part 3 of our cameron trip - boh tea farm

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

cameron part 2

sorry...I think there is something wrong with my part 3 in cameron I thought of changing it n make it to 4 parts..guess part 2 is too long so youtube dun let me to upload the whole I devide it the whole thing of this cameron trip in 4 parts...n now I present u part 2 of the cameron trip - strawberry park :) enjoy

Monday, November 10, 2008

photoshooting for my friend

after a while...I got things to post..dunno ler..dont feel like posting anything or talk to anyone recently...n got a script to rush n everything is depends this..whether I can get my job anot.. friend is selling clothes on her website, but she didnt give me the website yet n. Because we only shoot pics for like...3 of her clothes...we only have 1 hour on that day to take pics n our theme is 'sweet' set was my own somemore..cause others doesnt really match me..hehe

here r the pics

the only pic that 3 of us can take together

heading to playground

so damn sunny!

wear white really good...cause can reflect the light on yourself


can see the diff le gua..haha..but my frindge caused shadow also la


my fav pic

calefe la...tekan salah so behind blur d

they want me to pose like this n take pic cause they said nice

change to another playground

 nice when u r tat skinny...take pic look nicer

I like this pic cause I dont even know my fren has take this pic...usually I look ugly when I dont have expression on my face

I love this pic too cause it look soooo dreamy :D

omg!!! its like skeleton with a piece of meat...haha

this give a lesson to gals that dont take pics with ur skinny frens if u think u r fat

PS this pics r just to share with u trying to sell those dress..I want also cant cause not enuff stuff to let u ppl choose also...but if u r interested in those shirts..pls do not hestitate to leave a comment to tell me that u r interested...still have other kind of style with my frens

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Madagascar 2 its AWESOME!!

really gotta thanks to Cindy!! for giving me this chance to watch Madagascar 2...its really really a nice movie!!! laffing all the way to the end of the movie...

ohyea..pai seh to those bloggers r there...I mean who has won the tickets under Cindy...cause I really the shy type...I really dun dare to talk to when walk to Cindy n talk to her n her frens is the biggest step in my life I did...hahhahaha...luckily they all are didnt make the situation awkward (which I think I might)...

supposingly today is a happy day for me..which is hardly happen..but maybe happy really doesnt belongs to me cause when the time reach almost the end of the day..I had an argument with my bf which leave me with sadness n tears...guess I got a r the pics..too bad didnt get to take pic with my fren cause she help us take pics :(
n sorry for the blur picsss