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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Leo & Virgo

It’s good to post about Leo now since there’s a leonid meteor shower, or I mean there WAS…(suppose to post this on 18th November 2009)

Anyway its totally different thing (I guess)…LEO…actually I don’t really like LEO although I love LEO KU..haha..I mea so far I didn’t get to know any Leo which is very very nice…no..shud say they are nice..but just that we might not have the same wave length.

In this video, I think the actress did a very good job in there coz after watching this I really hates what she did…I mean…that is what the director trying to show leh, even the music oso put so cham wan…and the gal’s expression..really geng

The content? Well…its just that guy saying..let’s get marry, the gal saying – say it again…and this 2 sentences just keep on repeating…what to do..LEO is a horoscopes tat likes to show off and be the best among group…of course, everything we have 2 points of view, either good or bad. For me its not good being too showing off and wanna attract too much attention. But the good thing is I also know some LEO attracts good attention and are positive feedback, everyone love them too :D but for guys that wanna chase a Leo gal…better don’t if u think u r not a guy with good tempered and patient.

Perfectionist…this is what we always know about Virgo..I was also told by few of my male frens saying that I am a perfectionist as well…no wonder I find this video kinda make sense.hahahah..somehow my ‘MOON’ located on the virgo..for virgo..lets see whether how u feel about this video.

Guy : This is the place we had our first date.

Gal : Don’t tell me that you are going to say something like ‘would you marry me’.I don’t like it when people can’t speak clearly. Even ‘would you marry me’also can’t speak clearly, still dare to ask someone to marry him.

Guy : But that gal also got problem right. How can she listen wrongly. From ‘would you marry me’ until ‘please do your best’. She’s abit hard on hearing right.

  • Would you marry me – jia gei wo ba
  • Please do your best – jia ge you ba

Gal : I don’t think there’s any problem with her. Obviously that guy was wrong. Why cant he says ‘would you marry me’ sounds like ‘please do your best’. It’s his mistake still want to blame on others.

Guy : Let’s get marry.

Gal : You said it better J.But go and fix your teeth once you are free.

Haha…don’t know why I somehow kinda agree on that..maybe for me, to propose its very very important

everything should be perfect! hehe

Friday, November 20, 2009

Trip to Singapore Part.2

So let’s come to the part 2..where I will start with the decorations of Orchard Road.

As I said their decorations for this year are just so so, but of course there are some decorations are nice blue, which make me feels like winter.

Then some with butterflies…or a big Ribon

Ohya, Ann wanted to go to this place called ‘Far East Plaza’, she said there got sell a lot of cheap cheap stuff…after walked around in the shopping centre, actually I find it quite expensive. Let’s say a pair of trendy shoes with not so good quality cost u around $38. Convert to Malaysia Ringgit is like around 80something d. A good quality trendy shoes u can get in Vinnci is around 80something also. Their shirt,hm…don’t know, maybe we have those RM25 clothing selling in Sg.Wang which make me feel it’s more worth it, their style and quality are almost the same. They sell around 30something..SG ya! Malaysia RM25…of course, we are in orchard road…if we are in Bugis then different story la. But anyway I bought a shirt..hahaah…I can’t reject when the promoters damn hard sell and super serve you…damn funny when they have another customers, but they don’t want ignore u, they wanted to serve u but they wanted to serve others as well.

Then we decided to have a break cause too tired d, and we went to this place I think call ‘Ya Kun’ coffee shop, luckily we went there earlier abit, cause after we ordered our stuff, suddenly got so many people. I found 1 thing very funny of them is that…we gotta take our food after they are ready (where the other stuff are so free), ok fine its self service la I know I don’t mind since its only a few steps away. But once we took our food, the waitress quickly come and take the tray away…I was…wth? if u don’t get wat I mean the fine..if u do…thanks

Anyway, after break..we gotta walk again..haha..we went back to Ion shopping centre..but tat time I too tired d and I don’t wanna waste money d..but Sg’s Watsons are sooooooooooooooo attractive! Usually in KL I can shop in Watsons for quite long d, but in SG…worst! Coz they have lots of things that KL Watsons don’t have…I think we shopped in Watsons for about an hour or more than tat..hehe

After that, Ann its not satisfied without buying any clothing, so she went to Forever 21 to shop for awhile while I really need a I just sat down for awhile with my mp3 on. It’s kinda relaxing thou :p

At night we makan with Michelle and her family…then when we back to her house, we non stop taking Abigail pics..

she is like the superstar...we all non stop take photos of the parents decided to change her into a..........BEE

soooooooooo~~~~~~~~ cute!

here is where she move like a caterpillar...the mummy said next time buy her a caterpillar uniform T_T

Then is our pics..At first Michelle said don’t want take pic cause she said she look ugly with the pyjamas on and without the make we all together gether remove make up and take pics..ahahahha..aww…tat just bring back so much of our memories while we were studying in LKW college…

ohya..this is the bathroom of Michelle's nice kan! we all love the bathroom and that is quiet the main reason that she chose this place other than it is cheaper

When we wake up, we just play with Abigail again and Michelle have to leave to work d…me and Ann slept for awhile again..then we had lunch together..after tat we leave separately as I went to visit my grandma too (at the last day T_T )..

Grandma said I look nicer cause fatter abit liao...NO~~~~~~~~..then I rather looks uglier..haha

I didn’t stay there for long cause we have to leave for the bus…and here comes the part which I hate most…separation…

I still can remember when grandma send us into the lift, with the effort she trying to walk faster with her very little tiny steps…and her smile which trying to cover the waterish eyes…and the door closed

Well, 2…shud be 1 day…hai…hopefully will get to see them all soon again :)