Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tata Sandakan~

I baru notice actually my 4th and last day in Sandakan, I didnt really take pictures eh...LOL...
So I just combined both days into 1 post...

So yea, this is a must visit place I mentioned earlier..Agnes Keith House

Ok la, maybe its a must go place for me only as I really love to visit those places with history and all...this place was located beside the English Tea House. Well, english tea house its the must go place wat, so why not just visit Agnes Keith's house also leh...

But before going there, I think maybe something you should know...

Before I visit the place, I'm kinda worry, or I should say scared...cause I've heard story about the person and the know, in Sandakan...if you said you went to Agnes Keith House, they will said...:' Oh! you went to that haunted house ah' saw it right...haunted house!! WTF!!!!!

I damn scared this kind of thing wan ok! but dont know why I just got the urge to visit this place. So here I go~

and something scary happened....

this house...appeared

 my dream..before...WTF!!!WTFWTFWTFWTFW!!!

OK! of course not with the name Agnes Keith la! but except the name and the selamat datang, others are the same!! dont know how to describe my feeling

but I was calmed during that time I dont know have to pay RM2 as entrance fee -.- they really 'fully utilize' those places...

does it look like a haunted house for u?

dont expect to see how the interior looks like

cause we are not allowed to take picture inside. I can bet you even you are alone inside you wont dare to take picture!!!

I walked every single corner in that house, but dont know fated or what.  They have a stand at the certain spots with a small book on it, and you can read the book and know more about Agnest Keith. So, the very first thing we read was about the this 'haunted house'....walao ehhh! that time the room, or I should say the whole house was so quiet, its really very creepy!!!

OK!! I shall stop here, that's my experience at this place. Please do share with me if you have a chance to visit Agnes Keith House.

Here come the post of my last day in Sandakan. It was valentines day...but what I miss were allthese...

the backyard of the house (although I have no chance to lepak there)

the beautiful sky~

and him...NAH~~ we are going back together...

and here goes my valentines day :( in the flight ...sigh~~

but with the companion of the sky, the sea and the stars

I will never feel lonely...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sabah Sandakan Day 3 Part 2

Here comes the part 2 of my 3rd day in Sandakan.

Previously was all the 'ma lau(s)', now will be somewhere cooling~ peaceful and calm...its poh zai tse (hope I didnt spell it wrong)  I love it~ its abit like our 'tian hou gong' here, but this is smaller and simpler la...

I like how windy izit

2 guys with the same last name, childhood fren and until now still nice~~

really 'fung liong sui lang'~~ really very nice view

love it~

some place of the temple was destroyed cause of the heavy rain (which even caused flood in Sandakan)

then we went yam cha during tea time...sundae oreo~~ yummy~~

I love the night cause Im going to fun fair~~~~~ its been  awhile...more than 10 yrs d I didnt go to any funfair

its very packed cause I think this is the only place where the whole town of people can go :p

me very the sat bai...cause always get attracted by the soft toys~

1 token RM2...quite not worth it lo

this is the ride where the most people will wanna ride...

cause there's a dance standing in the middle when you cant even stand still while the whole thing is spinning...geng!

My favorite all time~ ferris wheel~

ok I know I am old enough not to fancy allthese but I still do..hehe

we looked calm right, but this is the first time I felt so worry and scared on the ferris wheel...

just imagine how high is this (around 10 floors?) and its like swinging....OMG

then we went to this place call 7 heaven..heard tat the yogurt ice cream here is what they are famous of, but they said it's finished d when I reached there :(

I die die wanna try something else...haha..ordered 2 some more to replace my unsatisfaction of not having the yogurt ice cream

that's all for the night! hope you enjoy and I shall bring you to another 'must visit' place in Sandakan :) till then my lovelies~~

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sabah Sandakan Day 3 Part 1

Before the journey to somewhere (yes..somewhere exciting that you will never see something like that in KL, just like you cant see crocodile in KL, ngek ngek ngek)

So ya, before that we went to makan duck noodle..another heavvy breakfast to start the day again, how to lose weight la like tat

but I dont know how you can resist when it is cheap and delicious :D

After our breakfast, we are so ready to go Labuk see proboscis monkey..we call then 勾鼻厚,you know like Andy Lau that kinda nose...

Its not hard to search for this place, just google it. But I would reckon you to drive a 4 wheel drive if you are going that place...

entrance fee for Msian is RM15, I think for foreigner is RM60 wtf -.- can like that wan meh

At last we reached!

Are you ready to see how they look like?!



not close enough? how about this?

oopss...wrong pic XD

Ok!! this should be just nice...let me introduce you the king of proboscis monkey. Well I just cin cai say only, but he does look like the king as he act like one...and he is the only one that behave that way yo~
more pic...

so cute~ they said its really rare to have the chance to take picture of a hornbill

but still..I am scared!! I rather touch a tiger :p

so let him take the pic la, which worth it cause he was happy

Ohya, forgot to tell you actually have to pay RM10 to take pictures. Yes!! no matter you are taking ONLY JUST 1 picture or 10 pictures, you just have to pay RM10. If you wanna do video recording, you will have to pay RM 20 -.- really pandai make money

so die die also wanna take more pics no matter on what :p

We wanted to see orang utan also since its just nearby, but the performance time is like few hours away. So we decided to ciao

but before that we tumpang their washroom...

cause got aircond one :D best for 'big business' LOL..too bad no feel that day...

some beautiful places around...

its time to have out lunch!!~~~
Yes Yes!!! I am very excited cause I am going to eat all the delicious ang HUGE seafoods~~

happy :D

Along the road, theres many restaurants but we chose this - Ocean King Seafood. Price are slightly higher but definitely worth it

I wish I can be here every day just to have the view

a small little tour on the seafoods

According to Sederick, our so called Sandakan Ambassador, dont pick the old and big lobster cause its very 'sandy', not like the younger and smaller one which is more chewy :D


but am so scare to fall -.- cant imagine

it's really beautiful...I think I can stare at this sky for hours~

and sometimes such a beautiful scenary, some people wanna bombard the pic -.- make it so ugly

never mind, let me clean back your eyes ~~  :D wuahahaha

just joking la. Anyway, this is really a nice place to be...with nice scenary and ...

nice foods!!


wat tan hor with prawnss~~

they call this 'gam fung lo'

and last but not least~~

lobster meeeeeeee~~~~

me demonstrating how to makan the kam fung need to be patient with it if not you can successfully pull out the whole thing...

yuuuuummmmyyy~~~ with allthese..guess how much included our drink~ with total of 6 people?

its only RM146!! so what are you waiting for :D

but now you have to wait...going to post another half of my 3rd day in Sandakan as there's too many stay tune yo~~