Tuesday, January 24, 2012

恭喜发财!! Chinese New Year 2012


Yes! Chinese New Year is one of my favorite festive season, because we will have extra money (not married yet) and new clothes to wear~ LOL...

But seriously every year my CNY is quite a boring one...as all my friends has back to their hometown...KL will become so quiet...and...quiet...

this is 除夕团圆饭! 对我来说是非常丰盛的一餐 (因为有鲍鱼,哈哈哈)

yes...that is the only time that is quite happening for us...after dinner till Chor 1 evening...me really boring till~~~

So I guess this is what I can do...

camwhore with my fav new year clothe! LOL

trying to have the vintage feel

oh yea...this year Im crazy of polka dots while last year Im crazy of stripes

PS love my nails!!

and I guess when I am too boring, there's more expression during the cam whore session..LOL

like I said in my fb..please allow me to act cute while I am not in my middle age yet...or I am enuff d? >.<

That's all for my CNY so far...to tell you how boring and sien of a KL lang CNY...I guess either all KL lang also like that, or I guess I am the one having the most sienz CNY so far...

There's more interesting posts coming up!! stay tune..its not as boring as my CNY so no worries...hehe
Anyway...I still wish you all a happy Chinese New Year! *hugzzzzz*

Sunday, January 15, 2012