Friday, October 30, 2009

do you remember?

It’s nice to feel happy before going to sleep yesterday, and it’s nice to be happy and exited of what will be receiving today.

It’s not a present but something better than a surprise or presents. It’s all about memories : D

All the while, people posted their school pics in facebook, I always wanted to but I need something to push me. So I have this friend from primary school, she posted up the photos when we were standard 1 and 2, tagged me…and we all get to contact back each other. So this is something to urge me to post up all the class pictures I have.

It is so excited and happy to receive all the comments from each other, telling back what has happened in the past which a lot of us had forgot, even some can’t even recognize themselves from the class pictures…

Also some friends from kindergarten, although we were still young that time and can’t even know what we have done, but still there are the memories we had.

At the end of the day, we all thanks each other for bringing us back to the past…although we can’t turn back time, but the memories are never forgotten.

Can spot me? scroll till the very end for answer :p


2nd row – 3rd from right

2nd row – 2nd from left

1st row – 4th from right

3rd row – 4th from right

3rd row – 6th from right

3rd row – 5th from right

2nd row – 1st from left

1st row right beside the teacher! wuahaha

2nd row – 3rd from right

2nd row – 7th from left

3rd row – 3rd from right

2nd row – 3rd from left

haha...I actually can copy paste some of the words cause I almost stand at the same spot

So, for u guys that havent post up ur class pictures...why not give it a try...u will never know what will happen :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

look into my eyes

still waiting yann to give me lots of pics lerrrr T_T

so thought of sharing something to u gals...ya..gals not guys..but if u r a nice bf, n reading my blog..maybe u can share with ur gf too :)

there's one day, one of my colleague borrowed my mirror at my cubicle to make up...a light one. so, I started to 'yin gao yin gao' her cosmetics...dunno why...this become one of my ah? then she asked me some make up stuff I though to share it here too cause there's few of my frens asking about it

so at here I want to share my eyes make up :D ------------eye liner

why do I emphasize on eye line...well...I am really kiam siap...seriously a serious one. So i always bought those magazines which are very informative, to find out which are the best to use, same to eyeliner.

If come to make up, eye liner I think is the most important 'prop' that cant miss out (although I would prefer to have a perfect wan)

so..after trying out sooooooo many eye liner...this will be my best purchase of eye liner so far!

REVLON - color stay

why do I love it? coz it stays...even for 8 hours! or more than tat! if u got use eye liners, alot of eye liners always not long lasting, and smear...till got panda eyes T_T

so to putting on eye liner...the 1st step! I definitely will do is draw the inner eyelid...yes, INNER this

why do I do so? cause if so u wont see there's a 'space' or the so called empty line..I dont know how to explain to you..u just can see it! maybe next time i shud just do a video

then the next step, draw from the middle to the back, and middle to the front, balance it
I will also fill up the space of the outer corner of my eyes..find the best amount to fit ur eyes...

this is the end result...coz my eyes are small and round, so I will make it looks longer and slightly bigger...

AND the best thing of this eyeliner pencil is that I can control the length, so even after putting on the mascara, I can lengthen the eye liner and draw or touch up...NICE

ta da...

this is the heavier make up I will do, when going out with my gal frens...

maybe next time I should have the tutorial in video...I dont like my voice so I will ask my fren to be the VO! hhahhahaha :p

hope this post wont make u bore...have a nice day!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

be on newspaper

Now I totally agree that, there’s really a lot of people are reading The Star newspaper…cause I got a lot of feedback after me been on the newpaper (because of attending..wuahaha

Don’t know leh, not sure about other culture, but for Chinese, once u get to be on newspaper, people will take it as something to be proud (except it’s a bad news la) so do this time. In 1 day I’ve got at least 3 people telling me that I am on newspaper. Of course happy cause its on the Star at least tat pic is nice…nicer than the one which happened long long time ago… (sorry this post will be more about the past instead of writing this new.

Actually this is not the first time I get to be on newspaper (macam proud jer :p )..this have to pull back to…like…2004…which was 5 years ago! THANKS to this net fren, I get to enter top 50, top 30 then top 10 for the Miss RO (I think that’s the first also the last Miss RO competition)

Here’s how the story. My net fren was a die hard RO fan, he just sooooo desperate to get those merchandise that they are giving out for the winners. Seriously I don’t think I will masuk, so I just let him send. Mana tahu I get to be in top 30. So we gotta go interview. *so the pic u all see I posted there was the pic I took after the interview.* still very beh song bout this issue…will go in details later.

So don’t know what happen, from 12th I get to be in 11th, then because one of the top 10 gal forfeit her chance to be in the competition, so they asked me to be in top 10. So, why not. To be frank, some people might think, who don’t wanna win, well hell yea, for sure everyone also hope can win, but somehow I also don’t think I will win for sure..coz……….I don’t play RO…AT ALL! so by this they actually can disqualify me but they didn’t, so just take it as a chance to experience something new loh.

Top 10 pic

saying that I am replacing this girl, and also mention that I never play RO, not even after the competition...wuahaha

Walao, since then I will never trust those competition by asking people to vote wan. This is the 2nd reason I think I wont win FOR SURE, cause as I said I don’t play the game at all, this is an disadvantage for me as I cant go online, play the game and ask the gamers to vote for me. So, I don’t mind la..know the ending d.

But the think I most dulan is, why others can put nice nice pic, mine is like…the one we took in interview, wan be on newspaper of coz nice nice wan ma…fine…maybe they got their pics from their RO profile, I will never know that. So, no need to battle d cause the gal who won the competition, which also lead the votes in website and bla bla bla..having a picture like this

wow..with tube top and lying on the sea...what a nice pose

from left to rite (2nd, 1st, 3rd)

saying that she knew that she will get 1st

how others reply on the result...some beh song..some think its ok

actually I would prefer the gal at the middle and on the rite..either one who shud have won..cause even the RO artist chose the gal on the rite himself by saying that she is the most suitable look for his character in RO (which actually a malay gal)

So…what can I expect kan? So, how can u think u can win? No ma rite…end of story.

Anyhow, get to be in the competition, although didn’t get to win I also quite happy. Cause I think I will never get this kind of experience again, and I get to know few nice frens from the competition, and the soft toy.

Back to now

ok good…I’m happy because I doesn’t look sucks in this pic, I somehow recover from the madness that I bring forward from the newspaper’s pic last time. Weehehe

P.S I know I look ugly in the RO pic, so..pai seh la. I’ve been brave d to post this pic..hahaha

Monday, October 19, 2009

sunny tuesday must be happy!!

yay happy my fren complimented me that I'm good in mean I'm a poser? hahahaha :p well...thanks to her although I dont think I am la..still got lots to learn :p

so that makes me feel more to post the part la, actually planning to post d

the previous part was those LC face this time are more to sunny happy pics...hope tat makes ur day :D

pai seh...emo again..there's more emo pics than happy pics :p

love the effects

oso emo-ing tim

this was the funny scene kan YANN!! haha

its really damn hot n sunny loh! 12pm

love this pic!!

photoshopped by yann


oki...last LC pic ya

take a deep breath!

dah happy!


can u see how nice its the sky?!

love it!!


love me love you yay yay yay!!

dah crazy ~.~