Tuesday, September 12, 2006

just to remind...no offence

no offence to anyone(if u r reading this), but just some things that i really one to say for quite some time.
i dun really like those ppl send those msg to insult or scold that person because they act cute in thier pics or the way they talk is acting cute. i think in frenster many ppl oso read tat mail be4, which is insulting those gals acting cute, but of coz there r many ppl argue back, which is a good thing.
yesterday i watched a documentary, which i saw a gal insulting ppl acting cute again by showing the "peace" when take pics, she said she don't feel peace but just felt tat they r acting cute, so? i think at least some of them r really cute when they show peace, and i felt tat peace is really appear(just my point of view lah) becoz when a person who look fierce or wat, but when they show peace, at least i will feel that is cute, and which make peace. example like my bro is a cool guy with a lot of tatoos which makes some ppl will have bad impression on him, but when he show peace while he take pic..will be so cute, haha.
anyway...back to this, so if u dun like 2 see ppl act cute, then dun see ler. like small kids oso like to show peace when they take pics, mean they r acting cute oso? since i was young i oso like to show peace when take pics, and tat hardly can change altot i grow d. sometimes can even use finger pose "peace" to cover the fat face..is a good idea oso mah..so actually i really felt tat those ppl shoulnd't insult those ppl.
another thing is the language i think, e.g. my=muai...still got alot ler but i cant remember. same thing, no ppl ask u to read wat they write, if u felt irritating, then dun read ler...if tat is acting cute, my lecturer oso said tat often, takkan my lecturer likes to act cute wat(becoz she is not).
but the purpose i wrote this whole thing, is to remind those ppl who send msg to insult or hurt ppl no matter through wat, is better to think be4 u all type, coz u never know 1 sentence of urs, might hurt ppl for whole life or might end ppl life.