Saturday, May 31, 2008

2007 Chinese New Year in Melbourne last!! after like half month. wat to do...the connection is so damn slow, thought before when the connection is slow, I just post some articles I wrote that no need pics wan, mana tau the connection slow until cant load the page. then just now countdown, fast fast reach 12am then is 1st of June! connection become fast agian coz the beginning of the month, but...sai hei (waste energy) only...still so slow loh...but dunno why I can get to 'come in' here and post..maybe God also think I kinda lazy so should post d..wuahaha..but aiyo..Dia yg main saya ok...throw so many probs to me that I can even write novel with the title of having a bad day..not 'a' day bad almost every day also so bad and 1 day can happened so many things..walao...can die..really...

hm...was thinking what should I post today...some things with my Melb journey or articles??but because wat I typed earlier in this post kinda 'catchy' I dont want to post something that I think should deserve a post with only it's own content..then at this moment I still checking hows the connection goes...but cant figure it out..cause when surf some website damn slow..but my blog n some ppl blog ok woh...anyway...

at last...haha..I decided to post some pictures up...suppose to be the post before my birthday wan, cause what I want to post now is during chinese new year 2007 which is around 17-19 Feb I think...
yea...actually nth much la..what kind of celebration u expect woh in a western country...I mean got SOME places got events loh..which one of it was Boxhill...AT LEAST, I can get the CNY feel from there...

Then the next day we go over Alvin's place for lunch, so ngam me and Di wearing stripes with red n white..wuahaha..we didnt pakat wan ok...anyway...tat day was soooooo hot (cause summer ma)then the house, no fan buka the glass door..still..feeling the heat only..then finish our lunch we sat so much more cooler actually...haha..

so after that...balik rumah I said d wat..very sien wan..cant go others house bai nin get ang pao..:p

~ act like nothing~

~but actually very hot, I think can see from the
face loh~

~well, when human cant tahan something then
will go we gone crazy cause too
~If you notice, that cloud was a love shape, but
when we wanna take pic with it that time the
shape run d~

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My 21st birthday in Melb...later

hm...let's see...I think for this time I will introduce some of my closer friends that I met here in Melb which we stay together and stay near..haha

Firstly is Diyana, the gal used to stayed just the room beside me. But now she had moved to stay with her best friends n the fren's aunt (mid of 2007). oh no...there's alot of pics of me and her cause we quite often hang out n take pics for each other, n also with each other, will show it next time. haha.

Then is Syahid. need explain much la...hahaha...nah...he's one of my classmate when we were studying in LUCT. So kinda close in some way, but not close in some other way. But for sure is not close compare with his frens.

Steven oh Steven. One of my luct fren also but only get to know allthese here. What a small world is, Alvin (which another guy I going to introduce as well) at first know Syahid first (they stayed in the same temp accomandation), then get to know me. Mana tau Steven's was his housemate...hahaha...ok..done with go to the 'main part'.

They helped me to celebrate my 21st birthday in this restaurant call Michael Angelo on 24th February 2007. I was really happy at that time because I got surprises, twice, in the same day. I got a big slice of birthday cake after we finished our dishes. Why was a surprise because Sya n Alv said that they went for smoke, but then when they came up they came up with the cake and the candle on it! haha...then another surprise was Sya gave me a dragonfly necklace that I mentioned I wanted it when I saw it in Chapel Street.

Yea, although I can celebrate my 21st birthday gao gao which what usually people do (turn to adult d ma), but I think this 21st birthday is not bad at all. Thank u guyss!! again...hehe

~ from left to right ~
Steven, Syahid, Alvin,
vOon (me), Diyana

~ They all like this pic cause the mood, and got 'feel'.
I feel the same way too..hehe~

Monday, May 12, 2008

my journey to Melb

well well...i know its kinda weird but yea...i will post my journey to Melb, from the 1st day till now...hahaha...i know its abit late la..but things will never be late, just depends u wanna do it anot. n posting the journey was one of my things that i plan to post in the blog.

hm..let's see...the day I first reach Melbourne was 8th February 2007 (my flight was on 7th night). Of course I have home sick, the day I left KLIA (Msia airport), I'm crying terribly because of leaving my family too for a while. This is my first time leaving my place and staying outside alone. Ya I know I can be independent, but i didnt know till wat level. the sad things dont wanna mention la, haha.

When I first reach here, should say from the moment I step in the airplane to Melb, I've already felt excited. Things will be totally different for me I guess. The feeling of doing to adventure, like a new life. But yet also the feeling of missing my love ones. So it's a mix feeling which I think some people who face the situation like me before will understand that the feeling which cant be describe by words.

So I waited in the airport for the person that suppose to fetch me for hour or more. After he's here, he fetched me and another girl which studying in the city, so I get to have the chance to tour around first (but actually that time I also dont know I was in the city, haha) So after that the guy sent me to Boxhill. Well, that place I stayed, kinda sucks, cause we can't even boiled water or something in the room (now I know why), luckly I'm someone that doenst really drink a lot of water. I just go the shopping centre nearby to get my food for my lunch and dinner (think back also felt so kesian,haha) for that 1 or 2 days.

Awwwww....the most I cant forget is when I get to contact my parents and my bf. My dad sent me only 1 msg, just asking how's everything. I think that's enuff d. When get to talk to them is like someone pull u to rescue u when u feeling hopeless. or maybe I abit too much describing it..haha. Anyway...yea...the 2nd day me and my fren went to Uni for our orientation stuff, n also look for places to stay. There is when I get to know a gal from SG called Diyana and her mom. Long story la how and where we get to get the place I staying now. At last I also didnt care d when the temporary accomandation I staying at that time was supposed to stay for 1 week (which I already paid the deposit for 1 week), but no different wat, coz another accom also pay d, so stay where also rugi.

~the temporary accomandation~ macam jail nia!

~a house in Boxhill that I think its so nice so I
took the picture (sorry ya the owner :p )
Hope I can have this kind of house in the future~ *wink*

~ the part where attracted me to chose this

~ my room in the house ~ vertical room, haha ~

~ my fav place of the house, where I always sit there and watch the sky. Love it especially when its kinda cold and there are so much starssss in the sky ~ I think I will miss this most when back in KL~

Yea, so that's the first part of the journey, getting a stable place to stay, everything seems ok d...well...not yet...haha...the journey still got long way to go (at that time)..imagine la now already May 2008 la

Sunday, May 11, 2008

happy mummy day!

~a pic of me n my mom in the Mc.D in KLIA before I leaving to Melbourne. (gotta choose a nice pic when both of us look ok, cause my mummy will care like other gals do when she doesnt look good in pic, esp the one that is showing to public. hahaha. pretty enuff la aiyo, u're always pretty in my heart wan *cough cough*, hahaha XD ) ~

today it's mother's day...yea i know its kinda late i post it now cause 4 more hours will be 12th of May. But who cares, haha..I've already called my mummy to wish her around 12 Msia time. Our conversation seems kinda funny

me: happy mother's day!
mummy: thank u
me: u know who i am anot
mummy: aiyo...of course know la, u are my daughter what, n i saw the number on the phone ma
me: who knows you oh, you got 2 sons n 2 daughters. plus u didnt get to recgonize me also when
last week I called u to wish u happy birthday...

n the conversations goes on for 4 minutes...haha my mom got a DKNY purse n a Guess watch. She's such a happiness housewife la, everytimes her birthday or any of her celebration for will always get branded stuff (well i guess is birthday presents only la cause we always mix both celebration and give her 1 present, haha) how come I dont have :( i dont need branded one but I want a purse :( haahaha...
oh...then she dont really need to cook all the time cause my dad will be the one who cook, houseworks all do together...then she can play her mahjong or poker while we doing works...bla bla bla (her happiness goes on and on...hahaha) then now all the children also grow old enough to menyara her d, haha. But yea her hard times which is taking care of us is almost over, now is our turn d stupid younger bro, said d I will share the present with him then he only said my dad sharing the present with him...wth I only can tell my mummy that when I go back only can get her something loh, but cant be branded one like DKNY la, I cant afford yet :( hahaha

anyway...happy mother's day to all the mamasss!! love u mummy! muackzz

Thursday, May 08, 2008


我刚才说的,您听到了吗? 我真的想不到有什么办法可以让您知道我想对您说的话,所以什么办法我都会试,说话给您听,或写在本子上,部落格上等等。。。文字对您来说是陌生的,但我还是希望能传达到给您。

一段时间以前,在上网时无意中看到了一张合照。是一个年龄跟我差不多的女孩和她的婆婆的合照,我有两种感觉,羡慕和后悔。 我在想,当您还在世时,那时我们没有相机吗? 应该没什么可能吧。那。。。为什么没有我和嬷嬷您的合照呢?有是有,但是不懂多少年前的了。近几年的,也有,但,是全家幅。好像也被收起来了吧?






Can you hear me?

Was wondering should I just post under that letter or I should make another new post. Guess I should make another new post just to translate, cause I dont want any other stuff that stuff in there.

Here's go the translation for the letter to my grandma

What I've said to you just now, have you heard that?

I cant think of what specific ways to tell you what I want to tell you, so I will try every way, talking to you, writing to you on my book, blog to you...everything. I know you cant read, but I just hope you can get my message.

Sometime ago, I saw a picture on the net. Is a picture of a girl around my age, and her grandma. I have 2 feelings at that time, envy and regret.

I was thinking, while you're still alive, we dont have camera at that time? I dont really think so. Then why I dont have a picture with you? Yes I did, but that was so many years ago. The latest one was a family picture, and I guess it was being keep in somewhere else.

I hate myself, why a person like me that love to take pictures as memory will forget to take pictures with you as memory? Just like while you're still alive, I dont know how to 100% sayang you, take care of you, love you, respect you, appreciate you. Until you cant hold it anymore and leave us, I only get to know allthese. But also because of you, I become more appreciate, sayang, love, respect daddy and mummy.

I'm someone that is so emotional. I sure will cry everytime I think of you. How much I miss you have not change before, and never will change. But please dont be sad by my tears, because I will be more sad. Take it as tears of misses. I guess you miss me too, so you came to my dream again after some time. Although I am scared because I scared of spriritual stuff. But I was more sad this time, because in the dream you was still alive, which is so real. I cant differenciate the reality and the dream after I woke up.

This time being back to Australia to study again, I cant get to visit you like last time, hope you wont mind that I just wish you at home. Just want to tell you, a picture of us will always in my mind

P.S : We have a new family member. I guess you're very happy about it. He's name is Brandon.

Your grand-daughter

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

能说的秘密 Secret can be told



在深夜里, 我不需要和假人说话。我不需要扮坏人。我不需要说我不想说的话.我不需要看人家的脸色。我不需要去社交。我不需要人家来教我怎么做人。最重要的是,我不需要面对任何人。(如果不上网聊天的话,不然情况都还是一样)





P.S 这并不代表平时的我是个带着面具的人。我还是我。认识我很久的人或许会会的认出这样的

Yup, here comes the english version which actually I dont really have the mood to do it but I, who consider myself as a almost perfectionist was thinking, if next time I come back and edit this post to add in the english part, then it will not be done on the 7th of May, which mean I didnt blog on my following day, and this stress me up!'s the translation

People around me often asked my why I always stay up so late, why not I go to sleep earlier, it's not good for health, not good for skin, not pretty...bla bla there's how this article sort of 'created'

I like to keep myself stay up late, if can, I wont want to wake up early in the morning. Cause this is the only way that I can avoid to see this cruel world.

In the midnight, I dont need to talk with fakers. I dont need to act bad. I dont need to say something that I dont feel like saying. I dont need to see peoples' face color (direct translation as a typical Msian do, or people who know chinese but not good in english do, and I just like being this way, doing the direct translation. so whoever doesnt know the meaning, too bad I cant think of any 'good' english word to describe that, so just forget about that) . I dont need to social. I dont need people teach me how to be me. Most importantly is that I dont need to face or see anyone. (Only if I doenst go online and sitting alone or watching tv, if not there is not much difference)

If I wake up early (let's say minimum noon). I cant live in my dream anymore, I have to face the reality that I known, I have to listen what other people say, I have to talk with more people, I have to make more people to hate or dislike me. Most importantly, I have to leave my pessimistic garden to the optimistic cinema.

I dont like to be alone, because I hope there is someone can totally understand me, I need alot of love, I need people to give me confidence, I need to explain to people I am not what they think, I need people to agree with me, I need people to get me or have the same wave link with me. I want to share my emotions, at the same times I hope I can share their emotions. The most I hope is to get a best girl friend that I always wanted to although at the same times I tell myself to forget it.

I like to be alone, just because I can be myself. I can think whatever I want, I can cry whenever I want. The best is I dont have any excuse to search for my so called best girl friend.

I heard before that people tend to get more depress or sad which will cause you to think too much nonsense during the midnight, especially where it is full moon. But what I felt that nonsense and non-nonsense is equal. (well people who can read chinese can see the big different in this paragraph. I just dont really give much damn that how this paragraph can be as appropriate as the chinese part )

P.S This article doenst mean that I'm wearing a mask usually, I'm still who I am. People who know me for a long time might just get to regconize that this kind of article was so written by me. I already the secret can be told. So please people, stop judging me. thanks

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

curse or fated?

wow...i think this is the first time that i will post in my blog just rite after the day i've blog...well..seems this is so gonna happen..hehehe

well..just back from shooting...soooo tired, and decided to blog rather than chatting in msn, and eating chips as my dinner coz the instant pasta was sucks, i cant get to cook at this time, it's too late..gotta sleep early tonite coz tml got morning class

is it a curse or wat now??? am i really being fated cant not get to blog every day?
i mean...i'm so gonna finish this post in 10 minits!! i wan to break this curse!

wat has happened just now? the electricity went off!! luckly this post saved it automatically (althought just now i thought it didnt so i spend like 5 minutes to write a new one T.T )
anyway..ya...the electicity went off! i was like...nooooo!!! i'm totally afraid of dark, i cant stand it and i ran out of my room, althought its dark but at least the moon light, and at least people around.
then one of my housemate ask us to join him to Mc.D, of cause i wanna joine rather to stay in the dark house. and yea..15 minutes before 12am of 6th May i get to come back, and finish my post for today! yayyyy!!

so...i think i break the curse d...hehehe...or actually i am fated to get to write my blog? hehe...well..tat's my philosophy anyway...everything can be equal...and yay!! i get to finish my post for 6th of May!! *applause*

Monday, May 05, 2008

blog blog blog

arrghh...i really need to decide which blog should I use d...but actually until now i also cant really 100% decide yet which i wanted to use :( but at least i know wat i'm going to do with my blog...hehe usual mostly i will write some articles of what i think about something, when i m out of idea, i will just gonna write about my every day life i guess. since my life is boring (wuahaha), i gonna post stuff that has happened...maybe something life in australia, haha...sounds stupid thou, was here for so long d only post i guess twice only...

anyway...hopefully this time I really get to follow up every day, or at least once a week to post my stuff here... :p

P.S : Oh..maybe u guys who reading this can help me decide which blog i should use. this
(blogspot) or this