Wednesday, March 01, 2006

why?!?!?!?!!??! pls dun misunderstand me can anot

da** it.....why...why this kind of things always happened to me? i know i shouldnt care wat ppl say or think bout me...but i just cant not care bout it...coz i really dun like ppl misunderstand me...i just so hate ppl who critisize me..ppl who said bad bout me...and the most is i hate myself why i so care how ppl think bout me....i really so hope i can change...if not i will be sad and sad and sad whenever i know tat person is saying bout me...why cant i just be like others, dun the hell care how ppl think or said bout them...sometimes i just hope tat i was thinking too much...but too bad...


J e n said...

u know what i think those talked bad about u, were the ones who are jealous of you. Cheer up, i dont like people backstabbing me too, but that's part of life. There's nothing better than being your trueself :)

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King Of KinGS said...

no one in this world is loved by all . There's always someone who hates . And this is life but keep in mind :

"what uh think of urself is more important than what others think of uh "