Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Vanilla Le Carousel

GOSH!! I was so pissed why some of my pictures which was posted in this blog totally gone! and I still cant figure it out!!

Anyway...yes, its another photoshoot post instead of my Bangkok trip post on Day 2. Yaya I know last time I supposed to post my photoshoot pictures too which took in Frim. But I havent get all the photos from the photographers yet and somehow I get to have another shoots with few awesome photographers!

So that day we went to I-city for photoshoot. WOW! I was so surprised that it changed so much since the last time I went, which is like maybe one year ago? (wanted to show the link but ya those photos in that post are gone too >.<

Nevermind...lets forget the past and LOOK forward : D

Was my first time photoshoot with a female photographer, her name is 林璇。I totally fall in love with her photos, the photos she took is like...so full of emotions...especially EMO...which is like...my image...lol

I will present you my favorite of the batch!!!

its my cover photo of my FB too~

Some other awesome photos she took...

although cannot see face also a photo with a story..hehe

Another photographer is Taffy Sia. Was very pleasure and honored to photograph by him as I've seen alot of nice photos he took and loving em sooo much!

Oh...this picture...that blur effect was not effect from photoshop...its manually done by Taffy...how he did it? *secret* lol

Havent got all the pictures from him so yeap thats all from him in this post.

Am so happy to shoot with them, they make you feel at ease, interact with me and even make me laugh...

Oh!! they even already edit the photo to make me look slimmer cause I was complaining that I am too fat during the shoot...so unprofessional !! >.<

Hope you all enjoy this album...and ohya..its my new hairstyle....hope you all love that too~~~ xoxo


Henry Tan said...

wow like in dreamland. haha

dreamydolls said...

who say she is ur first female photographer...

vOon said...

Henry - hehe...thanks to the photographer

Yen - LOL!! totally forgot..is becoz I treat u like bestie ma...where got treat u like photographer wan :p