Friday, January 11, 2013

Vintage 2013

It's been awhile I didnt share my mixie matchy style! and I miss it so much~~

This is the first post for the year of 2013, I'm still the old me but with new resolution, which is be a more happy gal instead of emo gal : D  ok, I think I'm slightly out of the topic...

So yea, its a new year but there's still some things I still remain the same, like vintage style its still my favorite!

so I decided to slightly dressed up to work~

Laced top - botique in plaza damas (they have a stall in curve too) - RM69.90
mustard skirt - one hidden shop in times square at the same floor with the cinema - RM 39.90

I think this shoes matched perfectly with the outfit, and the socks too! but nope I didnt wear this too work, abit too kua jiong la..I am a low profile person...hehehe XD

Believe your eyes, the skirt is really very small..I think its 23inch ba!! but they said its free size -.- its good in a way...its so tight which make you dont feel like eating at all

I would say its a perfect style for dating! but it abit overdressed (in media industry), I'm a low profile person u know~ LOL...too bad date for the day...just wear this to work and back home..
What do you think? abit overdressed for work? is it ok to dress like this for dating?? *lots of questions in mind*

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