Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Dream trip to Macau

 What?!  Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) and Nuffnang Malaysia is  giving us the chance to win a 3 days 2 nights ALL EXPENSES PAID HOLIDAY to macau?!?! Are you kidding me?!?! I’ve been waiting for this chance for soooooooooooooo long.

Seriously the whole blog post you gonna be annoyed by how desperate that I wanted to go Macau. I’ve been checking the flight tickets all the time, or always ask around that whoever has not been to Macau to travel with me. But too bad most of them do not have the same interest with me! Why not Macau seriously? You are missing out sooooo much fun and knowledge!

OK…3 amazing places deeeeffffinitely not enough for me because I would love to explore all the interesting places bit by bit in Macau! But yea I am not gonna be long winded and JUST tell you why this 3 amazing places I die die also wanna go, yet.

FIRST ! Is definitely the Ruins of St Paul

I know I might sound stupid to you but for me, other than Eiffel Tower, Ruins of St Paul is like an amazing piece of history for Macau. Yes it is a sad beautiful reminder of the history but hey, the amazingness of Ruins of St Paul still attracts millions of tourists. Some of you said that it’s just a piece of wall; but for me I will definitely visit the Ruins of St Paul, I will appreciate this magnificent ruins while I am still alive on this earth.

Have you ever experience having goose bumps when you see something, some place or someone you reallllyy love?  I am a history buff and if I can be at the historic world centre of Macauthe SECOND place I wanted to visit, I am sure that I will be amaze by the place every few steps and I guess one day tour might not be enough for me because I will be nonstop taking pictures. High angle lah, low angle, side angle…poyoh style lah or ‘professional model’ style…you name it! Lol

Example of professional model style…stomach pain. LOL

Last not but least…a bit scared to say this but that is why it shows how desperate I am la! I don’t even dare to take roller coaster or whatever rides that look scary to me.
When I see people bungee jump

But the THIRD place I would want to visit in Macau is of course, the Macau Tower! Bungee jump from the Macau Tower leh!! Not trying to show off at all but it will definitely be a very unforgettable experience for me to challenge this bungee jump. Ok…maybe bungee jump is too scary…sky jump instead? Or…sky walk? We’ll see ~

So why should send me to Macau? how can you not send someone love Macau so much to Macau?! is like I love you but you stop me from loving you!!! hehe..alright la...Don’t wait d faster give me the chance to win this trip or…or I will…send more blog posts with different places to bug you! 

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