Monday, March 07, 2005

why why why???

wat a damnnnnnnnnn boring weekend i usual...but then dunno why like more boring as last time...i dun really mind tat 'da bao' liao then eat at home...but this 2 days really damn boring...
so at nite i think to go find my lao gong the next day, which mean today (sunday)...but of coz i ask him 1st...he sure no prob...but then...tat is wat i think of doing only, i'm not sure that i will go anot...few seconds later he came out with a good idea...he said he come find me at 7 today to go eat dinner...
ya...nice...really a good idea...but in my heart...i will think tat...ha...will this date is goin on?or will it be cancel again...never mind...before i sleep i still give myself abit of hope.then at 5something...i fall asleep.
about 8 something in the morning...i awake (i always wake up half of my sleep, haha).i check out my msn...he is still online and he is still in the gb...i ask him why still dun wan sleep...he said he can't sleep...ok...i know there is 99% tat the date might be cancel today
is about 11.20am, i woke up again and so 'ngam' my hp msg tone rang. i had a feeling tat is him tat send me msg and i am right. he said he really can't sleep dunno why, ask me how somemore. actually is just telling me that he can't come find me today. well... i reply him by wat i know wat will happen, he didn't reply, i know i said something wrong again and i sent him a msg with wat i wrote just now.
after few seconds he called me, we talk bout 12minits like tat. he said he really can't sleep, not he dun wan but is really can't, maybe is becoz the day before he slept for 15 hours. okok...i didn't blame him also, just felt dissapoint, althought i'm something like get use to this kind of situation already. but actually today is an 'extra' date for me becoz if i didn't go find him and he didn't say wan to find me, there might not be a date for today. so maybe tat is why i can be not so mind that he didn't come find me today...but then...hai....sad lah...always like tat

hai...i really felt tat this year i so unlucky lah!! my right leg keep on get hurt, the last day before CNY already hurt twice on right leg and right elbow. just now wan cook mee to eat, when take the 'periuk', tat holder broke liao!!so the whole periuk drop on my leg!!damn painnnnnnnnn!!!!striaght away my leg got a small part become dark green liao...wuaaaa....y i so unlucky wan ah!! T.T

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Am@n3 said...

cheer lar girl, everything wiill be fine in the end~!