Saturday, April 16, 2005


hahahahahha...i'm so happy..coz at last i been to ZOUK...hehe
let me start from yesterday morning first...i went to red box with my frens...of coz go to sing song fren michelle (cheung k kaki) told me tat Tim (coursemate) can sing very well. tat day is the first time i hear he sing...its soooooooo nice until i really can't beleive that the guy infront of me is him...hahaha...he sang like the singer who sang the song...but he is most similiar to jay chow...i dun really like jay chow and i also dun like people sing his kind of rap song in karaoke...but he is the first one who change my just like jay chow singing infront of me..haha...
after tat...we all went to dinner...and then we go to ZOUK..haha...we get out from house at 12...but we reached there at 1 something coz we sesat in KL...and then we went home at 3 the last half hour at ZOUK...a guy...tat standing beside me ask my name (as every clubbing gal will met this kind of situation before)...i told my name and he oso told me his name but it was too noisy, i can't even hear wat he say but i act that i heard...haha...and then he told me that i dance very nice...haahah...i so happy oh...coz i only heard my frens said i can dance for a very long time but haven't hear people said that i dance very nice...thanks to him..haha (or is it just a way to knowing me) :p...i dun long as i had been to ZOUK..wahaha

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