Saturday, April 17, 2010

I heart Hong Kong

Oopsy...its been awhile that I did not update my blog...well it is because I am saving it to post for the best which is -------> HONG KONG!!

I have never been to hong kong before..obviously...and I feel so lucky that the company trip for this year its Hong Kong! I love my company...weee~~ we actually gotta kumpul ourselves at the office around 9 something and take the bus to airport. Everyone seems excited too seriously...and yes all the ding dong here and there..we are flying to HONG KONG~~~~~with cathay pacific! how good is that!

see the happiness on our face anot..hehe

Hong Kong SKY~~~

We were all so happy and excited when we reach HK airport.

 I dont know whether it's because we are not familiar with the airport..but it seems big!

and nice...also organize!

not goin to forget to mention that our tour guide it's a very funny lady...our DJs got the hard time d...haha

and yes we get to have our room key to the hotel we staying - Royal Park

You know, everyone knows that Lei Ka Sing its a very very rich man - millionaire in HK. I know he is rich, but I dont know how rich he is..until I saw this

imagine this is how he earn money...BUT this is only just a small part of it...imagine this, and X100000000000000000000000000 OMG...but gals..just dream la..haha

ok..lets see how our hotel looks like yea

knowing how great its the hotel....its the most excited parts for me whenever I go for trips..haha

Dont play play k...its 5 star hotel in HK

this is the first time I saw this kind of mirror...and I love it although its the first time I saw..u know why? 

they got this ring light~~! but I didnt use it anyway cause its more like a magnifying mirror

and without the light...I am done with my make up... LOVE THE VIOLET LENS..and the RM5 fake lashes from daiso..hahaha

pictures timeeee

with my room mate

on the way to the ballroom

then am so excited to see the non stop taking pics

the food was nice too...but I didnt eat much cause later for performance

sorry guys have no CLEAR performance pics from my cant get to share those here...hopefully I get to have it from the pro photographer later on :p

Yeap, our annual dinner ends around 11pm. So, what else...all of them were preparing themselves to have fun! where else to go other than 'lan kwai fong'..a place where ppl gather to drink and dance and rock n roll the whole nite

too bad for me this kind of ppl as I dont drink...BUT of course I still wanna go cause I wanna see how it actually looks like...for us that always only get to see and heard about the name in HK dramas but never get to be there before..this is the chance! although to spend on the taxi ride its quite exi...its around 150-200HK leh...tats y its better to have 5 person to get in a taxi so u guys can share

during the night, my stupid camera 'fat zok' again and keep on vibrating...ARGHHH...but still had fun anyway with my crazy funny colleagues..haha...but not too long la cause we really dont drink wan...the people who dont drink its actually me, bf and our onefm DJ - Ryan cause he's a vegetarian. pui fuk we just went to this place call 'simplicity' to have some chips and drinks...we had fun thou :p 

it's only the first day!! following days are more fun yoooo~~!!! till then

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