Sunday, April 25, 2010

I heart Hong Kong Day 2

Yay, very fast it’s day 2 in Hong Kong. I am suppose to wake up very early to join the compulsory tour trip with my colleagues, but I feel sick…damn it!! its really very irritating and frustrated to fall sick while u having trip RIGHT?!?! and takkan I let the whole world to wait for me just because I hardly can wake up due to my sickness.

While I can barely wake myself up, it’s already like…9.00? cant even remember…tried my luck to rush to the lobby to see whether they are still there…but…yea…they are not, only colleagues from group 1 are there waiting to check out the hotel .

Feel so bad T_T was trying to go to the 1st place they are going, which is dunno what fish village thingy…but have no idea how as it’s our first time in HK. So we were thought to walk around first, we try to catch them up at the star avenue which located at ‘tsim tsa chui’.

So our adventure in Hong Kong begun. We try out lotsa things that we always wanted to, I mean we all grew up by watching HK dramas.  Went to the 茶餐室。 We purposely aimed for those that looked small and old, instead of choosing those modern want..haha…don’t know why, their pork really taste so nice!!! Its not same as the one we eat here. Along the tour, am so happy as we really saw those things we used to watched from HK dramas.

First place to visit its mongkok! actually you can just get whatever you want here

then we entered to this place to makan

milk tea its a must to order...for me la :p

its just a normal soup, but taste good!

I just love thier pork chop

the portion its quite big thou

yum yum~~

fa yuen gai - means sell lots of flowers...literally

all about estate...

the price its kinda scary

one of the scene you can link to the HK dramas

7-11 HK style

as you really can see how small it is for their shop lots but yet very organize

this is 女人街 - which actually similar to our petaling street 

And like I said I trying to meet my colleagues at those place they going, you know what…it actually can!!! I tried to be there like 1 hour earlier at Tsim Tsa Zui cause they are going to the avenue start thingy. So when we are heading there, they actually are at the bus stop..weee~~ so we walk around again after that…

Nathan road

their subway

we were heading to H&M...

we just wanna enter whatever that caught our attention...kowloon park its one of our 'victim'

everyone its using their DSLR to take those photos and this is the end result by using my normal camera..hhahaha

another thing that caught our attention its this ice cream car...with the music on some more!

got few flavors

kinda creamy thou

at last we reached H&M, a must go place if you like to shop...

I love thier fitting room....because their lighting its nice

and they actually have the 'side' mirror...which its so much more easier for us to see our outfits

During the night, we went to makan. We tried out this place call ‘dai ka lok’ (everyone happy) straight translate on that. They actually won quite a few awards, sounds and looks like a Chinese MC.D + kim gary for me…so funny when u eat Chinese food and you order in the fast food style..haha…

After that, we went to Avenue star, also the place we can see the night scene. I am damn frustrated, not because my camera’s battery is dying but vibrating..NOT AGAIN!! Hai…damn sien u know, its like you are so happy and excited when you saw such a beautiful night scene, also the light show etc…but you cant take any nice pic as a memory T_T. at the end of it, I die die use my phone’s camera to take some pics…hai..hopefully I can get to go to the place again and take nice pics…although the feeling its not the same anymore…

Sam Hui - took this for my dad actually..haha

eh...not bad ma my HP camera's quality..hahaha

And yea, after the show, we headed back to our hotel which will take us like 1 hour. When we reached the hotel, we are exhausted…so we decided to rest, and keep the energy for the next day cause we are going a very very very interesting and excited place~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ you wanna know what izit? Stay tune then…hehe : p

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