Sunday, November 14, 2010


Hi all...I know my blog is half dead cause I'm half dead too -.- got high fever...arrgghhh...

Anyway...Im not fully recover yet but I cant abandon my blog for so long cause I love u all!! :p here comes a short post for you...and me :D

I bet you will crave for some food some times, or especially when you are sick..right right?!?!?

recently I am so addicted to SNOWFLAKES...u dont know this place? seriously how can!! everyone is loving this place and everyone is loving the tong sui there!!!

it's located at KD Jalan PJU 5/10 (that's what my Iphone showed)...its somewhere around station 1...

When my first time there, I really dont know what to order cause there's so many I chose the best selling item, didnt really expect it will be nice thou cause Im dont really like tong sui this kinda thing...

but u know what...NOW I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!

the 3rd time I went back, I only try some new thing

red bean tau fu fa

well...I still love the best selling item!!!

arghhh~~~I want snowflakes now!!!!!! :(

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