Monday, November 01, 2010

Photo shoot with the Pro

wee~~so happy cause am doing a photoshoot for a magazine. Ya I know it's not like for the cover or what but yes, it is enough to make me happy cause I just love to see how people makeover us :D

photoshoot always starts early in the morning...why ah? cause most of us gals look sucks in the morning leh with the puffiness eyes...face...ok maybe I should stop complaining cause to wake up at 9 something it's not early I guess :p

so me and mei chin are chosen for the photoshoot...both of us blogger of coz will camwhore here n there abit...not too much cause we are in a photoshoot, kinda pai seh when others are not doing what we do :p

Guezz studio is the place we had our might not look as glamour as you think..but the quality and end result its more than enough to publish on a magazine..hehe

I always love to see the before and after during the photoshoot...see..we thought our make up are good enough...

but no more...until the make up artist make up for us...

see the after...

even me myself go wow when I see the changes...

must not waste so must take some pics first *kedekut!!*

I like the people there! they are very funny and friendly. When it was my turn...the first thing come out from his mouth is...'wow, u look like Karen Mok'...well actually I dont really like it when people said I look like Karen offence to Karen Mok fans cause some people think she is pretty...some might not...its really based on how they say it. I dont mind people say I look like her cause I am ugly cause I am not pretty what..but just myself I dont really like I dont mind ppl said I look like Hebe cause I love her..hahaha

the photographer really very funny lo..cause I asked why he like me to show my teeth (I wonder why almost all the photographer asked to do so)...then he said like that nicer woh

then I asked : Why you like to the left side of my face ah?
photographer : cause I think left side nicer ma..why
me: ya ah...cause I thought right side nicer

next pose he asked me to use right face..then I asked
me : eh...why now take right face wan..
photographer : cause u said right face nicer ma, so we take some lo

at the end he some more tell others...this gal ah quite an assertive person, quite sociable also. Wah...I tell you at that time I suddenly so happy cause I had never been said that I am a sociable person. I am never a social person seriously...happy happy~~

let's see the photos shall we...actually I dont think look like me loh

ada tak? hahaha

damn! same pose lo!!! I accidentally saw this pic when I am searching for her I wondering whether the photographer ask me to pose this on purpose..

I still prefer Hebe loh...can ah ? hahahahha

so which wan u celebrity you think I look like? and did anyone said you look like some celebrity...come come share with me :D we should do a poll and vote for the look alike celebrity one day : D  till then

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