Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Everybody Love Blur Queen

yay~~birthday celebration again~~which is some times ago...hehe..boh bian...really hard to gather all the pics from everyone and at last...here it is~~~

it's her birthday...well they all complained that I give hui wen a nice name - sexy wong but not for them...so to this gal, what comes to my mind is BLUR QUEEN. Actually I am not the one who create the name thou, that's what I've seen and heard what people wrote about her. I remember she always kena ejek that she is still pentium II...but u know what...everybody loves her because of her blurrrrness~ plus her puppy eyes when she beg u *better look out for that*

so we went to Sunway Giza - Movida for her celebration..before that we went to Moe De Cafe for our dinner...

Moe De cafe it's a place for you to makan read comics...

nice environment

food...hm...they said their dishes not very nice..but I love mine

and by look..they seems nice rite..haha

well..nothing much but camwhore is what we do when us group of gals gather together

I guess obviously u know what's the theme for that day aite

yes yes..its stripessss~

ooo...I like this pic..does it look like the siu di di wanna take pic with a superstar? hahahaha

haha..just jk..I just like things behind the scene...

love this pic too...if photoshop abit, background change abit, the hand on the guy's shoulder..then will look like wedding photo :p wuahaha

then we play with one of the app I bliv most of u got in ur iphone..if u dont, go get 'quad camera' now! its fun!


last pic blur...fail X

just notice I didnt take in moe de cafe...so I took when we yam cha..still

2. vOon

2nd pic blur...FAIL X

3rd pic blur...fail X

4. Hui Wen

all 4 pics are clear! PASS!!! memang poser :p

dun forget..her name is sexy wong~

see her eyes...I try to imitate her but I guess sexy really not my thang

there's more sexy~~ cute~~ photos u dun wanna miss..

and of coz we have our very cute n sexy n pretty de birthday gal's pic u wont wanna miss too~~

tease u guys abit first :p

till then~~


Emeryn said...

ish.. apa ni..blur queen pulakz

Our next birthday celebration will probably another half a year away

vOon said...

ok ma..blur queen..haha..I think everybody agree with that :p