Sunday, November 21, 2010

Everybody Love Blur Queen Part 2

sorry for waiting for so long :p but her pics worth ur waiting aite? hehe...

so here we are at movida ~~

it's my first time here but I'm lovin it~~ till I kinda drunk..n the bday gal was drunk too ..haha..lets see why...later~~

starting with some group pic first...while we were still not drunk yet...

whole bottle of vodka man! now u know why she's drunk

nah~~ just joking...we were just posing with it

more pics of bday gal emeryn when she's not missing in action yet~

oopss...caugh in action (dunno how many glasses d) :p

but that day I really drank alot...I guess it's because it's vodka ribena~ the only alcohol I will drink so far in Msia club..not to say I'm picky on alcohol but seriously I dont drink as I dont like the taste of alcohol

did u notice that the bday gal missing in action d? hehe...well this is the reason why~

while the gal missing in action..others are busy posing...or I mean her - sexy wong~ hahaha

well I shouldnt call her the poser cause I noticed I was a poser too when I'm drunk...

PS..poser only when I am drunk k :p

altot pics are blur but I saw poser...

oopss..I should said poserS...altot its blur but I think its not hard for u to imagine sexy wong punya look rite..haha

pose like a model...wuahaha...this really can be done while I am drunk loh

these are when Im up to the limit d...holding my red red face

ok..enuff of posers..its time to go for a 'tea'~ n

cause the bday gal was here we are at the banana leaf to celebrate her bday with bday cakes for her :D

wow...geng..few bday in a row,from july till september...well mine will be few months later...

hmm~~*thinking about...* we'll see then :p

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