Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dreaming In Vanilla

Since I'm still not in the 'mood' of writing so much (and enough of writings during working time) I shall just post some photos from the latest shoot I went...

Yes, after so many years, I get to 'work' with ShinChan again~ LOL...He once photoshoot me before I went to Australia last time, I guess its like 7 years ago? let u take a peek one of the photo we took last time

 ugly! gosh...I think I look younger now! why ah? haha

okok..enough of ONE of the ugly photo..lets enjoy and comment comment my new photos aight!

this is definitely my favorite, I never knew I can take a nice pic even from this angle...photographers mmg geng!

2nd faovorite pic from Shinchan...I take this is one of those moment while I just finish fixing my fringe and I guess this happened to be one out of 200 that is nice wan, LOL...just jk

some other photos that edited and by the photographers

Can any of you guess that what brand of socks I'm wearing?? (scroll down for answer)


LOL...I'm just joking la...its Nike many of you actually notice that?

Oh! for sure Im not gonna forget to mention there's another photographer too during that photoshoot...first time shooting with him...

He asked me to act cute -.-

 and this is what a 26 years old lady can do for him...hahahaha

love this pic too...good pose for selling the top :p

no doubt that he definitely can capture the moment, the feel I actually hoping a photoshoot

and this is my FAVORITE pic!!! love it sooooo much!! 

That's all so far from them. Actually I though wanna wait until they give more pictures first but I just cant wait to share with you all!!!

Hope you all enjoy the pictures...I mean the photograph skill k not me XP

Now I hoping more photoshoots to come! and definitely will share on my blog again....till then~~ lots of fashion posts coming up ^^


FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

indeed younger here :) saw you on Ray magazine, and that's pretty

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vOon said...

thanks dear :)

chris said...

i think it's because of the hair. you look nicer with shorter hair :)