Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vintage is my name

Yay~~ is Vintage outfit time again

Previously I had intro my way of being Vintage in Malaysia...the tone down way...which you can read it here 

Feedback was not bad and all and I thought maybe I can share more as the vintage trend is still going on...which I am so much in love in that...

So...yes...I've been buying lots of things with vintage style...and this is so far by most my favorite mix and match I had done!!

Seriously I was soooooooooooooo excited when I match this 2 piece together...I just cant stop smiling! Cause its the perfect match!!! (syok sendiri)

Top (RM49.90 with necklace) stall at Sunway Giza)
A very simple top yet with unique cutting and design. Love it cause it looks flowy, so far dont have any top with this kinda design. I decided to tuck in as the skirt is flowy too. Dont wear both flowy things as it will looks very weird (as what are shown at the left side of the picture) if you dont wanna tuck in the top, wear something tighter.

Skirt (RM43 - from website)
Alot of people said this skirt I borrow from santarina....that makes me so worry I cant find anything to match man! Luckily I found the perfect match for her!

I just cant get over Vintage yet! just like Im so obsess with Eiffel Tower..LOL...more to come!!

PS: to my lovelies, I'm still in recovery stage but am doing better compare to last few weeks. Thanks for the comments and concerns...I dont want my blog to be half dead so I will keep on posting! keep supporting yo~

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