Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Photoshoot in Sekinchang

we, 3 couples (same with the one tat went to Cameron) went to Sekinchang to have photoshoot then went to Kuala Selangor to have dinner

omg..I think I really fated cannot to be pretty wan, cause nowadays alot of gals look so pretty la,with the fake eye lashes ah, then with the lense thing to make the eyes bigger. But really no fate loh. I tried to put the lense thing, for...I dunno how long...half to 1 hour? wat to do...eyes too small d, cham..eyes so small then cannot have big eyes with those props. Luckly fake eyelashes still ok, maybe its because being put by my fren wan tats why easier...haha

ok..I dont want to talk bout sad stuff d. So its pics times loh, cause nothing much to talk also. But FYI, the paddy field we went tat day they harvest d :(. Seriously, I think no kampung gal anymore, is city gal, coz now only I know they not use wat buffalo or human to plant the paddy d, they use like a tracker thing to plant wan time :)

look like holiday-ing overseas..hahaha

so 70' favorite

Jumping time

Yay...I won...voted by the juries...hahahah

we hope the person whom may concern will forgive us cause we terjatuh the balloon..sorry

hard time carry up the gals

mine also hard loh...just tat no such nice n clear pic to put tat he actually having a hard time as well :p

except her loh..coz skinny ma...hahaha

still wan to say tat her arms is fat...omg!!!!!!! I really wanna kill her loh...then my fren wanna whack her...crazy skinny said fat..then we can go die d only

P.S omg...hahahhahah...after I saw this pic again n again..doesnt the feel look like the bf just rescue his gf from the sea or something...then he is like so lc, then the gf like so in love...hahahaha XD

Some other nice pics

gals time

my favorite pic

I love this pic as well. taken by Yann..she mmg good in allthese

nearby the restaurant we had dinner

makan makan!!


I forgot this dish call wat name d..hehe

'si ham' n 'ham dan' crab

fish fish

tat's why...I ate alot again..ah...more than 1 n a half bowl of that wont fat only weird ler..sienzzz

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