Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Manila Trip Day 2

wtf...its only day 2..hahaha..I thought at least day 3 already lazy to post la coz so sleepy got so many pics to upload...still I gotta post..hehe

yes..its only day 2 post about my manila trip, as u can see the post its very long for day 1, tat's how our schedule looks like for the days we stayed in Manila. but day 2 its ok la..

We went to this tour around 1something…with this very famous punya tour guide to tour us, we were so glad we went to this tour. Because we really get to know Philippine more, as in why Philippine is what it is today. I remember this sentence : “ not Philippine have to change, it’s your view towards Philippine should change.” Quoted by the tour guide.

At first we thought, omg…cause its raining very heavily, but its only like around 10 minutes. Why I give so many compliments for this tour because its really a geng wan. Have you ever go to a tour that got songs for you wan? Also with the costumes….its like u wont feel boring at all…not even a second u know.

the tour guide...he's like a star u know :p

people can actually just go into the church although there's a wedding ceremony

chocolate+peanut=choc*nut...actuallly it taste like 'fa sang tong'(cantonese)

wanna act like pro photographer but fail..haha

There is this culture saying that...if you are the first time attend to the church, you can make 3 wishes and light up the candle...aww

this is something like ice kacang

When the tour ends also around 4 something d, so we went to this place called sunset quay which just nearby. The moondeck it’s the place we planned to go. Yes we went, but too bad they have some fashion show going, so we only cin cai take few pics T_T

But luckily we get to take nice nice view when we order food at yellow cab. Really very very nice…so lum :p

Ok..end of the romanticness…we headed back to Eric’s house, then go out again to have dinner with his family. DAMNNN NICE the foods..but damn pai she to take of like almost 10 ppl there…but really cannot resist to take pics of the desserts…really never saw be4 leh…

cute rite...its ice cream on top and banana inside

this is tofu cheesecake..really very tofu can

somewhere in the shopping mall

so sweet

After dinner..yes..its clubbing time again..this time I really ‘peh’ d..this is how the story goes.

I ordered the drink I drank the day before, cause tats the drink I can drink so far which contains alcohol but doesn’t taste like alcohol. I drink quite slowly at first, then suddenly thought of something very dulan…I finish half of the drink d. they were like walao, u so geng cause usually I don’t drink that fast, especially Eric…he so excited that I finished it so fast so he quickly ordered another cup for me. THEN…this very clever Kidd said : “eh, we gotta change location d, gotta drink” so I drink half of it again..then Eric said its ok we can bring the drink along..I was like T_T wtf…so since then I feel so pening and really feel so drunk., although my mind still very clear and I know whatever things has happened. At that time I also stop drinking d. Then they change location again…this time we go there by car. Once I sit the car – BANG!habis…I need to stay in the car when they reached another club. So from 2am I slept in the car until they finished, which is around 4something. But I still can walk la…hehe.

we look like naked in this pic rite.hahaha

can see from my face that I'm drunk

Although its very san fu coz I damn pening.... But it’s a fun night thou :D

Till then … XD

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